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[quote name='Tom Pouce' timestamp='1356823202' post='129220']
note to val , if your post is for my bid, when i bid for me the day 28 was not done yet ... (Posted Yesterday, 10:52 PM) and yur bid (Posted Yesterday, 04:59 PM)

He posted 11:59 Servertime, which after that the bid was finished. However the tactic used is generally unfair and i always suggest running auction for a certain period of days then 1 day after last bid to stop such tactics.

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Oh!!...I am sorry that I caused confusion here....I normally doesn't put offers with end date...but in game someone asked related to this and that prompted me to put some end date, but really hasn't thought of timezone.

I am not sure whether this is fair or not, as per I understand from Chewett's post, Tom did place the offer before bid ends. In that case I would do the deal with Tom.

Once again I am really sorry for causing confusion and inconvenience here. I will make sure it wont happen again.


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