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Logs from MD DF Fort


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Before the embark Rophs had a terrible nightmare about how the fort might fail (this is OOC from MD and the actual logs of me failing at getting it started)




fort log:
It is the first of Granite in the year 301 and I have just brought Rikstar, Kyphis, Rophs, Rumi, Dolomich, and Maebius to our site for the next fortress. We're stuck on an island without much connection to the outside world. Let's hope this goes well. You're readin the writings of Change the Bookkeeper of this soon to be great fort by the way. Rikstar had some plans for what he would carve out of the mountain and I'm making sure he starts cutting it out of the side of the mountain right away.
Nobody has any skill chopping down trees so we got Rophs to do it. Rumi is scavenging plants for food so that we don't starve. Dolomich is also hunting, hopefully he won't find any hydras.
13th Granite
A cat managed to make Kyphis take it in as a pet. I'll make sure he doesn't shirk work to care for it. We need to get this thing up and running. Rikstar has been chipping away for almost two weeks and he's barely done. WHAT GIVES?1?!?!?!
update: Kyphis has another cat. Now they can play together while he works. NO EXCUSES
23rd Granite
I decided to make Kyphis smooth the walls of what will be my bedroom/office once we get more situated. Rikstar is still digging away, I decided to have him dig out the space for workshops BEFORE the stockpile area. We can stand a bit of clutter for NOW.
2nd Slade:
Dolomich has been missing for a week, we no hunting reports from him. Let's hope he didn't die. Also Rik is getting the important areas dug out. We have room for the Carpenter shop and the Masonry. Rikstar is busy digging so we're having Kyphis stand in becuase he does engraving, they're similar right?
I'm also having Kyphis build a bridge across the chasm to our fortress for better access and for beauty of the ugly hole in the mountain.
21st Slade
We haven't started farming yet and food is getting scare. I'm going to make Rikstar dig out somewhere for Rumi to make a farm and FAST. I'm also making Kyphis smooth out the parts near the entrance so that we look better.
6th Felsite
Kypis has another cat. He might develop a serious problem. Let's hope he doen't become the crazy cat dude.
25th Felsite
We found two dogs dead. There might be something evil here killing us off. We're going to have to move into the fort and secure it ASAP. Dolomich isn't confirmed dead but we all have eerie feelings about him.
27th Felsite
A demented reindeer without a nose twisting into human form has been living here and we are intruding on his living space. He got Rophs. The five of us have decided to band together and attack it with our fists.



Each of the participants will be reserving a post after this one, I've asked Change about this and she said we (her included) are allowed to do this.


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First Story Entry. This is the story of arrival, no exploration has taken place, nor work on the settlement begun. It is the first month of the year 301.

[spoiler]My name is Kyphis, and I am an Engraver. Our escourt is dead, our ship destroyed by sea beasts, and this island is the domain of monsters.


But dwarves do not give up so easily...


I write this, that if our efforts do not succeed and our queens fears of our civilization being wiped out by the Goblin's of the Mainland run true, there will be a record for those who come in the future, that we may be remembered.


After Bomrek Mirroredbalances, our great king, died in 296 the victim of age, our security as a kingdom has been shaken. His first sucessor, Queen Kosoth Veiledgirders was slain by the Cyclops Xogak Flickermined the Red Crystal in a duel within one year of taking the throne. Although she was skilled with the martial weapon of our kingdom, the crossbow, her ability to dodge was found lacking, and the beast slew her with his mighty axe. In 297 our current queen Catten Roughnessmountains rose to power, and since then eight monstrous beasts have sought to end her reign much as her predecessor was slain. It was in the first two years of this time that the Potter Ushat Streamcastle began to display her martial abilities, stepping in four times to drive off the beasts. Last year, she was given command of my kingdoms armies.


With the devestation of the elven forest of Lionwilt and the Goblin Forestress of Badworry by the Goblin Slaves of the Demon Lord Dusak Hatedbrides the Infinite Manges, and with war against this horde numbering more than five thousand goblins strong a very real threat, our Catten Roughnessmountains our Queen, and her General Ushat Streamcastle hatched the plan to make a settlement isolated from the threats of war.


In this land of ours, that we call The Domain of Portents, war is by no means the greatest threat. Vast tracks of land are cursed and blighted with evil, and equally vast regions are protected by ancient guardians against any outsiders. Near everywhere in this land roam beasts of nightmare and savage monsters. It has taken four years since the rise of our queen to find a suitable bastion for our people. Four years of scouting, of citizens lost to the ravages of the wild. But in the end, there was only one site that showed true promise: Bothon Merir, the Murk of Pregnancy.


