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when chapter 3 is available to everyone, what will happen for those who have already gone through the story once?

i mean, i am mp5, so ive been through the prologue and the first 2 chapters already, but when chapter 2 was done i went right back to the prologue. when chapter 3 is available, everyone that has not gone through the stories yet will be able to play through it and get their stats 3 times, whereas us mp5's will only play through it once...

is this something that can be fixed? or am i just going to have to deal with it?

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I think I heard Manu say that only mp5s and above will be able to access ch3.. but don't take my word for it; I may be wrong. Right now I'm pretty preoccupied by the fact

I will get to go on a quest to become ruler of Necrovion~ Hmm.. wonder what the "good" path people do..

Well anyway, I don't think I will be too bugged if people in mp3 and 4 get to access chapter 3 even when we didn't, because older players have had other advantages previously and after all this is in testing stage. Can't expect much more.

EDIT: Lulu says the information I put here is spoiler-level~ So I put the tags even though I slightly disagree... many paths in the story, hey.

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