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Throw a Halloween Party! (Halloween quest)


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Hey MD folks!


I'm back with a new quest! ^_^


This time, Your task is to throw a Halloween party!


And here are the list of things you have to do:

1. Create an MD themed Halloween Invitation. Can be hand drawn or Photo shopped or crafted or painted! Should be creepy, interesting! Mention the names of the group members and add an MD symbol on it. This should be ready and posted By 20/10/2013 23:59 MD Time in this thread. Once you post your invitation, you will be officially registered in this Quest. Don't forget to publicize the invitation! You want to invite other players to have fun at your party, no?

2. Halloween themed decorations - Decide where you are going to throw your party and decorate it!! Take any scene from MD. Hand draw it again and add hand drawn MD themed decorations to it. Add an MD symbol on it and your signature as a mark of your work. Creepier the better.

3.Make Halloween themed food for the party - Create a dish in RL. Put up 3 pics with the MD symbol while making the dish and 1 in its final form in the final submission. Try to make it look mouth watering and Halloween themed! You want mouths to water! not people to run away! :D

4. Create a Halloween themed party game of sorts and make people participate in it for at least three days (meaning repeat it for atleast three times during the formal halloween week) during the Halloween week. It can be a miny party game of any sort. Best game as rated by the public will win. Yes, the games will be put up for public voting so you need to gather as many players as possible!

5. Create a Halloween costume. Use one of the team member's avatar to redesign in photo-shop/ handraw it to dress it in a Halloween costume. If none of the team members have an avatar, you can take an avatar I can provide. Creepier the costume, the better.

6. End your party by creating a horror story or a poem which you can tell in a story night conducted at the end of the quest period, mostly on 29th October. I will mention the exact date and timings soon. But be ready by 29th of this month. Logs must be posted here once the story night is done.

I'll be the judge in all the mini quests except for the game.

Scoring procedure is as follows:

1st place in each small event - 3 points + Halloween quest reward (to be announced shortly)

2nd place in each small event: 1 point (so that people with handicaps can catch up if they do well in one of the quests) + Halloween quest rewards (to be announced shortly).

Overall scores for all the six events once calculated: Overall Winning team/player should've participated in at least three of the above mentioned tasks and won with the maximum scores. (prizes to be announced Shortly).

Duration of the quest will be from 15th to 31st of october 23:59. 17 days in total for people to complete the tasks.


No alts allowed!

If any participant is caught doing stuff deemed by me as cheating, they will be kicked out and banned from my future quests as well.

Only one group member can participate in one task.

You can submit only one entry per group/person in a mini task.

The overall winner rewards will be equal for the group/person. So if decided so by the treasure keepers, you might have to share the reward.


Post your entries together in the same post under heading task 1, task 2 and so on in this thread. They will be evaluated together after the quest is over. So if you want to make any changes by then, you can make them. Good luck folks! There is plenty of opportunity to win even if you are a single player and do no belong to a group. Do well! throw a bombastic party! Lets all have lots of fun this Halloween! :D

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