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Finding a new lair (WP quest)


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greetings adventurers


here i am again with a new task for you

as you have previously seen my current lair isn't secure anymore and thus i have to move it

and that is where you come in

i don't have the slightest idea where would be a safe spot so some help would be most welcome


Quest details:

write an essay on a scene of MD that is fitting to secretly store something, explain me why this scene would fit my needs

minimum lenght: about 450 words, (but content is more important than the amount of words)

the submissions you write you will forumpm to me and i will forward them to the judges, any entry that isnt passed to me this way will not be eligible for a reward


scene exceptions: GoC, Drachorn Lair


last day of submissions: October 31st 23:59:59 ST


no alts allowed, only one entry per player



this quest shall be judged by 3 persons, marking on possibility, creativity, writing and respecting scene symbology


possibility: is it possible in the scene as it currently is to hide goods in it, for example the GoC, where my previous lair was, had holes in the rocky walls to store stuff


creativity: how do you present your findings, how did you came to this answer, think out of the box!


writing: how well has your argumenting been prepared and based upon verified information, how well is your explanation written,...


respecting scene symbology: a scene such as the lore manor, a place of wisdomcollecting wouldnt be a fitting one to hide some precious metals and other stuff



current rewardpool: Rustgold, Nutcracker, Soulweaver (sponsored by TK)

winner picks first etc

i will award a WP or WPC (winner's choice) to an entry that is deemed exceptional by me and the judges



i wish you all good luck

keep an eye out for hiding places when you are running around



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  • 2 weeks later...

Is there any possibility you could extend the deadline? 2 weeks is not too much for an essay in MD (or maybe I am the one who lacks time :( ). You know that we need time cause we are slow like a dead snail.

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judging finished and i must say it was a hard decision
there was a tie for first place, so the judges needed to do a re-evaluation of the entries
and the winner, with 2 out of 3 votes from the judges: *Nimrodel*
second place: Amberrune
third place: dst
congratulations to the winners
you can contact the TK for your rewards
the judges in this quest were: *Burns*, Innocence and Kyphis
in agreeance with the judges i have decided not to reward a WP/WPC, while the entries were good, none of them stood out as exceptional.
total average score:
1) *Nimrodel 7.08/10
2) Amberrune 7.08/10
3) dst 6.58/10
4) Tom pouce 6.17/10
5) Dante Lionheart 5.92/10


i can provide the scoresheat to those that wish to see it



Tom Pouce

[spoiler]My friend Draconas

I am sorry to learn that your current lair isn't secure anymore. To help you find a safe spot I have explored all MagicDuel land. From all that exploration, I think that I found the perfect spot for you.

Storm Coast Ascent (Coord: 2_-1x-2_1) seem perfect, its an isolate location, seldom people go there. One can access it only in either flying or true an long trip in underground caverns follow by an arduous cliff climb. You can note that there is no map yet for that realm (Realm 2), that way it's location is even more secure. I looked around that area and was happy to see that there is no resources in that location, it being less allurement or appeal for potential treasury stealers.

There are many fissures in that cliff and some are surely either leading to a cavern or you can widen and build such one. One can see an big empty nest at what seem an entrance of an passage way ... that could conceal your lair entrance.

Also it being at a cliff’s top, from there you will be able to see anyone coming your way.

And since an picture is worth a thousand words, see that: (scene image)[/spoiler]



