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How can we help new players? - Summary and Log


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Summary of Impromptu Meeting 15-11-2013 at 21:00 ST

Topic: What can we do to help new players?
Sidetopic: How are the LHOs faring?

Q1: The LHO activity seems waning, what can be done about this?
There could be more fluctuation in the LHOs, aggressive recruitment and more retirement.
Applications should be handled quicker and with more feedback.
All timezones should be covered.
There could be another group that does similar things to LHOs, not detailed in discussion.
Grido should have a second in command, he is considering.

Q2: What is hampering newcomers?
Story Mode
Newcomers need more targets for combat.
The whole game is too complex at start, and requires too much interaction right off the bat.
It's too difficult to get into the game and adjust to the veterans at the same time.
We need more people to produce a constant buzz
The incentive to produce something is too low when there's no crowd to impress
Influx is low, because BFH doesn't have time at the moment, suggested solution: we need more BFH's (promotion jobs)
RP, specially by newbies, needs to get more response

subdiscussion: How can we make RP-entry easier?
Move basic papers to a more available spot.
Quests should involve RP
Quests should feel less 'artificial' and more personal
Quests should revovle around the role of the questmaker, the player should feel like he was playing a part in another player's development
Old AL should be hidden, as it gives a wrong impression of how MD moves
There should be bigger games going on, like wars, so people can feel like little gears in a big machine

subdiscussion: Methods of advertising
Paid campaign vs. BFH vs. Toplists vs. Youtube vs. Magazines
Several opinions, see 22:24-22:34

subdiscussion: How can we make game-entry easier?
Reduce complexity by disabling parts of content
Less chaos on the first few days
[drifted off towards What is MD?-discussion and random talks]

[log='Complete Log'