This island, across Nolˆth Bor, the Gulf of Chunks, is to be our cultural vault. One of only two islands off the mainland of our region, unlike its counterpart Nentuk ”Gred, the Withered Swamps, which is a blighted place of undead monsters and dark magics, this place is guarded by ancient constructs, built in a bygone age. Horrors roam here two, brought to these lands by the haunted waters of Nolˆth Bor, but at least here our dead can sleep easily in the ground. This will be our cultural vault, should the unthinkable happen and the mountainhomes fall to the goblin hordes.


Of our party, only the seven of us have survived the journey.


Rophs, the Bowyer. Without his bravery and skill with the Axe, the sea monster that wrought doom upon our ship would have done so sooner, and none of us would be alive now.

Rikstar, the Miner. When the passage through the canyons was blocked by a landslide, it was he that carved the path through, that we might avoid the Monstrously large lions of the grasslands.

Change, the Brewer. While not as direct an impact as some of the others, she has kept our morals high, and our resolve strong, in the face of harsh adversity.

Maebius, our Cook. His cooking has helped keep us from diseases of the wild, and ensured our health in this new settlement.

Rumi, the farmer. Without whom we would have run through our supplies long hence.

Dolomich, the Hunter. Many beasts has he slain, many monsters has he driven off. It is he that leads our group, for now.

And of course, myself, the engraver. However my contribution to our arrival has not been as great as my luck in surviving has shown, my skills now that we are here will help make this settlement safe and secure.


This island has a Volcano at its heart, and from there have risen many minerals and raw resources that will sustain us. We have moved ourselves inland, away from the coast of the ocean with its sea monsters and tainted fogs of death. We cannot go further inland else the Constructs may leave their shrine and eject us from this land. Worse, a vile mockery of nature makes its lair near a cave rising from the ground at the foot of these cliffs. It has not seen us yet, for which we must be thankful, for we have seen it spew forth vile gases to kill its prey.


We have found a place to dig into the cliffs. It will be hard, but if this effort ensures our civilizations survival, then it is worth it.


For Queen and Kingdom![/spoiler]


The end of the first season (screenshots in the next tab)

[spoiler] Spring has come to a close. I had not thought I would be writting more in this journal, however I think it wise for now, lest anything happen to us before we have made a lasting mark in this land.


While working on our entryway, which is to have a ballistae range to protect us against the predations of the regions beasts, we have struck many valuable resources. We have planned our site to be able to handle any caravans that make the journey across the sea monster laden gulf. Work on a permanent site for the farms is well underway, with two plots already prepared for planting. The remainder have patches of stone that needs to be muddied before we can install crops on them.


This may prove a dangerous task, as the insane heat of this place prevented any rain the last three months, and all the waterholes lie as shallow pools of mud. The only source of reliable water we have is the haunted ocean...


While excavation was underway, Rophs and Dolomich took to cutting down trees in the area, that we might build with them. During their wandering, they reported two horrifying discoveries. By far the worst, is the effect the horrid green fogs that roll off the ocean have on living beasts. At first we simply thought them ominous, but of no threat themselves. However, any bird or beast that has been caught within its bounds has swiftly choked to death, and arisen as a violent thrall. They hunt out any living creature they can, and seek to kill it, regardless of their preys size. Any attempts to gather water from the ocean will be fraught with great peril.


The second, and normally greater but thanks to Roph's and Dolomich's quick work now the far lesser threat, is the hydras.


While watching the coast from their vantage point on the cliffs, the pair where startled to see a hydra come into view and wade into the waters, catching fish and birds through ambush and speed. As they watched throughout the day, they saw that it was not one, but more than ten hydras making their den in a cliffside cave!


Fortunately for our survival, the pair set to work creating a great trap, and when the hydras returned to their den for the night they pushed a great mass of wood off of the cliff to crash into the cavern's entrance, blocking it off. The hydra's are enraged within, but with Roph's and Dolomich's work to make the entrance fully secured, they will not likely cause us threat any time soon.


Thankfully for us, the Umbra Brute has not noticed us, and the great Bronze Constructs seem content to stay by their ruined shrine, for now.


But in the night, the sound of savage beasts can always be heard, and Rumi has seen strange creatures that are half beast half men deeper inland.


We cannot afford to lower our guard.[/spoiler]


First season screenshots (with clutter hidden)

[spoiler]Hydra Den (the shape is not my fault!)



Colossi Shrine (it has several other floors, this floor just has the colossi on it)






Second floor down - Future Trade Center



Third floor down - Farm Excavation site



The End of the Second Season

[spoiler]This bloody heat... so hard to stay motivated while we swelter in the sun. Even the tunnels are filled with hot air!


We had some more survivors wash up from our original party, rescued by some fishermen and villagers from the mainland.

We gained three of our old comrades:

Koshu Farsight, who is trained as a farmer but wishes to learn the art of making soap.

Dante Lionheart, who is trained in cookery, but would rather make stonecrafts and other ornaments.

