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Halloween Cookies! Again!


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Halloween Cookies! Again!

Brief description and rules:
This another little "adventure" quest, where player will be driven into a adventure to collect items, interact with npc's and solve some puzzles.

It's Halloween so we need... Halloween Cookies!!! :D

You have heard that in the hut that lays on the road to MDA there's a Old Lady with the ability to make cookies..
So.. you have a place to start your Quest!

You can use the Magic word: Halloween Cookies

Go! Have fun!.. and a bit of patience :D

Along the adventure there will be tasks that will be evaluated and scored, the player to score higher wins. The finnishing time will only be used in case of draw.

Score Table:
MainTask(40pts) | Puzzle1(0-10pts) | Puzzle2(0-5pts) | Puzzle3(0-10pts) | Puzzle4(0-10pts)

7 days (i may extend it if necessary )

My Rewards:

1 Wishpoint for the Winner

1 Angien 650 Age and 4 Tokens
3 Sharptears
1 BloodPact
Spellstones ( to everybody that finnish the MainTask and does not reach the main prizes ).

TK rewards:
4 Gold for Second Place
1 Gold for Third Place

  1. No alts allowed

1. Carefully READ the dialogs with the NPC's


[edit: added more rewards, 1 WP and 1 Angien]

[edit2: added TK rewards, 4 Gold + 1 Gold]

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THANK YOU ALL for participating and having the patience to follow this quest.
i had a lot of fun coding and running it.. hopefully you also had some fun playing it :)

The Winners are..

1. *Nimrodel* scored 70 (40+9+5+10+6) at 2013-11-01 03:11:50
2. AmberRune scored 69 (40+8+2+9+10) at 2013-11-05 05:11:21
3. Valoryn scored 67 (40+8+2+7+10) at 2013-11-01 17:11:00
4. Intrigue scored 67 (40+9+5+7+6) at 2013-11-04 15:11:41
5. Valldore Nal scored 61 (40+10+5+0+6) at 2013-11-04 13:11:41
6. Eara Meraia scored 60 (40+10+5+5+0) at 2013-11-07 22:11:39
7. lashtal scored 59 (40+10+5+4+0) at 2013-11-01 20:11:43
8. Ary Endleg scored 57 (40+8+0+9+0) at 2013-11-04 01:11:09
9. *Clock Master* scored 55 (40+10+5+0+0) at 2013-11-01 15:11:19
10. dst scored 55 (40+10+5+0+0) at 2013-11-02 21:11:03
11. tankfans scored 47 (40+7+0+0+0) at 2013-11-02 01:11:25

Score detail in ():
MainTask(40pts) + Puzzle1(0-10pts) + Puzzle2(0-5pts) + Puzzle3(0-10pts) + Puzzle4(0-10pts)
Cookies Baked.. +..Dwarf Convinced.+..Mouse Tricked..+..Rocks Balanced..+...IndexByColor..

The Rewards:
1. *Nimrodel*  -> 1 WishPoint
2. AmberRune   -> 4 Gold
3. Valoryn     -> 1 Gold + 1 Angien (aged with 4 tokens)
4. Intrigue    -> 1 Sharptear
5. Valldore Nal-> 1 Sharptear
6. Eara Meraia -> 1 Sharptear
7. lashtal     -> 1 Bloodpact
8. Ary Endleg  -> SpellStone(mirror,locate or silvertongue) + 4Million Heated Creat
*Clock Master*,dst and tankfans ->SpellStone (mirror,locate or silvertongue)

Finnally i would like to thank the TK's for the sponsorship and the participants for the always much important feedback.

Hope to see you all in another quest.. sooonnn... :P


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As for feedback, as usual darky, it was an enjoyable quest. Fun, easy riddles, tests patience more than aptitude. Its just that, coming to the stone balance part, a lot of people I talked to said they had gotten it in less number of tries because they got lucky. Luck should be an element in quest solving. But it shouldn't be one of the deciding elements. If you could tweak that in your next quest, it'd be great. :)

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