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Scene tags more "fluid" based on player Interaction


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An idea I had recently, inspired slightly by how "RP reality requirement"  can change based on players in a scene:


What if certain key Scenes could have their Tags toggled by player interaction somehow.

Many options for "how" it might work.   I'm merely suggestion the Possibility of something Working to alter Scene-tags.



The first thing I thought is using "Heat vote" style clickable to donate Heat, and if it is above a certain arbitrary level  (50k?) the scene's "Sanctuary" tag (for example) is in effect.

Lacking the appropriate "Heat" in the scene would drop the shield, for the Sanctuary example.

Other options would be NoJump, or ItemCollecting, perhaps


Not ALL scenes would be impacted, obviously, and some might be permanent Sanctuary and simply not contain the "heat Clickie"  or whatever is used as the UI.


Could make certain scenes like a GGG, or Lab, or such be a bit more Dynamic, and might open the possibility of temporary Events using the feature, with minimal "cleanup" when it's over by allowing the 'Heat' to dissipate.


Also, of course, I'd suggest a way to counter the Heat collection. 

Either a "Heat for NO!" option, or something, for proper Balance.



Alternately, tie it into a Viscosity-like effect, where people in the scene often (not idle) keep it 'refreshed' rather than Heat.    






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