Jester, who I do not trust. Something about the way he goes on about being a "Lyesmith" makes me question his honesty... at any rate, he too is a cook.

Many of them also have military skills the rest of us lack, which may prove the difference between our survival here and our doom.


Some of their rescuers have also joined with us, favouring the potential of life in our new settlement to the restrictions of mainland life.

Tekkud Idemath, trained as a smith, will certainly be useful to us as we try to set up our military.

Tekkud Lolokavuz is a dyer. Not particularly useful, he has offered to help out with farming and other jobs as well, so long as when we are comfortable enough he can practice his creative skills with cloth. His wife Dst has also joined us, she is young and has no real skills to contribute, but she has a passion for nature and training animals, and her lack of training in other disciplines may prove an asset.

And the last, Kadol, is a fisherman who is familiar with the perils of the Gulf, and will help to make sure we have enough fish for a healthy diet.


The farms are all installed, took a long time to spread enough mud around the stones that we could farm there. We should be able to feed ourselves with little worry now, although we still need to get booze set up.


The hydras are still pretty pissed off in their cave, although they are too securely trapped to escape any time soon. Rumi has insisted we keep them alive in case we can put them to use, so we have been feeding them all of the odder looking fish that we catch. They seem happy enough at the food, if not their captivity.


Early in this last month of Summer Change was spying on that Umber Brute, when it caught sight of him. Chased him around for about ten days before he got away from it. He was incredibly lucky - there was nothing any of us could have hoped to do against such a vile beast. He managed to get a very good sight of the thing though. We have named it "Enure"


Enure is a gigantic noseless antelope twisted into humanoid form. It has a bloated body. Its raw umber hair is long and shaggy. Beware its poisonous gas! He is very skinny.


Its a good thing it has no nose, or he would be able to hunt us to our settlement and murder us all.


Speaking of combat, we have had our first taste of blood in this island: A honey badger decided to pick on Dolomich, and one of the dogs tore it apart.


We have planned out a military wing branching off from the farming wing, that we can begin preparing to conquer the threats of this terrible place.[/spoiler]


Second season Screenshot

[spoiler]Planned military wing



End of the Year.

[spoiler]It has been a busy six months here. Enure has been sealed in his cave, although not before some of the animals went missing. I fear my cats Mebzuth and Kumil may not turn up again until we are ready to fight Enure and unseal his Lair...


Much work has been done to ensure our survival. The farms are well established, and storage areas have been dug out beneath them, with passages planned that we might access them from the kitchens.

The Barracks as well is dug out, although more work is needed and much needs to be produced before any training can begin.

We have selected a hillside to pasture our animals in, leveling off part of the mountainside and erecting a wall to give them plenty of grass and safety.

And Balistae have finally been installed across the entrance passage.


The ocean has been relatively calm, thankfully our little cove rarely sees the green mists enter. It has thrown a few perils our way though - two monstrous crabs came after us with a clear thirst for blood. They where dispatched without too much harm dealt, which is thankful.


It would seem the fishermen of the mainland have plotted a safe course through the waters to our settlement, as another six travelers have arrived to join our settlement.

Thob is a Bowyer and fisherman, so will join Kadol on the beach.
Monum is a woodswoman, with moderate skill in carpentry she will be useful in aiding Rikstar. For now she has been busy cutting down trees for Rikstar to work with.
Alath used to be a seamstress, she has come to our settlement in the hopes of learning other trades. For now she has been learning how to operate the Balistae.
Thikut is also from the fishing village, although he spent his time cleaning fish rather than catching them. He also has some talents as a brawler, and may find his way into the military once it is set up properly.
Mafol is a farmer, who is tired of the wars of the mainland and came to us for a hopefully quieter life. With the dangers of this island, I don't know if she will get it though.
Edem is one I am very thankful to see join us, as she used to be a swordswoman. Her skills will be vital for our survival here. She says that she is married to a man named Deler, although he did not accompany her to our settlement. War takes its toll on many lives, so I have not asked if he yet lives.

Kriskah arcanu has already proven their worth to the settlement - she spends most of her time helping Thikut clean the fisherdwarves catches, but her real talent is as a trader.


We had some traders come to us from the capital late in the year, and it was Kriskah who selected the wares we would need and struck the bargains to make sure we did not get ripped off. In the end, we gained far more through her talents than the traders, although they too seemed happy.


It would seem that our settlement may yet thrive on this island, if things keep going as they have. Although I fear the horrors that lie deeper in this land may soon come for us... The terrifying howls in the night only grow louder...[/spoiler]


End of year screenshots

[spoiler]Entrance and Balistae



Trade Depot



Military Barracks



Archery ammunition storage/collection area



Farms and Farmer's Quarters



Outdoors walled in pasture



Food and Seed storage area below the farms


Edited by Kyphis the Bard
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