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The Elixir of Life


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You are a young retrieval expert quite new to the world of lost treasures and legendary items. Seeing this as an important and challenging means of livelyhood, you take a peek at the latest job request on the pin up board. It seems like a strange task, even for a retriever like you.

Elixir of Life

(reward bundle containing a drach charm, 2 wishpoints, 3 packs of 5 gold, two rustgold drachorns, 1 soul weaver, a special item for those deemed worthy)


This is a job calling for the services of all the reputed and novice retrieval experts of Magicduel. I have heard about a hidden treasure known as the Elixir of Life that has great power. I have decided that it is a must for my collection of unique items. Each of you retrieval experts who have registered for retrieving this item must try their best to get it. The race will start on Day 223 at 1200 Server Time. The first five people to bring me the elixir will be payed appropriately. To start your quest, gather around at the forementioned time at the Pub outside Willow's Shop which is usually empty. Remember, it's a race. Not everyone will be rewarded. Be careful, you might be kicked out if you are not. 




The flautist who became a dragonrider



OOC: 1 gold coin sponsored by Chewett will be given to anyone who can find three or more bugs in coding which might influence the results of the quest or performance if a player in the quest majorly. The bugs should be pmed to *Burns* or me in forum before the quest is completed by any player. IF the reward is not claimed by the end of the quest, it'll go to the major reward bundle to be awarded to the winners.



Server time: Aug 12 12:36:10 ~ Day: 223 Year: 8 ~ QUEST INSTRUCTIONS LOG



[12/08/13 12:07] *Nimrodel*:Okaj
[12/08/13 12:07] :JadenDew grins
[12/08/13 12:07] : Eon throws the dice and gets 3
[12/08/13 12:07] *Nimrodel*:Welcome dear retrievers *smiles*
[12/08/13 12:08] *Nimrodel*:Before starting on your quest, I'd like to request a few things
[12/08/13 12:08] :Eon passed Rainbow candy to Nimrodel
[12/08/13 12:08] *Nimrodel*:Once you are finished with a puzzle, please don't reveal the key to anyonelse.
[12/08/13 12:09] *Nimrodel*: (thank you eon :)
[12/08/13 12:09] *Nimrodel*:However close a friend they are to you.
[12/08/13 12:09] *Nimrodel*:Me and burns have spent a lot of time in making this quest enjoyable. That is one thing I request of you people
[12/08/13 12:09] *Nimrodel*:Play this quest fairly.
[12/08/13 12:10] *Nimrodel*:Next
[12/08/13 12:12] *Nimrodel*:while continuing on your journey
[12/08/13 12:12] *Nimrodel*:there are a few choices that will kick you permanently out of the quest
[12/08/13 12:12] *Nimrodel*:just in the initial stages
[12/08/13 12:13] *Nimrodel*:they are really stupid choices. Normally people wont make them
[12/08/13 12:13] *Nimrodel*:But be wary
[12/08/13 12:14] *Nimrodel*:and try not to go for 'i will explore all the options coz i am a wild person' for the first few sets of puzzles

[12/08/13 12:14] JadenDew:Now we will all be thinking whether a choice is stupid *giggles*
[12/08/13 12:14] Vasilemacel:i'm not worried
[12/08/13 12:14] Vasilemacel:I know I'll die
[12/08/13 12:14] *Nimrodel*: :))
[12/08/13 12:14] *Nimrodel*:I can promise you you wont be dying at any point of the quest :P
[12/08/13 12:15] :Vasilemacel smiles
[12/08/13 12:15] *Nimrodel*:Next thing
[12/08/13 12:15] *Burns*:I think i'll make an option that kills you... just for you. :3
[12/08/13 12:15] *Nimrodel*:>>
[12/08/13 12:15] *Nimrodel*:Shush
[12/08/13 12:15] *Nimrodel*:There are videos in between
[12/08/13 12:15] *Nimrodel*:Read eerything carefully
[12/08/13 12:16] *Nimrodel*:every word that is written in there
[12/08/13 12:16] *Nimrodel*:1 or two videos cannot be rewatched once you move on to the next puzzle I think due to the style of the quest.
[12/08/13 12:17] *Nimrodel*:For that you'd have to wait for me again so that I can log on and give you a youtube link to that video
[12/08/13 12:17] *Nimrodel*:and i wont give it to you without testing you first.
[12/08/13 12:17] *Nimrodel*:so it'd be a waste of time
[12/08/13 12:17] JadenDew:Are we allowed to find the link ourselves >.>?
[12/08/13 12:18] *Nimrodel*:you cant ;)
[12/08/13 12:18] *Nimrodel*:those videos are hidden :P
[12/08/13 12:18] *Nimrodel*:and the embeds are from a different site
[12/08/13 12:18] *Nimrodel*:but you are welcome to
[12/08/13 12:18] *Nimrodel*:if you want
[12/08/13 12:18] JadenDew::3 I suppose no screen recording allowed too Hheehe
[12/08/13 12:19] *Nimrodel*:you can do that :P

