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The Coloured Paper


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The Coloured Paper

A paper printed on coloured paper


What? The Coloured Paper is a general, all use paper, that anyone can publish anything in. It can contain news, stories, poems--anything. The only limitation is that it can't contain anything that would be against the rules to say in MD's chat. While there used to be different colours for different categories, there won't be now at first. I'll create the categories once I've received a sufficient amount of content to know how best to make them.


Where? The Coloured Paper is now located at the book in the Clash of Ages but it might end up being published in multiple places throughout the realm. Note: What's in the paper now is from how it used to work. Once I start seeing new submissions, it will get reorganized.


Who? Anyone can either submit content to the paper for free, or apply to be an official Wordsmith. A new wordsmith gets paid 1 silver for every ten pages that s/he gets published in the paper. If s/he's skilled enough, s/he may advance a rank. The ranks (and how much they get paid) are:


Wordsmith: 1 silver/10 pages

Bronze Wordsmith: 1 silver/7 pages

Silver Wordsmith: 1 silver/5 pages

Gold Wordsmith: 1 silver/3 pages

Magic Wordsmith: 1 silver/1 page


Note: A wordsmith can opt in and out of pay whenever they choose. Their rank won't change based on whether they want to get paid or not. However, a wordsmith cannot ask to be paid for past work that they've done for no pay (to prevent abuses). I might decide to give them silver out of my own pocket for that past work, but I don't have to.


When? Whenever I choose to publish. Note, that writers will not be asked to stick to deadlines: However, wordsmiths will only be paid when their submissions are published. Right now, there are no real 'issues' of the Coloured Paper. Pages are published on a weekly, daily, etc., basis, as they come. I might create different issues in the future.


Why? Because I think that MD would benefit from a well-run paper, whatever form it takes.


Any Suggestions and submissions are appreciated.

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