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Maebius Monthly Madness #5


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The moon beyond the realm of MD is growing dark, so it's time for another Maebius Madness.

This month is kinda short and easy, and not as coherent as I'd hoped, but Life keeps Happening. So, for a quick one-day's worth of distraction/entertainment, here we go....

Go to the [i]Signpost [/i]outside of [b]Willow's Shop[/b], and tell it "[b]Madness[/b]".

Simple as that.

There will be a few minor prizes under the "tree" later on, when the quest completes, so I hope you try it and enjoy!

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(yes, it's pretty darn short. Still not 100% as active as I could be in MD, due to Life outside)

If you can see your friends partying around the decorated "tree", it is the end of the quest.

You can change the friends you see by entering different names, just for fun, but I'd like to have your "top five" people you chat with, friend OR foe, near the end of the month. There's some linking of names going on behind the scenes there, for ...um... [size=2]some other things next month..[/size].. :P

So enjoy the minor mini-quest this month, and keep your Energy up for the other Holiday Celebrations and quests coming up soon!

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