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Drachorn's Fall Voting


Drachorn's Fall  

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You can find the submissions in this gallery


You'll notice that one submission comes as 3 pics in one, and was named like that by the quester, too. All the others were renamed by me, for the purpose of voting.


Please be careful with your voting, there are some that are very much alike each other, like the red, green and white origami, or the stick and leaf dragon. Be careful to not mix them up.


In your voting, you can obviously only pick one. Hence, the submission with most votes will be your number 1, the next your number 2, etc. In case of a tie, both submissions get rated on the better spot.

Additionally, a secret group will prepare a rating as well.


Both ratings get added together to determine the final list. For example, if you rate an entry as number 1, and it's number 4 on the other list, it has 5 points in the end. Another entry, which you rate 2, and the other list rates 2 as well, has 4 points, and is better off than the first example in the end. In case of a tie on the final list, the public vote breaks the tie.


The first place gets a Drach Charm, 2nd can pick between Reiny and Drachorn, 3rd gets what's left. Places 4-8 get a WP code each. Thanks to Mur for the sponsoring :)


The vote closes on October 28th, 23:59.


Happy voting :D


[In case Mur's entry makes it into a spot with rewards, he gets skipped.]

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Also, on a different note, i have transferred all png-files i got into jpeg, and the ones that were absurdly big i've reduced to 800 pixels. The quality is almost as good as it was originally, and easily sufficient for our purposes, but the size got a lot more acceptable for the forum :)

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Everything is finished, results form the Public Council's voting are in and winners have been decided :D
1st, notably on both lists, is Dante Lioheart's Clay Dragon! Congrats!
2nd, dst's Iris!
3rd, surprise surprise, Murry with his Skeleton Dragon! Which means that the reward for 3rd place goes to our
4th, Eara Meraia's Household Dragon!
WP codes will be awarded to Azull's White Origami Dragon, Amberrune's Poolside Dragon, Lintara's Pearl Dragon, tankfans' Green Origami Dragon and thanks to the better place in public voting, Miq's Chestnut Dragon!
Thanks to all the others for participating, i'll be making rounds and trying to catch you folks for your rewards as soon as my schedule allows it. :D
I've enabled the comments and rating functions in the gallery, and posted the name of the artist on the first picture of every series :)
[table][row] [column] Submission [/column][column] Total Score [/column][column] Voting [/column][column] Council [/column][/row][row] [column] Clay Dragon [/column][column] 2 [/column][column] 1 [/column][column] 1 [/column][/row][row] [column] Iris [/column][column] 6 [/column][column] 4 [/column][column] 2 [/column][/row][row] [column] Skeleton Dragon [/column][column] 8 [/column][column] 3 [/column][column] 5 [/column][/row][row] [column] Household Dragon [/column][column] 9 [/column][column] 2 [/column][column] 7 [/column][/row]
[row] [column] White Origami Dragon [/column][column] 11 [/column][column] 8 [/column][column] 3 [/column][/row][row] [column] Poolside Dragon [/column][column] 12 [/column][column] 8 [/column][column] 4 [/column][/row][row] [column] Pearl Dragon [/column][column] 13 [/column][column] 5 [/column][column] 8 [/column][/row][row] [column] Green Origami Dragon [/column][column] 15 [/column][column] 5 [/column][column] 10 [/column][/row][row] [column] Chestnut Dragon [/column][column] 17 [/column][column] 5 [/column][column] 12 [/column][/row][row] [column] Silk Dragon [/column][column] 17 [/column][column] 8 [/column][column] 9 [/column][/row][row] [column] Tinfoil Dragon [/column][column] 19 [/column][column] 8 [/column][column] 11 [/column][/row][row] [column] Red Origami Dragon [/column][column] 19 [/column][column] 13 [/column][column] 6 [/column][/row][row] [column] Drinkable Dragon [/column][column] 23 [/column][column] 8 [/column][column] 15 [/column][/row][row] [column] Stick Dragon [/column][column] 26 [/column][column] 13 [/column][column] 13 [/column][/row]
[row] [column] Leaf Dragon [/column][column] 27 [/column][column] 13 [/column][column] 14 [/column][/row][/table]

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yay, i can haz tables :)
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