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Halloween Story telling Results


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Since the results have already been decided and the rewards have already started to be given out, The results of the Halloween Story Telling contest are as follows:

1st Place - Rophs: Tokened Aramor, 1 Gold Coin and a trophy
2nd Place - Bash Chelik: Tokened Archer and 1 Gold Coin
3rd Place - *Nimrodel*: Tokened Knator

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all that participated. It should also be pointed out that Lazarus was disqualified from the contest due to plagiarism and his entry was not counted.

We would like to thank the TKs for providing the rewards for our Halloween quests and apologize to the questers for the lateness of the results of the Story telling. Apologies as well for the lateness of the announcing of the rewards
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Thank you to Zyr for giving me the log that contained my story so that I could post it in the thread :D




Most readable version of the story that I have:


Rophs:Memorystones can contain more than just spells and heat, they are also often full of stories. 
Rophs:The story I am about to tell is from a Memorystone I found when I was exploring a ruined town... 
Rophs:I have no proof that it is true, but also none that it is false. 
Rophs:Take what you will from it. 
:Rophs takes in a deep breath 
Rophs:After months of trial and error I had perfected my conjuration ritual. Nothing could avoid being summoned by my precist pinpoint techniques. Such an ability must be shown to the world! 
Rophs:I ran down the streets shouting for all to hear, "Go to the plaza at 0:00 ST! I have something the show everyone!", calling me excited would be an understatement, I was estatic. My heat jars slowly 
Rophs:My heat jars slowly filled as I ran through the streets, just one of many preparations soon to be complete! 
Rophs:As soon as I set foot in my study there was no time to waste, my heat jars were empty in minutes and the pile of memorystones on my desk were heat stones. 
Rophs:After I had completed filling my pockets with heat stones there was barely any space left for the other component. 
Rophs:Creature after creature of mine was shoved into the press, and as each Fenth popped out I smashed the capsule open and smeared its contents onto my Wiiya Bubble. I 
Rophs:I looked up at the sky when the Bubble was complete and smiled, for I saw a rainstorm approaching. 
Rophs:There was still much time leftover when I returned home, I did the only thing that was reasonable... I pondered my master plan! 
Rophs:I would turn all of the foolish townsfolk who attended the summoning into my eternal slaves! The creature I would summon wouldn't be some sort of demon or shade, I would summon a Tainted Water Being 
Rophs:I would summon a Tainted Water Being to seduce all of the townsfolk and do my bidding! 
Rophs:At 23:00 ST I rushed to the plaza and crowds were already beginning to gather. They stared in awe as I placed the Heat Stones in a circle on the ground and put the Wiiya Bubble in the middle. 
Rophs:The rain begain pouring at 0:00 ST, right on time. I stood behind the circle of Heat Stones swaying my body, my arms, my voice, and my words. Nothing would be able to interrupt the spell. 
Rophs:Little by little the Heat Stones started glowing and releasing their heat. The crowd watched in awe as the rain evaporated as the drops hit the stones and the steam collected in the Wiiya Bubble. 
Rophs:When the Wiiya Bubble reached capacity I shouted to the crowds, "Watch and see! I will summon the spirit of Wodin Ullr!" Then the Wiiya Bubble plunged to the ground. 
Rophs:As the Bubble popped the steam poured out and burst into flames, I stood motionless as the crowd gasped at my amazing feat. Soon all would be mine! 
Rophs:A hand reached out of the flames on the ground in front of me and I shook with excitement as the rest of the figure emerged. When I saw what I had summoned all blood left my face... 
Rophs:The Shade hovered in the midst of the flames and streched a hand at me. My shaking that was once from excitement turned into a shaking of fear. Things could not have gone worse. 
Rophs:Vitality poured out of my chest and into the shade's outstreched arm, my limbs grew weak, my vision blurred, and then I collapsed. 
Rophs:I rushed to the Plaza frantically, word about the wizard spread like wildfire. Rarely would he perform magic for all to see! Every minute I was late was a minute I fully regretted. 
Rophs:I arrived just in time to see flames erupt on the ground and watch a figure emerge from the inferno. 
Rophs:I gazed in awe as lights of many colors poured from the wizard's chest and into the hand of the figure. 
Rophs:The Wizard collapsed! What am I supposed to do? Was this all planned? Had something gone terrible wrong? I couldn't think of anything to do but run home and hide behind a locked door. 
Rophs:The Shade was nowhere to be found the next morning, it was deemed safe to go outside. 
Rophs:The Council declared the wizard's death a suicide, for he had shut himself indoors for months and seemingly gone mad. 
Rophs:I only hoped that we were safe. 
Rophs:Keep in mind that those memories were found in a Memorystone that I found on the ground in the middle of a ruined town. 
Rophs:Let's hope that the story isn't true. 


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