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Cyber bullying


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Far example ... FB is available in many many countries an there you have your first medium. Since my active Internet time (started 2001 with MMORPG Dark Age Of Camelot) is saw right from the beginning this cyber bullying happening mostly in forums and game chats. It´s constantly growing as I see it today 12 years later and can only be lowered again with awareness. 


For me this was always and will always be one of the dark sides of the Internet. When people hide behind the anonymity of the Internet sitting in their homes playing the strong character ( in forums - FB is not ) and if you meet them face to face suddenly everything is gone and the facade explodes right in front of you. I don´t know if you know the show, which is some years old "bully beatdown" (youtube has some videos), that´s one example for what I mean. I don´t think the educational effect isn´t that great here but it shows how "overconfident" some are and those few are growing. India is a very good example for this. There is a very fast growing army of wannabe heroes running around with no strength at all thank to the "glorious" movie industry.     




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This is why I want to learn how to hack. First thing I'd do (if I was one of the greatest hackers of all time and stuff) is go through and reveal the names of all the people who did this to a few different people I have in mind. Drives me crazy.

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India is a very good example for this. There is a very fast growing army of wannabe heroes running around with no strength at all thank to the "glorious" movie industry.

By army of wannabe heroes, are you reffering to army? Or heroes? Or the youth in general? If it's the third,then you know nothing bout india.
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Nim of course I did not intended to make a generalization and I do not think I did but if my english wording was pointing in that direction please excuse me. What I meant was something I observe as a growing process in India and when it comes to observing behavior there is only Germany and India at the moment. So I try it again.

"There is a fast growing behavior of bullying (which was the whole topic about) which I observe in the countries I stay for a longer period every year (not as a tourist). And I say the media has a lot to do with that. I speak of normal people I´m in contact with from normal families and society. The fact "normal" is what is alarming for me. It is quite normal to pick the "weak" to cover your own weakness like in the Video which I posted."


There are enough examples in MD too. There are only two options for me why? One is that you picked a role to bully others in MD or you are what you are and in the Internet is even much easier to bully others because it is anonymous.


I know how to deal with those bullies but have to admit that it´s much easier facing them in RL. The "security" of the Internet where words are weapons and the distance and the anonymity is your shield is much harder to handle. And I´m not talking about physical force in RL to solve such issues, I never did so far and I see no good in searching for solutions in that direction. But communicating with someone face to face is hundreds of times easier for me than the opposite. For one kind of bullies it´s the opposite that´s why they hide behind the shield and when it breaks their own weakness comes out. I actually saw one breaking into tears and nearly collapsing at a RL meeting of one of the MMORPG`s I played years back. The bully did one mistake at this point at the "party", giving up the anonymity, over confident as the guy from the Video above.


Actually it´s a big war going on in the world and this war will continue and get worse in the future.  

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