[spoiler]A New Lair for my Dragon


I have always wondered if the Gazebo of chaos was the right place for Draconas, my dragon. Though it seemed dark, and was spacious, and had places to stuff gold etc, it is a land border. And a place where all newbies go atleast once. I thought Draco wouldn't have enough privacy there. Especially when he'd want to fly out on some job with me. It was too vulnerable to theivery. Then I saw this quest and used it as a ruse to be determined enough to find a perfect spot for him in MD. I decided to take a tour of most lands. The Places most suited for Draco were usually inaccessable or limited to certain players. That'd do him more harm than good because if he can't enter his own lair at his convenience, then the chances of his hoard being defiled would be a lot higher. In Loreroot I thought of inside Hollow Den. It is a  perfect place to hide a hoard and guard it as it it has just one entrance. On the other hand, it'd be a pain when there'd be a kings' council held there every two or three weeks. For the kings and for Draco himself. Rest of Loreroot seemed pretty flamable to me except for maybe the underground area at the pathkeeper. But I'm sure the lorerootians wouldn't want a dragon using such a special place for storing his hoard. Then I thought about golemus. Since Draco said that the Drachorn cave wasn't and option, especially because it was already occupied by tiny men trying to tame drachorns (they'd probably try to tame draco too and I can see the remains of a burnt cave and a raging drachorn master >>) and there is already a hoard stashed there, I thought of Wraith's wreck. Wraith's wreck would be an awesome place but alas for high tides. If there were an event of high tide, whole of Draco's hoard would get dispersed into the sea. Same goes for fenth's cave. There is already water in there!! Then I thought about Mt. Kelle'tha. It seemed like a sacred place. Not really suited for a Dragon. Especially if he wants to relieve himself. >> There was one more place that I thought about, but pushed the idea to ponder over at a later note. For I thought I found the perfect place for draco. I rushed to MDA, ran down the stairs to the cellar!! I waited to gain some AP and then I opened that huge door. It seemed like the perfect place for Draco, there were Boxes to store the gold and even an armour to practice his flame shots. The wood was damp enough not to catch fire if he happened to snort some in his sleep. I was very excited. Then I saw the Biggest flaw. The ceiling was too low for Draco to walk or sit comfortably. How could he stay happy under such a low roof where there was barely any space for him? Sad that I couldn't make it again, I planned a trip to the east. The buildings in the east seemed to small for draco and the area too little. Border view tower seemed nice, but it'd be so far from active MD population. I would never be able to meet draco when I wanted to, if he were to live somewhere there. Pouting some more I came back and sat at GoE wondering if there were more places where Draco could feel comfortable. I thought of all the dark shady places in necro like the Berserker's charge vault and Deathmarrow. But meh. None of them seemed right to me. They were all too difficult to get into in the first place. A majestic being like draco should be at a place where he can show his splendid scales, stretch his wings and roar loudly to set ablaze the area with fear! (or fire. depending on what he chooses.) Then I realised I had almost forgotten about THAT place! I rushed inside Golemus, climbed those rocky paths and looked at the Tempest Fort. I hurried inside it and saw all those unoccupied buildings and all that marvellous stony construction. I rushed out and imagined Draco standing guard proudly over the Tempest fort. It looked perfect! Inside the tempest fort are many closed rooms that cannot be entered. There is only one way in and out.  Those rooms would provide plenty of protection to the precious metals and other items from rain and snow. They can be locked. Also, there are plenty of tiny men standing gaurd outside. Tempest fort is in one of the highest places in MD. So Draco, with his sharp eyesight can see things far away. If he got bored or hungry, he could always eat a tiny person or two. If he was feeling too hot, he could always fly to the Power's ascent for a quick fresh water shower and come back. He could also quickly fly to his brethren at the Drachorn's lair and take care of the young hatchlings if needed. Also, golemus is a rocky area. He'd have ample oppurtunity to mine the land for precious metals. He wouldn't even need to worry about high tides or sand storms. He can easily fly to GoE from there if he wants to talk to people. The sea being near by he'd have plenty of fish to hunt and eat. If he wants any crunchy bones, he can always go to fenth's cave to snack on some. The tempest fort has withstood all the wear and tear of time, so storming into the fort or destroying it would be difficult. Such a massive structure wouldn't crumble under Draco's weight. If Draco were to set something on fire by mistake, he could always get water quickly to extinguish it. He can fly as freely as he wants instead of being cramped up in a tiny space. Also, having a Dragon guard our fort, would be appreciated by Golemus people. He'd be living along side his brethren in a land that is meant for him and his existence. Most of all, I can be with my dragon, whenever I want, Helping him protect his hoard. If he gets lucky, we may even see him with a Draca, and a bunch of hatchlings playing happily at the fort.   :D [/spoiler]


Dante Lionheart

[spoiler]Draconas' lair

A wicked shadow passes along the Aramory, causing a lone traveler to look up to the sky in search of the source. His fright not at all subdued by failing to find anything. Trying to shake of his startlement and perhaps trying to ignore the faint sound of flapping leathery wings, he continues his meeting with the creatures of the Aramory.

That shadow though had an all too real form, the wings now spreading as the drachorn dives down. With dazzling speed it plummets almost fully vertical passed the bridge of ages. The water below coming closer rapidly, splashing slightly as those wings tilt and the great beast levels out his swooping descent.

