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Ary Endleg

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unlike other puzzles goe pillars dont have any message lying around saying that its some sort of puzzle


yet each of them is labeled with pair of letters, also all locations seem to have pair of letters hidden somewhere in scenery which are different from ones on pillars (i dont think i saw same pair of letters shown on pillars to appear anywhere else, but i could be wrong) and when you touch them in proper order useful thing will appear....


so i guess it is some type of thingy to solve but i have been breaking my head for quite some time now and i fail to see ANY logic in how it could work


my question is, do goe pillars have some logical mechanic behind them which player can understand and solve in order to unlock them, or is it just one huge clickfest? (i am at 8% already and bored to death)



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  • Root Admin

The locations letters are related to the night feature.

The codes at GoE are not related to them.

There is currently no puzzle to find out codes, codes are sometimes given out during festivals and also are changed every now and then.

Also remember you need AP/Expl and other things to activate a pillar, so if you lack some then it will fail even if you have the right code.

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  • Root Admin

but if lets say i took a stroll and went back with like 5 ap and kept clicking, and i hit the right code, would it say it failed to open or would it look the same as entering wrong code?

I cant remember since i last checked, but im pretty sure they fail the same way.
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