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WTT Tokened Creatures for coins/Untokened Creatures


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I have 3 imps, 4 sharpies, three grasans, three birds, two archers, a tree, a LR archer, a knator, six priests, two hollows, three guardians, and a joker up for grabs. My other creatures were given, not sold to me, by others, and they have too much symbolic meaning for me to sell. :)


Please PM me for more details. I'm specifically looking for black and white, untokened creatures, that have enough age and heat for easy upgrading. I'm also willing to sell and buy creatures for coins too.

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Imp 1: stardust, kellethafire, jewelshards (3)

Imp 2: claw 1, blooddrop 1. (2)

Imp 3: osirisbelt, goldbelt, blackdiamonds (3)


Archer 1: stardust, antifreeze, claw1, purpurmoon, onyxfangs (5)

Archer 2: claw1, jewelshards, onyxfangs, claw3, blackdiamonds, stardust (6).


Note: I might hold off on selling some of these until after the Mini BHC if I can't find old replacements in time.

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Knator: Claw II, goldtear, antifreeze.

LR Archer: Jewelshards, goldtear

Bird (668990) claw1, kellethafire, blackdiamonds, stardust

Bird (669901) claw1, osirisbelt.

Bird (669444) antifreeze, stardust.


And Grido, I wish, but no.

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Yeah, I found that out, but thanks for telling me. I still want them for battles outside of the mini BHC. I should probably put the note about being able to find replacements in the original post.

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