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Forum Death Quest (i.e. the "endless quest") -- judgement

Ackshan Bemunah

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Alright, here goes.



Primary reward is a wish point, so be careful.  Entries follow.


I will not be responding to any but the most essential posts.


Entry 1


Player Name to receive reward: Chewett
Period of Trial: 14 March - 22 March 
Proof of Pain: http://storenow.net/my/?f=7af90b8346b340ed9630868e21ded749


Transcript (for those who can't download):


Pain 1: Telling Murry about it that i couldnt do any work


(email to Manuel Tanase)

im participating in a "dont go on the forum quest" for a wish point becuase i really want more wishpoints and therefore will have to forsake all of my forum work for many months.


Just telling you since i know you also have no work to do whatsoever so you could manage the forum.


Cool story bro.

[Signature blurred, starts with a C]


Pain 2: Peace forum work delayed for 3 months


(chat transcript)

lashtal: *nods to Peace* Kalimera

Chewett: Yo peace, the addition of the user to the necro forumns will have to wait

Chewett: until i finish with the "DO NOT GO ON THE FORUM" querst

Chewett: if you have issues please feel free to raise then with numerous felix or whatever his name is

*Peace*: That is accepted, Chewett.

Chewett: its appearntyly going to be at most 3 months

Chewett: which isnt going to be fun, but meh

Chewett: its a wishpoint, so clearly worth it? :))

*Peace*: Three months?

Chewett: yup

*Peace*: *chuckles.* Anything for a wishpoint, I guess.

Chewett: indeed, quite a lot of pain for you guys ofc...

DARK DEMON: *yawns* Not sure if this is worth Black Water

Syrian: we can be the proof of pain you need to win that WP then chew



Pain 3: Murries reply to it



(thumbnail picture of Manu, left hand over right)

Manuel Tanase

to me (presumably Chewett)


I am nowhere near a computer right now...so he did a QUEST that asks you not to be on the forum? Like for how long? And how is even possible to check that..

I don't understand whats in his mind, is this a joke?



(blurred sequence of 2 and 3 digit numbers)



sent from mobile device, excuse typos



Pain 4: A letter to council


(email, through what seems to be the MD email system) Message 1 of 542

From bugs@magicduel.com

To contact@magicduel.com

Date Today 15:25

I am participating in a quest to try and get a wishpoint which means i an not allowed to use the forum until the end.


This means i wont be able to do any forum work, nor bugs related work like checking bug reports.


Feel free to discuss the quest on the forum (for i wont be able to see it) or send recommendation as to what i should do as i wan to participate in this quest.


Ackshan is running it so you can talk to his if you want



Someone who wants a wishpoint for specifically not doing his work



Pain 4: The council are not amused


(another email through MD system) Message 1 of 14

Re: No forum work until quest ended

From contact@magicduel.com

To bugs@magicduel.com

Date Today 11:25


Hello Chewett,


Good luck with the quest although we highly discourage such types of quests.


We can't stop the quest since no rules were broken but we encourage you and the community not to participate in it. The forum is a very important part of the gane and encouraging players to stay out of it is definitely not how we want things to run.


If you feel this quest is wrong, then don't encourage it (we feel the same way so we night think of adding new rules in order to prevent them - bit this is also up to the community and their feelings towards this type of quests).



Please keep us updated regarding your availability.


MD Council



Pain 6: Felix asks me about my progress


(chat transcript)

Chewett: (crappy)

Chewett: (harder to work with MD not being able to access forum)

Chewett: (can't actually talk with public properly, cant ask for opinions...)

Syrian: (more pain? :p)

Chewett: (features i want to discuss, are now being left for months because I cant actually discuess then, just means that the things get delayed further)

Chewett: (no skin off my back, just means you guys dont get input on features nor get features at all)

Syrian: (well done felix)

: lashtal passed Skin to Chewett

Numerius Felix: (ironically Chewett seems to be the only one participating...even the people who actually understand it aren't going the distance. 3 months is a lot...which is why I didn't ask it)



Pain 7: Update to council


(another email through MD system) Message 1 of 543

Endless No Forum Quest

From bugs@magicduel.com

To contact@magicduel.com

Date Today 21:46


You requested that i update you as and when and i have recently been informed of the fact that the quest is actually meant to be endless and that it wont end until numerius deems there is a good enough submission. I did not know this when i started and would not have started the quest if i knew this.


