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Music Journal

Hedge Munos

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Greetings and welcome to your journal,

Put your quill away and pick up a guitar, pick up some sticks and beat on some lids, or pour varying amounts of mysterious liquids into jars and give them a tap. However you feel, make it clear. The point of this quest is to compile a journal of your emotions or happenings through music.


Starts - January 15th 2013
Ends - February 15th 2013

Starts - April 15th 2013
Ends - June 15th 2013

Starts - August 15th 2013
Ends - October 15th 2013

Starts - December 15th 2013
Ends - February 15th 2014

The first "journal entry" will be a month long, while the others will be 2 months long, with a month in between each to provide some resting time.

You should try to create something (ranging from a note to a songbook) frequently, if not every day. Perhaps every other day or weekly, but try to be consistent. It is understood that not everybody has that time, but the more you do it, the more it will feel like a journal, so do your best!

Anyone can participate - yes, even if you don't play an instrument. You can sing (feel free to write lyrics if you feel it necessary/adds to the tone nicely), hum, whistle, make a guitar out of a tissue box and some rubber bands, or beat on some trash cans, and you can of course use multiple instruments. The quality of the instrument won't affect your chance of winning - it's about the tones it conveys. So be creative!

Using websites such as www.clubcreate.com for music creation
are acceptable as well.

Use www.soundcloud.com to upload it/record it, and send it to me. If you experience problems with this, let me know. If you're using a music creation site, then just send me the URL.
Please email me your journals at vinnyschulte@hotmail.com
Note: Yes, there is a limit of 2hrs on there. Please try to keep it
at/under that.

Your recordings MUST have you saying the date, playername, and "For my MagicDuel music journal" or something similar. This is to prevent plagiarism.

You can compile your recordings into one piece at www.clubcreate.com.
Again, if you experience problems or need help, let me know.

Rewards: a music medal and a trophy item (might change over time in relation to the quest's popularity)

Good luck

NOTE: This is a test run, so it's a time for questions/corrections/suggestions.


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