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Why do personal pages exist?

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I was wondering what people think about personal pages in general. From my own view, they are not very useful, and generally only read them for the small chance of finding someone's stats listed there. So-


What have you put on your own personal page that you want people to see?

What do you look for when going to other people's personal pages?


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Some people are in role playing
they seriously make an "personnage"
and there paper show that story

- i read and look some of that, to know the personnage of those that roleplaying and then i can be nice about what they play (even if i am not personnaly big in roleplaying)

some people have some various interesting info that they have put in there paper, as an new player i was interest to read some of that info to learn

some people put there interest there like: i saw some about they make avatar, or have collection of creatures, or trade in creatures

some people talk about there faction

on of my big interest was reading about quest, as some have ongoing quest or quiz to solve

so in conclusion:
- i would say that an important part of MD is interaction between players
- papers are usefull to favorise those interaction,
- and player use those papers in there own personnal way,
- and if one dont care about an use of paper he as only to not use them or not read paper of the others

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