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Followup Quest of Eara's slave auction: Slaves' revolt


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Type: investigating/role playing/hide-and-seek


Requirement: None, but being a slave or a master will give you some advantages.


Place: MD realm


Time: From 12 to 19 May


[log='Story']It's late into the night. But a dazzlingly bright sunset red light's coming from the east neighborhood. The slaves' quarter's on fire! Flame spread from one house to another. In the end, the quarter's all burned down. However, nobody's harmed. Somehow all the slaves managed to escape. A team of investigators set out to determine the culprit that set the fire, and the slaves free. It's reported that Mr Menteh - the quartier's warden was found unconscious in his post, and saved from the fire by some slaves. Now he's recovering in the medical ward.[/log]


Goal: Find out who attacks the warden, steals his keys and frees all the slave.



  • Each slaves will have some clues. All the masters will get Mr Menteh's testimony.
  • In order for a master to question a slave, they have to take a screen shot of them and the slave in the same scene,with ST visible (with color orange ofc). Be sure to keep the screen shot and send it to me in case the slave refuse to answer. The question-answer need to be role-play. The slave and the master involved please send me the chat afterwards. If there is a question about things you dont know, you will answer that you dont know.
  • A slave can too do the same things (find other slaves, take screen shoot, question them)
  • In case nobody wins, the slave with the best performance (roleplay and hiding) will win
  • Each person only has 1 try to send me the answer.

Winning condition: the first to pm me with the most details wins


Prize: depend on quality of questing, the can either be a wp or credit, or some kind souls want to sponsor my quest : )


If you have any questions, pm me.


[log='Available for questioning Slaves']

  • Addy
  • Jester
  • Syrian
  • Rikstar
  • Dst
  • Dark Demon
  • Firestarter
  • Grido
  • Valldore Nal
  • Eara Meraia
  • Everyone
  • Nimrodel
  • Zyrxae
  • Kiley
  • Lashtal
  • No one
  • Panthea
  • Miq
  • Tankfans
  • Samon



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All clues were given through ingame pm. Tankfans i cant find him so i sent his clue on the forum.


The quest will start at 13/05 1ST still 20/05 0ST.


Good luck to all. Have fun.

The writing is mostly fictional. It is by all means *not* intended to offend any slaves involved.


No slaves were harmed in the making of this quest.

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