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WAR Contest Idea


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I'll manage BHC contest from now... I'm going to create a principal competition (the most important one, since there will be the best rewards) named Boss Head Contest and side competitions that will be more frequent than the main contest.... these competitions will be named according how they will be managed or for what reward the winner will get... for these competitons I will delete also skilldamage... only winning the main competiton will let you get also skilldamage... winning one of these side competitions will let you get also BHC green medal and NOT gold BHC medal (also if you win 2-3-4 little contests)... for get the gold medal you should partecipate to the main competition...
I would have the possibilty to choose if partecipate also me at the contests since I will be fair and I will not cheat... I will do my best for create something of special and interesting... about my partecipation I would listen your opinion (just don't post that I will abuse of powers because I will not do it), find good reasons that should not allow me partecipate... I will be a fighter like you...


First idea for a competition
I would use BHC interface in order to bring back wars!!!:-) now I will post a list about this idea... at the end of each part there will be into parenthesis (implemented) or (not implemented)... (implemented) I'm able to do this... (not implemented) need to ask council's approval and see if will be implemented...

- one land vs another land or coalition vs another coalition (implemented);
- Each land will have a treasury (example 100 silvers and 10 golds) in a specific place in your land (not implemented);
- since treasury is not implemented again all partecipant will pay with his coins... if treasury will be implemented the manager of it (example a king or some players with this job) will give to fighters the tax to pay for partecipate at the war getting the tax from the land treasury;
- for start a war contact me (implemented);
- for start a war the land or the coalition will pay for example 2 silvers for each player sent to the front (implemented);
- all lands can participate except for No Man's Land because it’s impossible determinate the leader or the leader group of this land (it’s a neutral land) (implemenetd);
- will be necessary draft a list of leader or leader group for each land that will be able to start a war because I couldn’t listen any player that want start a war… decide who can start a war from what land… (decide in private land forum and make the results publis... this the best option)
- the war will be in the land of the defender (not implemented), probably without viscosity (not implemented), tokens (implemented) or stats (implemented)… only strategy and creatures will help you to win the competition
- example: necrovion decide to attack golemus with 10 warriors, will pay 20 silvers. Will be decided the date and after the war will take place in Golemus… if necrovion will win (thing not possible… hihihi) it will get back 20 silvers paid before plus Golemus will pay 2 silvers for each warrior used, so if golemus used 15 warriors it will give to necrovion 30 silvers … at the end necrovion will gain 50 silvers (20+30)... if instead golemus will win (more probably… hihihi), necrovion will pay the double for each warrior used, in this example 40 silvers (20x2)… but the war isn’t finished here, in fact the loser will pay a monthly tax to the winner, for example coins, shared tools, creature (all to decide after the war is finished)… this last part is important because so there will be continue war between lands… in fact if golemus will be the loser vs necrovion, it will attack necrovion to win it’s freedom and the war will be always in Golemus and if golemus will win it will be free, but it will not conquer necrovion… for conquer necrovion golemus should attack another time and this time the war will be inside necrovion (not implemented... need to study a way where all players will pay at the start of the war and according on the result of the war I will give coins.... attacker/winner and defender/loser (no problem because he will get all taxes), attacker/loser and defendef/winner (attacker should pay double tax to defender)
- the best warrior of winner land (the one that gained more points) will get BHC green medal an NOT BHC gold medal also if he/she will be the best fighter (implemented)
- rewards for example wishpoints, creatures, coins, items… all this will go to the best fighter and will be up to him give all or a part of rewards to treasury land… this should be decided in private by all lands... for me the best one should give all rewards to treasury land except for one thing and after make up a closed auction between citizens or fighters in contests and who will offer the most will get the creats or items or sponsor contest of the land
- the point necessary for finish the war will be higher than a tot… for example 200k of a single fighter (implemented) (I would that could be possible make a sum of players from same land, example A gets 50k, B gets 100k and C 50k... this land will win and B will be the best fighter.... not implemente this)
- if a war should end for different reasons and not for get over 200k, all fighter will withdraw for a truce between lands, none will get rewards and taxes will go to MD treasury...


please comment only about this idea and not post other ideas.... for new ideas of competitions please email me to: MRAlyon@yahoo.it

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  • Root Admin

first, i need to confirm that MRAlyon will indeed will manage the BHC competitions (in case that was a question for some)


now, the idea of "WAR" in md..due to how it was in the past, sounds a bit inappropriate in my opinion..because was means in md more than just fights..its an actual fight on more levels than the interface permits. Competition however, is welcome. You can name it as you wish, but when announced i will try to leave a space for an actual blood thirsty war to exist at some point (with cheating, argues an all). It is not a big issue at all, i just needed to mention that. A war can't be "optional" ..but BHC is optional, so these two can't go well together each time it is organised...unless the lands agree that there is indeed something to fight for, not a prize.

[i]"if necrovion will win (thing not possible… hihihi)"[/i] ..such comments don't look good, even if i know its a joke and i fully trust your fairness, but for some doesn't look good :P

the BHC interface can be set to have a participation tax, as you already know. The 'payment' methods, gains, requerments and everything WON'T be changed, so you will have first to see what you can do from the interface before going wild planning how it will be. One very interesting feature is that you can require an item to participate, so that can be nicely integrated with an armory of sorts, where soldiers get their gear to go to battle. Skilldamage can be changed to something else, in case it causes to much damage to gameplay...but such a change will be permanently , otherwise the top winner gains this 'bonus'.

as new BHC master you can request any sponsorship and award what you think fit... however, my 'suggestion' is that you will try to put motion into the lands by giving the reward to a central authority of the land (kings..again?) and that way they win will be for the land not the player, and they will decide what goes where. Cheating will be eliminated that way, lands will be more united, or the lands that are not united will disband ....

bhc interface allows citizenship filter, some lands can be closed. treasury is implemented, can be set in any place needed. the points that go to each land after a bhc are however just numbers at the moment, unless something changed while i was gone.
otherwise you risk to depend on things you don't have , that might or might not be added at some point. There are ways to add needed functionality through other existing features, or simply throught imposed rules.

bhc has huge potential

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yeah BHC has huge potetial... in fact I'm working on competitions more easy to manage now with what I have got... this is an idea for see what things should be implemented in plus for let it work well with complex contests like wars... however I know that it will never be like old wars in fact I would leave space also to players to withdraw if they will have done a truce or something like this but this is not the only thing that there should be...

about skilldamage I can disable it as I want... in fact for side contests I would disable it, instead for the main contest I would give it with gold medal (if the winner has got already the green medal)... if skilldamage should be gave out for all competitions then it should be changed as many already told... skilldamage should work only when one player attack you (that have got skilldamage) and if you win, not in other ways...

and yeah I was joking about necro's win...:-) all can trust of my fairness... I will really do my best for provide fun to ALL players (I will not look at land of the player)... my role need to be and will be FAIR...

PS: soon I will post on forum the new kind of contest that I will do with the link for sign up... give me some time for prepare well all things...:-)

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[color=#4b0082][size=5][font=georgia,serif]I saw it ;)[/font][/size][/color]

[color=#4b0082][size=5][font=georgia,serif]Let me know your dates as soon as you can.[/font][/size][/color]

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