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Staggered resource regeneration

Ackshan Bemunah

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Seen on DST's blog:


nadrolski: 5/10 Water (06:06 ST – at safe level)
nadrolski: Please don’t harvest Water if at 5/10 or less, thank you.
: nadrolski positions his Water Bucket
: nadrolski collects water
nadrolski: 6/10 Water (07:35 ST)
: darkraptor collects water
nadrolski: 5/10 Water (15:17 ST)
nadrolski: Please don’t harvest Water if already at 5/10 or less, thank you.
: No one collects water
: No one collects water
No one: leave some for the others and they’ll let some for you too

Maebius:Hmm, as much as I used to also harvest every last drop of GG water (down to the 2/3 rule), he does have a bit of a point. If we have never been leaving a few spare Drops for folks who are lucky enough to grab the public buckets (like, 8/10, so No One could get 2 there after us) why would the others feel inclined to leave more for us ‘tomorrow’?
We have a bit of a semi-monopoly on Water, which is even more in demand now with the Bushies.


I see two solutions, one social, one implemental.

Social would be something like a land rule:  Please limit your water consumption to 1 water per hour.  Or something like that.  And I don't really see this happening in practice.

Other would be to have the resources at different locations regenerate at different times (e.g. 24 batches, 1-hour intervals, or 12 batches, I don't know what's reasonable, might even vary by resource), throughout the day.  This way everyone has a window of opportunity in which to collect without depleting.

Possibility of simply having every pile regenerate gradually through the day is confounded by things like memory stones.



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