Soaring between the cliffs, right eyes scan the path along the east side for any rare traveler. Perhaps to ensure his flight is hidden, or maybe to find a tasty snack in some small explorer which would pretty much ensure the first as well in the process. 

Those high cliffs are ideal to keep the drachorn away from seeking eyes. Away from the notice of any bold, or unwise, treasure hunter seeking the fortune of a drachorn's hoard. A barrier between Golemus Golemicarum, no man's land and the underground, they form a well hidden place centrally located. A convenient hidden trail for those whom possess the gift of flight to leap down into from a number of places.

But no prying eyes are found, not even near the rope at the end of the cliff path. The wings angle once more, swooping around the corner, that side of the cliffs an unknown location to all but him. And what it holds is a big crevice in the rock face. The dark opening a sign of a deep tunnel. Red wings fold together as the beast flies straight into the cave, swallowed by the black. Reptilian eyes scan the short tunnel, making the most of the very dim light. Nostrils flare, seeking to pick up any traces of unwanted visitors. And when all is safe, the drachorn continues, leaving behind the narrow entrance tunnel to spread his wings fully one more. A massive cavern lies at the end, glowing crystals lighting up and causing the stacks of gold to reflect their eerie yellow glow. 

Settling on a particularly comfortable looking pile, the drachorn ponders his new lair. Right above him new adventurers encounter weird creatures, failing to realize an even mightier lies below. Of to the west, the isle of drachorns. Both new and old footsteps cross above, some hoping to ever own a beast similar to them, others already having claimed one. It is a familiar place to all, yet fitting to this realm, there's something hidden beneath it, hidden in another layer of rock this time.
And so Draconas let's out a satisfied little roar as he settles in his new home.

Meanwhile, the traveller looks at the strange beings in the Aramory, seeking to recruit them for his own army. they seem strong, yet he already wonders if he could ever tame something even stronger. "I wish I could find something like a dragon to fight for me", he murmurs mostly to himself. And then the ground rumbles, almost as if something roared deep beneath the earth.
Still not quite recovered from the fright of that large shadow before, that lone, all alone traveler shivers. "Perhaps I should be careful what I wish for and stick to aramors for now....", he quickly states in a trembling voice, hoping to ward off whatever made that rumble, succumbing to the irrational thought that it was his wish that caused it. Quickly packing his bags, he runs off again, back to safety. Halfway down the road he already has convinced himself it was all his imagination, something he shouldn't speak of lest people will call him crazy. Drachorns beneath the Aramory, what a silly thought.

Author's notes:
I could not quite come up with a good hiding place, aside from perhaps the dark chasm in Necrovion where you head towards the mountain. But I had no passpapers and forgot the name. Besides, I liked the idea of something hidden where everyone passes by. Standing somewhere familiar while clueless about what lies hidden below. So artistic freedom to the rescue to give access to my location! An imaginary scene beyond the cliffs, a dazzling flight of a drachorn along cliff walls to satisfy the trope that every cool flight needs to be between high cliffs with risk of smashing in them.[/spoiler]



[spoiler]Golems' Mill

There are many reasons why Golems' Mill is better than your previous lair and other possible lair options. First of all, it is unoccupied unlike the Drachorn’s Lair and the Hallow Den so no room mates to contend with. There is no reason a dragon should move out of his bachelor pad to get a room mate just because the good stereotypical cave lairs are already taken. Spending time in the Cave of Torment –though it does have similar lair architecture- wouldn’t be any better because there are 2 entrances by the lair with shady Necrovians often walking about. Golems' Mill also doesn’t require removing current inhabitants or loiterers from the premises before moving in like the people barricaded inside Sage’s Keep, the cleaning supplies in the MDA cellar, or the Treasure Keepers who have put their own collection in Champion’s Dome. 

This “lair” has 4 walls, windows, and probably a door. A door means that there is easier access to the inside of the building which can be filled with treasure, but also means that the easiest way to get the treasure can be locked or otherwise blocked to keep burglars from poking around looking for things that sparkle. Windows offer a more difficult way in to the stubborn thief, roar of the neighboring waterfall, and bright sunlight, but they can be boarded up if those problem pop up. The mill is accessible by a bridge which can be blocked too, further limiting visitors near the building full of gold. The waterfall itself provides clean drinking water –unlike that salt laden stuff from the sea that can drive its drinkers crazy, a cool breeze for when the weather is hot, and can spin the waterwheel outside the building which in turn can be connected to and power an indoor fan should it be hot and bright outside when you are trying to sleep or feel the need to stay inside to guard the treasure. 

