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This was the second stage of my challenge. It was already completed by those who participated.
I decided to post it here so that you all have fun solving it.

Instructions: Find the 6 players who stole the six items.[list=1]
[*]Celebration Lollipops
[*]Celebration Cone Hats

While everybody was preparing to celebrate MagicDuel's 8th Anniversary, something terrible occurred.
Someone stole the Birthday celebration items. An investigation team arrived to the scene, it was a
huge disapointment, many were there yet nobody saw anything, at least that's what they say. The
scene was like this, there were no traces of the kake, as if someone suddenly disappeared it, the only
thing curious about this kake scene was a small candy ribbon close to the area.

The interview to the suspects started. The first suspect, *BFH Lightning*, was there with his Cow.
"I didn't stole anything. You can ask everybody. I was here with my innocent Cow, I was talking with
Menhir and I heard the screams."

The investigation proceeded and our next suspect, *Nimrodel* was interviewed. "I'am a knight, and
it surprises me you are accusing me of stealing something. My Knight's code is strict. You should
now that. What a shame..."

Proceeding with the interview of suspects it was Master of Ceremonies turn. He said "Hi I'm Moc. !7!
ohh no it is !8! wait no no it is !7! + !1! = !8¡ or not?? .... Hi I'm Moc. !7!...." The interview did
not progressed after hours of talks.

Following by, dst was the next interviewed. Her testimony was the following: "I know who did it. I'm
watching you. In fact I know what you did last summer. It was Grido. Isn't it obvious."

The investigation team continued further and their next suspect was obviously Grido. When the moment
of truth came Grido was asked: What are those boxes you have in hand? Grido replied: "I confess!! I
might have stolen a gift or two, but nothing more! I did it for good deeds!"

Finally Valldore was interviewed. Still drunk he replied: "All i saw... HIC! was colors many colors!
darkraptor had colors! and I used hic! those hats hic! as trumpets to make hic! silly sounds!! WOO
hic! HOOO!!"

The investigator finally solved the crime scene. But one thing remained to be clarified... who stole
the Celebration Lollipops? Suddenly Valldore Nal yelled: "Aha!!... HIC! I know who stole those lol hic!
lipops. It was that hic! monstruocity. It was... HIC!"

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