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Global Warming


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Rophs said this in a comment on the forum statuses, but I actually find it quite good O_O


"Can't wait for Mur to implement global warming, if we destroy the environment too bad viscosity might never be able to go back down. (This is a REAL suggestion)"


All credits go to Rophs. I just felt that there should be a thread made where more people would see it and discuss :)

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Or the viscosity in an area could be amplified by low amounts of resources/depletion. I would like it if there was some sort of "depletion counter" that showed the amount of scenes in a land that are depleted. Then once, say 2/3 of the scenes are depleted, viscosity will change from (-80 to +40) to (-20 to +60). Could even make staged of this as well... to where the final stage takes place when the amount of scenes that are depleted are 5/6 and it will become (+10 to +90). 

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i would have to learn more towards Draguals idea than viscosity never going back down, because that seems too damaging and unnecessary, but a fluctuation based on what stat the land is seems more fluid and dynamic which to me seems better, but perhaps in a way that means the land will cost more than 1 ap to tral though, instead of just reducing visc, because in lands such as NML and MB the areas are so well traveled there would be no punishment/negative effect as the ap cost would still be 1 ap



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It's an interesting idea, but I'm not quite sure I get the concept behind it.
Viscosity is currently determined by the freshness/recency of human movement through the lands. Yet doesn't taking a land's resources also acknowledge human presence in a land? Why shouldn't harvesting resources lower viscosity?
Does it seem reasonable that a land could retaliate against people for tapping its fruits?

My own input in this would be that there should be simultaneously a way to decrease viscosity in a land, which only land members have access to.

So only land members could decrease the viscosity, but anyone could increase it. What is your conceptual—not your goal but the reasons behind it—basis for not having it the other way around, or only allowing land members to change viscosity, or allowing anyone to alter viscosity this way?

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I don't want to change the entire game system of viscosity :P


Let it remain as it is, just make the visc increase rate higher perhaps with less resources (rates can begin to increase once below 66% value). Land members are acquainted with their land and hence should be able to change visc, i.e restore the environment (the rate of visc).

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