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Managerial position for Festival of War and Remembrance

Metal Bunny

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Alright, I am slowly coming back to MD. Once my thesis is done, I'll definitely have some more time, as a lot of things will be ending in my real life.

However, I am going to be away during the usual time for the Festival of War and Remembrance, due to a vacation in China and see some family again, a debating tournament in my own city, as well as training and preparing for, and competing in, the European University Debating Championships 2013 in Manchester, I am NOT going to be able to do a lot of MD during latter 2nd half of July and the first 3 weeks of August.

This means that, seeing as I want to keep the festival going and make it more into a tradition, as well as making sure that other activities or quests go into it, I will open up the position for manager of the Festival.

It will be a paid position.
You will have some creative freedom, concerning quests and stuff.

There will be some guidelines.

There will be like 1 or 2 rules you can't break.

I am mostly putting this up now, to see if people are enthusiastic about this, or not. As well as how much in compensation they expect.
It takes at least 2 weeks.
1 week of doing stuff, and 1 week of organizing and planning and making new quests or adding stuff to the stories.

Let me kindly know your opinion on this.

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Ooh! All the best fluffy buns! Hope you rock the tournament!

I might set up a quest or a series of mini quests depending on the availability of time. I'm afraid I cant apply for managerial post though... I'm bad at co ordination. :p

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