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How the MD creatures stole Christmas


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[i]You walk jump lazily to the Gazebo of equilibrium thinking about all the things you could get in your MD Christmas presents and what you could do with them when you notice someone wailing on the [b]LEFT[/b] [b]STEP[/b] of the [b]GAZEBO OF EQUILIBRIUM[/b]. You[b] ENTER[/b] the gazebo to see whats wrong and you hear something that ruins all your plans....[/i]

The instructions are very simple. Start the quest with the above set of instructions and save Christmas for yourself and whole of MD! (its a clickey quest) :D

The quest will run from Now till 25th December 0000 ST.

All people who have completed the quest in the stipulated time period will get prizes from a spell stone hoard, some pimps and imps. (pending Xmas sponsorship)

Have fun! And enjoy your Christmas :D

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And so....

41 People tried saving Christmas and 10 saved it! YAY for the saviors! Here's the list according to who saved when:
Valldore Nal
Dark Demon

Now for the prizes. A number will be assigned to each prize, 1-10. Each player who has completed the quest, please select your number. I'll reveal the key to the prize list once everyone has selected their numbers. Here's the link:


Please review here: [url="http://magicduel.com/bfh/participants.php"] Rate and review![/url]

PS: You can still have a go at the quest using the same clickies till darky needs them. You'll get some candy for finishing it! ;)

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Ignnus chose number 4.

That makes peace get 9.

1- [s]Esmaralda[/s]
2- *clockmaster*
3- [s]Valldore na[/s]l
4- [s]Ignnus[/s]
7-[s]Dark Demon[/s]

1- Toadspeak Stone
2-Pimped grasan
3-Attack lock stone
4-teleport to papercabin Stone
5-Pimped grasan
6-Locate stone
7-Chaotic boost stone
8-Pimped grasan
9-Move lock stone
10- Chaotic boost stone

Password: santaxmas

you'll get your prizes soon :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

The TKs have been gracious enough to sponsor the quest with a few more prizes:

2 imperial aramors, 3 joker, 3 pimped grasans, 2 heat stones

Hooray for the TKs!

Now, back to business.

You people need to choose one more number and you'll be alloted prizes respectively as before.

Here's the link to the key:[url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=5802"] Hooray for the TKs![/url]

I'll reveal the password after all players have selected their prizes.


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