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Quest: Chinese Riddles

Plix Plox

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I really like riddles, so I've decided to create this riddle-related quest.
I am going to infuse some of my cultural roots in this quest and thus I'm going to use some random Chinese riddles I've found online.[list]
[*]The original Chinese version isn't provided JUST IN CASE anyone who does this quest understands it and gets an unfair advantage from Google
[*]Hope you don't mind the weird translations, the original riddles were meant to be metaphorical, plus it adds to the difficulty ;)
[*]The person who has the [b]most correct answers [/b]AND [b]sends it first[/b] will win:
[*]Mirror Ritual Stone (x1)
[*]Heat Stone (x1)
[*]Locate Stone (x1)
[*]Weaken Stone (x1)
[/list][*][b]Second place[/b] will win:
[*]Fresh Pimped Grasan (x1)
[/list][*]Sponsorship? :3
[*]This quest will last until [b]Jan 17th[/b]
[*]Please [b]PM[/b] me your answers via the forum or in-game (usually at GoE)
1. A little maiden, sits upon water, wearing her pink jacket, not using any oars to row her boat (A PLANT)

2. A red maiden, lives in an alley, short during winter, long during summer (A HOUSEHOLD ITEM)

3. When one takes off their clothes, it wears clothes, when one takes off their hat, it wears a hat (A HOUSEHOLD ITEM)

4. Seven or eight brothers, sitting around a pole, once they are separated, their clothes will tear apart (SOMETHING EDIBLE)

5. Wearing clothes of emerald, its belly full of water, with lots of children, each with a black face (SOMETHING EDIBLE)

6. Has a head but not a neck, its body icy-cold, has wings but cannot fly, but without feet it can still walk (AN ANIMAL)

7. Has a face but not a mouth, has feet but not hands, even though it has four feet, it cannot walk on its own (A HOUSEHOLD ITEM)

8. Ten guests in ten houses, when it is cold they enter, but exit when it is hot (ITEM OF PROTECTION)

9. Its body is long, and comes in pairs, only eats vegetables, but doesn't eat soup (A HOUSEHOLD ITEM)

10. A thousand feet, ten thousand feet, it cannot stand, leaning against the wall (A HOUSEHOLD ITEM)

11. A white doll, climbing on a black wall, with each climb its gets smaller, never to grow any taller (SOMETHING USED IN INSTITUTIONS)

12. This horse is great, not a tail nor any feet, doesn't drink water or eat any grass, once ridden it will run everywhere (USED IN MOVING AROUND)

13. A thousand strings, ten thousand strings, once in water it won't be seen again (A NATURAL PHENOMENON)

14. Two little boats, no oars nor a sail, you bring them along with you during the day, but they stop in front of your bed at night (ITEM OF PROTECTION)

15. It cannot be picked up with your hands, it cannot be cut with a knife, but when it comes to cooking and laundry, it is frequently asked to come (A NATURAL THING)

This shouldn't be too difficult, it's originally meant for my 10-year old nephew

[i]-Plix Plox[/i]

[color=#ff0000]EDIT: Hints will be released on Jan 16th[/color]
[color=#ff0000]EDIT2: Hints Released[/color]

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This quest is over.

The answers (along with the original Chinese versions) are:

1. 一個小姑娘, 坐在水中央, 身穿粉紅襖, 撐船不用槳 - [b]Lotus Flower[/b]

2. 紅姑娘, 住小巷, 冬天短, 夏天長 - [b]Thermometer[/b]

3. 人脫衣服, 它穿衣服, 人脫帽子, 它戴帽子 - [b]Clothes Stand/Clothes Rack[/b]

4. 弟兄七八個, 圍著柱子坐, 只要一分開, 衣服就扯破 - [b]Garlic[/b]

5. 身穿綠衣裳, 肚里水汪汪, 生的子兒多, 個個黑臉膛 - [b]Watermelon[/b]

6. 有頭沒有頸, 身上冷冰冰, 有翅不能飛, 無腳也能行 - [b]Fish[/b]

7. 有面沒有口, 有腳沒有手, 雖有四隻腳, 自己不會走 - [b]Table[/b]

8. 十個客人十間屋, 冷了進去, 暖了出 - [b]Gloves/Mittens[/b]

9. 身體細長, 兄弟成雙, 光愛吃菜, 不愛喝湯 - [b]Chopsticks[/b]

10. 千隻腳, 萬隻腳, 站不住, 靠牆角 - [b]Broom[/b]

11. 白娃娃, 爬黑牆, 越爬個兒越變小, 再也沒法往上長 - [b]Chalk[/b]

12. 一匹馬兒真正好, 沒有尾巴沒有腳, 不喝水來不吃草, 騎上它就滿街跑 - [b]Bicycle[/b]

13. 千條線, 萬條線, 掉到水里看不見 - [b]Rain[/b]

14. 小小兩隻船, 沒槳又沒帆, 白天帶它到處走, 黑夜停在床跟前 - [b]Shoes[/b]

15. 用手拿不起,用刀劈不開,煮飯和洗衣,都得請我來 - [b]Water[/b]

[b]1st Place:[/b] tankfans with 14/15
[b]2nd Place: [/b]Zyrxae with 12/15

[size=5]A [b][size=6]BIG[/size][/b][size=6] [/size]thanks to those that participated! :)[/size]

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This isn't me being whatever, just trying to understand the riddles better.

Fish walking threw me, I take it that's movement type idea?

How does a table have a face?

and you can pick up water with your hands :P just not very well.

Nice riddles though, fairly good hints as well, even if I did only just see them with the answers

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Well I did say they were meant to be rather literal translations so that the riddles would be more difficult :)

For instance, for the fish riddle, "[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]行" can mean walk or it also can mean move.
For the table riddle, "[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]面" can mean face, but it can also mean a surface[/font][/color]

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