[12/08/13 12:19] JadenDew:yay
[12/08/13 12:19] *Nimrodel*:I just wanted to warn you people before hand :)
[12/08/13 12:19] *Nimrodel*:Next
[12/08/13 12:19] *Burns*:You totally should do that, Nimmy spent a lot of time making those vids, you need to watch them at least 3 times.
[12/08/13 12:20] :JadenDew giggles
[12/08/13 12:22] *Nimrodel*:certain part requires you to enter in gg and MDA
[12/08/13 12:22] *Nimrodel*:For MDA, ask syrian for pickles. SHe has agreed to give them.
[12/08/13 12:23] *Nimrodel*:The clickies are not in any of the HIgh ap cost restricted areas
[12/08/13 12:23] *Nimrodel*:so you should be fine if you have a pickle or two
[12/08/13 12:23] *Nimrodel*:about entering golemus, those of you who dont have the GoE can contact me when you want to enter
[12/08/13 12:23] *Nimrodel*:I will open the portal for you :)
[12/08/13 12:24] *Nimrodel*:GoE code*
[12/08/13 12:24] Vasilemacel:i have a few codes that don't work on GoE
[12/08/13 12:24] *Nimrodel*:or i will lend you the passpapers whichever is more convenient :)
[12/08/13 12:24] Vasilemacel:probably because they are old or something...
[12/08/13 12:24] *Nimrodel*:I can open the portal for you when you need it vasi :)
[12/08/13 12:24] *Nimrodel*:or give you the passpapers
[12/08/13 12:24] Vasilemacel:how about getting out of GG? That way needs lots of ap as well
[12/08/13 12:24] *Nimrodel*:one of the two
[12/08/13 12:24] Dante Lionheart:how hard is it to get out of gg? never been there...
[12/08/13 12:25] Vasilemacel:i remember it being 240 + 40
[12/08/13 12:25] Vasilemacel:se nobody ever goes to gg
[12/08/13 12:25] JadenDew:ew
[12/08/13 12:25] *Burns*:once some people stack up, no problem.
[12/08/13 12:25] *Nimrodel*:You can get out if you an old player. Otherwise you can ask syrian for pickles again :)

[12/08/13 12:25] JadenDew:Nooo i want pickles too >.>
[12/08/13 12:26] darkraptor:it's a dont let the pickles rot quest!! :-D
[12/08/13 12:26] *Nimrodel*:I will ask syrian for a few pickles as well to keep them ready for you people when you need them :)
[12/08/13 12:26] *Nimrodel*:Next
[12/08/13 12:26] *Burns*:Pure coincidence... ;)
[12/08/13 12:27] *Nimrodel*:Be prepared for any kind of ending.
[12/08/13 12:27] JadenDew:Including endings saying we lost?
[12/08/13 12:27] AmberRune:fun
[12/08/13 12:27] *Nimrodel*:Your rewards depend upon your choices. Not everyone will be rewarded.
[12/08/13 12:28] *Nimrodel*:Nuh.. you wont have that kind of endings
[12/08/13 12:28] JadenDew:ah~
[12/08/13 12:28] *Nimrodel*:if you crossed the first few hurdles, you wont be kicked out

[12/08/13 12:28] darkraptor:sure we will! we just have to play!
[12/08/13 12:28] darkraptor: (rewarded i mean)
[12/08/13 12:28] *Nimrodel*:Next
[12/08/13 12:29] *Nimrodel*:If you have any problems in the middle of the quest, you should pm me or burns, whoever is available.
[12/08/13 12:29] *Nimrodel*:or whoever can reply earlier

[12/08/13 12:29] :darkraptor places a pillow on his back.. we never know when i kick will come..
[12/08/13 12:30] dst:test
[12/08/13 12:30] *Nimrodel*:Now.. can someone pull out a log of this and post in the forum?
[12/08/13 12:30] dst:I will but just as soon as I finish with an e-mail
[12/08/13 12:31] *Nimrodel*:Once this is posted, I can give you the key word :)
[12/08/13 12:31] dst:just one question
[12/08/13 12:31] *Nimrodel*:mmm?
[12/08/13 12:31] dst:the one that finishes first might NOT get any reward?
[12/08/13 12:32] *Nimrodel*:Nuh. the first five will recieve rewards. But their choices will decide the type of rewards and influence future quests.
[12/08/13 12:32] *Nimrodel*:which i create :3
[12/08/13 12:32] *Burns*:You could finish in 5 seconds, technically. Ending with a kickout. No rewards for that.
[12/08/13 12:32] JadenDew:future quests ._.
[12/08/13 12:32] *Nimrodel*:and that :P
[12/08/13 12:33] *Nimrodel*:anymore doubts?
[12/08/13 12:33] dst:nope
[12/08/13 12:33] *Burns*:And it's her first time, so be gentle. :3
[12/08/13 12:33] :[Spell] Vorbeste
[12/08/13 12:33] :*Nimrodel* chuckles
[12/08/13 12:33] *Burns*:If stuff goes wrong, it's 99,9% my fault, so blame me :D
[12/08/13 12:33] *Nimrodel*: :))
[12/08/13 12:34] *Nimrodel*:Nuh. We share equal blame :P
[12/08/13 12:34] No one:can we start blaming you now ?
[12/08/13 12:34] JadenDew:Gentle >.> That did be what i ask out of your scary logci puzzles..
[12/08/13 12:34] :[Spell] Vorbeste
[12/08/13 12:34] No one:it will just save some time ;)



How to start: ENTER the pub through the willow's signpost.

Edited by Nimrodel
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The Quest is now over. Thank you for participating. Those who couldn't complete the quest due to any reason, can now access the quest openly. Just ENTER in the willow's signpost. I am posting a walk through here so that you can understand and move along with the story, also watch the videos i made.
(walkthrough hidden)

Edited by Nimrodel
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So, a lot of people couldn't make it becoz the timings of quest which was supposed to last longer than it did. Well for those of you, I have a small proposition. Even most of the walkthrough was put up, the wind puzzle was not. So, i've askd the mods to hide the walkthrough temporarily. Take your time. Solve the quest. Everyone who solves it, will recieve a big hint in my next quest. Hope that is incentive enough. :) good luck!

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