He has stated that there wont be any judging for at least 3 months, this means i might be not reading or doing forum for much longer than the 3 months.


If you have any comments on my suggested action it would be useful. Mainly since i do not want to break my word on this quest and therefore will be unable to discuss some of the features I was discussing such as (blacked out phrase) which needs the publics view.  This means the (blacked out word) will need to be delayed for a while.






Pain 8: Forum spammers attack and i am powerless


(another email, this time not through MD system) 17 Mar (1 day ago)

Magicduel Forums via sh06.lw.ipslink.com

to me




Burns has replied to a personal conversation entitled "spammers".


Burns said:






You can reply to this personal conversation by the following link below:

(link not included)


(18/03/13 11:18:03) (blacked out text) we're being invaded by bots/hackers/whatever again (on the forum)



Pain? 9: Instead of forum work, i code MD


Items worked on for peoples roles and allowing a more flexiable item creation role for the future.

(text on black background, invert screen for best effect)

chewett@mars: /var/www/html/magicduel$git log

commit b57e22ca92dfaa2556c81b7a8941499d1517☉647

Author: C       .       Hewett  <                                                 >

Date:    Tue Mar 19 22:5☉:28 2☉13 +☉☉☉☉ 


             Moved item creation to new bar and made it nice $db code.






Entry 2



Player Name to receive reward: Lord Tipu
Period of Trial: (3-04-13) - (7-04-13)
Proof of Pain:

From the time i joined MD Forum i have created this Epic eternal relationship with the forum mods. The Bond is soo strong that with just 4days of inactiveness i had felt severe pain. The Pain of not receiving any warning PMs from the mods. Yess thats right ..i can't sleep ..i can't poop and even i can't fart without reading their Awe inspiring lovely response for my posts.







And now iam back ...i hope i can receive their blessings and continue on my path defeating Fennir and to become the next Forum Legend.




Entry 3

[spoiler]Handy Pockets

Period of Trial: August 2012 to 6/16/13
Proof of Pain: Still recovering from pain



Could not remember my password, I missed out on so many things in MD.  I missed all the fun


Entry 4


Player Name to receive reward: Fang Archbane

Period of Trial: One second before you reading this, to the end of this. (time of posting: 17 June 2013 - 12:33 AM)

Proof of Pain: Shortly after starting this quest, i had a panic attack of epic proportions and had to quit it immediatly, only to return. As i could not bear to leave it for even a minute, i feel that my pain is the truest, strongest, most relatable pain that there is. The pain of a true MD Addict.



Entry 5


I think I started on the 20th March and ended it until recently. I didn't keep track perfectly, so pardon me if the timing is wrong.


Player Name to receive reward: Shadowseeker
Period of Trial: (20.03.2013) - (16.06.2013)
Proof of Pain: There's not too much for this, just a few notes. I also did get demoted from being a forum mod after a very long time of being one. (And while this is partially due to me leaving the forums for a while, I did hand it a notice of future resignation a long long while ago. Just kept delaying it and lurking while doing some mod work.)


At some points I almost clicked on the links in the mood panel in MD too. And seeing the post your info there etc announcements ingame didn't really help either.




I want to go see the day of fear analysis the most. I miss the forums, though I'd skip over things anyways.


Wanted to put my bookmark back to realize I wouldn't.


Realized I wanted to check on day of fear info. Curiosity about the ward, results, etc...can't go check.


Being unable to check on quests and the likes sucks.


MD Anniversary and I'm missing out on quests and everything....but I'm busy with other stuff too, can't be helped.


Been a while, less busy, but I feel like I don't really want to return to the forums anymore by now.



Entry 6



player name: Rophs

Period of trial:may 30-jun 1


evidence of pain:

I cannot give any true evidence other than my word but I was constantly panicking that I might die in the DoM quest


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Though the results for Fang's entry were certainly unusual, it is not really appropriate to call it a "successful entry"...Therefore, he will not be receiving memory stones.


The rest of you will receive your six memory stones when I find you online.



LE: 6 =/= 5

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