Golems' Mill is located in Golemus Golemicarum which happens to be the land your rider calls home. Being near her would be convenient for both of you as she can get to you easily and you don’t have to wander too far to ask her about crunchy newb treats or other food sources to munch on. Golemus doesn’t have quite as many young visitors as Marind Bell or Loreroot which should limit the number of new people who pick up anything that they can get their hands on. It isn’t very far from the beach and isn’t often disturbed by the empty aramors who wander around doing who knows what up and down the beach. If it weren’t for them, Wraith’s Wreck and any sea chests in the ship would have been perfect for hiding lots of gold but the empty aramors just seem shifty and treasure needs to be protected as securely as possible. 

All in all, Golems' Mill provides close access to food, drinking water, and defend-able shelter. And some temperature control. It is currently unoccupied and relatively left alone by invaders but would require little effort for further fortification or isolation should they become necessary. And finally, the Mill is in an area that is close to where your rider lives and will feel comfortable finding you in. [/spoiler]



[spoiler]My choice of a lair is quite simple: Inside Hollow Den. Since we don't have too much verified information about this place, I have let my imagination run wild. 

The main reason I chose this location is because it is the "birth" place of all the creatures of MagicDuel. The legend says (it's not a legend but a truth but it sounds better if I say it like this) that this is where you can recruit ALL the existing creatures in MD, even the "unreleased" ones. 
A Dragon is a majestic and noble creature. It has all the attributes that makes it the perfect candidate to rule and also manage all the creatures in Magic Duel. So what better place for him to make a home than this one?
Also, the location has a few elements that suit a dragon. There is a chain on the wall. You can only see the lower part of it (which is fixed to the wall). Nobody knows where the other end is nor what it is tied (fixed) to. I will get back to the chain a bit later because it has a connection to something else.
The next element of the cave is a few bones. Dragons are said to eat people that try to steal their treasures. So a few bones will definitely help with the overall image of a Dragon inhabited cave. 
The last element is a small entrance (or exit) that can be seen in the back. Nobody knows where it leads. This "door" and the chain are the 2 mystery "features" that makes Hollow Den Interior perfect for a Dragon. Allow me to explain: what if the chain is the lower part of a contraption set to catch people that come uninvited (to use an euphemism for thieves) to the lair with not so good intentions? It looks like an innocent chain but it can be the last thing someone sees before dieing of a horrible death (OR before being caught and taken prisoner - for which the Dragon would ask a ransom hence increasing his wealth even more).And the "door" can be the entrance to the treasures room (or rooms...since nobody knows what's behind it). Also Mur hinted several times that the Interior is bigger (on vertical) than we see (hence why my idea with the trap) but what if the room is so big that it has several floors and the chain is only the "key" to open the door that might take you to the next level of the cave (where even more riches are stored). I see the Hollow Den Interior like a big storage. It can have may levels on the vertical and also on the horizontal and what we see when we enter it is just the "waiting room". And this room is "decorated" in such a way that people might get fooled into thinking there are no treasures (since all you can see is a chain and some bones). It can be a trap inside a trap. An illusion to protect the real treasures. Not to mention that if its size is the one that I am imagining (and it has to be since as I said earlier, it's the birth place of all MD creatures and for some it's still their only home) there are infinite possibilities to guard the treasures that can be stored in it. 
So given the potential this place has, I would make it Draconas' lair. Also, there is another reason why I would choose this place. Draconas' and his Mistress (Nimrodel) have quite strong connections to Loreroot. And even if they are now in different lands I am sure they still feel bound to this place and would like to retreat to a lair that reminds them of their past. [/spoiler]


finally I want to thank the judges, the questers and the TK.

Edited by Sunfire
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Yay!! i'm happy that my entry was chosen as the winning entry. i suppose i know my dragon well :D


Also... Congrats amber. Our opinions were almost similar. :) No wonder we tied.


Thanks to other people for caring so much for my dragon so as to suggest a new lair for him :)

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Congratz Nimmy and Amber.


Wow...passing grade for something I had a lot of fun doing (I usually struggle with essays so this was a first)  and didn't give me headache? :)) This cannot be true! I always have to work hard for everything :D


Fair scoring judges and fair decision Sunny.

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