[15/11/13 21:02] Chewett:Welcome one and all.
[15/11/13 21:02] Chewett:This rather impromptu meeeting is to discuss what we, as a community can do to help new players
[15/11/13 21:02] Chewett:before we discuss what we are going to do, i will detail what has already been done
[15/11/13 21:03] Chewett:For many years LHO's have helped out new players. Their job nowadays is mostly taken for granted, but it isnt an easy one.
[15/11/13 21:04] Chewett:Questmakers were also identified as a "value added" group, meaning that they encourage people to stay ingame, and help out
[15/11/13 21:04] Chewett:Therefore i formed the QMR to reward these people, and encourage more ingame activity
[15/11/13 21:04] Chewett:I also spent some time trying to help out LHO's, and did a few changes before stopping.
[15/11/13 21:05] Chewett:But, the question is, what else can be done?
[15/11/13 21:05] Chewett:From what i am seeing, the acitivity of some LHO's is waning, meaning that the live help button sometimes disappears
[15/11/13 21:05] Chewett:This confuses new people, we recently have had some forum posts asking where it went.
[15/11/13 21:05] Chewett:The LHO's here, do you have anything to say about this? improving this? anyone else?
[15/11/13 21:06] *MRAlyon*:story mode needs to be changed... more mp3 need players to attack...
[15/11/13 21:06] *Burns*:mhew, if the button worked, it'd be gone much more often :P
[15/11/13 21:06] Chewett:MRAlyon, im talking about the LHO problem first
[15/11/13 21:06] *MRAlyon*:ok
[15/11/13 21:06] *Nimrodel*:I think LHO recruitment should be agressive. and the Current LHO system should be built from scratch
[15/11/13 21:07] *Nimrodel*:sac and recruit
[15/11/13 21:07] Ary Endleg:honestly i always see lho button, but maybe i am just in good timezone
[15/11/13 21:07] Chewett:such as nim?
[15/11/13 21:07] *Sunfire*:indeed, in some timezones we have "many" in others close to none
[15/11/13 21:07] *Nimrodel*:Ask people how much they can do justice to their LHO post.
[15/11/13 21:08] *MRAlyon*:you lose LHO status if you don't login for 7 days
[15/11/13 21:08] *Nimrodel*:Also from what i know lot of people applied to be LHOs only few were voted on
[15/11/13 21:08] Chewett:Is this a problem with grido?
[15/11/13 21:08] *MRAlyon*:there should be also a min of hours
[15/11/13 21:08] Chewett:Currently i dont see him active, you have told me he is, at least answering PM's nim?
[15/11/13 21:08] *Nimrodel*:Its not just a problem with grido. Grido is fine in his ways.
[15/11/13 21:08] *MRAlyon*:grido is active on forum but not in game
[15/11/13 21:08] *Nimrodel*:and busy in the others
[15/11/13 21:09] Chewett:Ah ok
[15/11/13 21:09] *Nimrodel*:there are other LHOs who barely log on for 10 minutes a day.
[15/11/13 21:09] Chewett:So where is the problem? if lots are aplpying but few being voted on?
[15/11/13 21:09] *MRAlyon*:SS
[15/11/13 21:09] Chewett:Yes, he is a good example, i dont think iv seen him at all recently,
[15/11/13 21:09] *Nimrodel*:Yes.
[15/11/13 21:09] Chewett:ok, so some LHO's need to go, have you sent these concerns to grido?
[15/11/13 21:09] *Sunfire*:we are all around the same timezone
[15/11/13 21:09] *MRAlyon*:login sometimes
[15/11/13 21:10] Chewett:anyone?
[15/11/13 21:10] *MRAlyon*:me no
[15/11/13 21:10] Chewett:Send me a list of LHO's you think shouldnt be LHO,i will cumulate them and send them on to grido, minus your names. for anonymity
[15/11/13 21:11] Chewett:Do you think grido needs a second in command to help his work?
[15/11/13 21:11] Chewett:I personally did, and even helped him get ti organised, but he didnt bother.
[15/11/13 21:11] *Nimrodel*:Yes he does.
[15/11/13 21:11] *MRAlyon*:second in command yeah
[15/11/13 21:11] *Sunfire*:it could be useful to have someone to contact when he's not around
[15/11/13 21:11] *Burns*:Maybe it's just me, but what exactly is Grido's job, anyway?
[15/11/13 21:12] *Burns*:From a 'back when Jonn did it' point of view.
[15/11/13 21:12] *MRAlyon*:and I would have list of all LHO because I know some of them but not all the ones that are inactive
[15/11/13 21:12] *Nimrodel*:His job is to ensure LHO activity
[15/11/13 21:12] *Nimrodel*:first and foremost
[15/11/13 21:12] *MRAlyon*:Maebius is again a LHO?
[15/11/13 21:12] *MRAlyon*:Lightsage?
[15/11/13 21:13] *Burns*:I was just a little newbie back then, but all i ever saw Jonn doing was jumping to people who said somebody was cussing, and he shut them up.
[15/11/13 21:13] :Chewett Shemhazaj,Clock Master, MRAlyon, Burns, Peace, Mya Celestia, Nimrodel,Syrian, Grido,Sunfire,Dark Demon,BFH Lightning,MasterB
[15/11/13 21:13] *Burns*:Which all LHOs do now, not just the chief.
[15/11/13 21:13] Chewett:thats the list
[15/11/13 21:14] Chewett:send me a list after this, or when you have time please LHO's
[15/11/13 21:14] Chewett:those you think should be demoted
[15/11/13 21:14] Chewett:from my POV, they should recruit and remove LHO's, but also organise and work on getting things better
[15/11/13 21:14] *MRAlyon*:then SS isn't a LHO anymore
[15/11/13 21:17] Chewett:What do you think LHO needs a second in command to do?
[15/11/13 21:17] Chewett:Since you say he needs one, for what?
[15/11/13 21:17] *MRAlyon*:same powers of grido
[15/11/13 21:17] Chewett:to do what?
[15/11/13 21:17] *MRAlyon*:recruit LHO and demote them
[15/11/13 21:18] *MRAlyon*:ban people
[15/11/13 21:18] *Sunfire*:to keep up the fortress in his absence, keep an eye on LHOs and evaluate them
[15/11/13 21:18] Chewett:I wouldnt say we need more people banning people...
[15/11/13 21:18] Chewett:Sunfire, has a point in my view.
[15/11/13 21:18] Chewett:So, I think you LHO's should be asking him to appoint a second in command if you feel this.
[15/11/13 21:19] Chewett:Or, perhaps we make a second LHO type group
[15/11/13 21:19] Chewett:If not an identical one, so we dont have to step on grido's toes?
[15/11/13 21:19] *Nimrodel*:there are barely LHOs to split in groups
[15/11/13 21:20] Chewett:any number can be split :)
[15/11/13 21:20] Chewett:Why not let LHO's choose who they follow?
[15/11/13 21:20] *Burns*:To what point and purpose, though? :))
[15/11/13 21:20] *Sunfire*:what would the second group do exactly?
[15/11/13 21:20] Chewett:To get some activity
[15/11/13 21:20] Chewett:The exact same as LHO
[15/11/13 21:21] Chewett:Thats a side idea, just a minor one that i thought of now
[15/11/13 21:21] Chewett:Essentially, you think you need a second in command?
[15/11/13 21:21] *Sunfire*:that would create chaos, multiple groups with multiple leaders...
[15/11/13 21:21] *Burns*:I'm curious, how many people are even getting so far that we could see them in the cabin recently?
[15/11/13 21:22] Chewett:order through chaos is natures way.
[15/11/13 21:22] *Nimrodel*:I dont think bringing in politics is a good idea
[15/11/13 21:22] *Nimrodel*:we want people to work together
[15/11/13 21:22] *Nimrodel*:not against each other
[15/11/13 21:22] *Burns*:Any time i check, there's 1 person i don't know in the online list at best. I find it hard to see the purpose in an lho group currently.
[15/11/13 21:22] Chewett:im just asking a basic question then, you think you need a second in command?
[15/11/13 21:23] Chewett:But, do you not get questions? people asking in chat?
[15/11/13 21:23] *Nimrodel*:I get plenty everyday >>
[15/11/13 21:23] Chewett:So that surely says that LHO does have a purpose?
[15/11/13 21:23] *Sunfire*:yes i think we do, grido is just a human like us all, he cant be around 24/7
[15/11/13 21:24] Chewett:So, i suggest you tell grido this. He hasnt listened to the numerous times iv told him
[15/11/13 21:24] *Nimrodel*:+1 sunny. And thats why he needs help with a second in command in place
[15/11/13 21:24] *Sunfire*:in chat, yes, mail help request not so much
[15/11/13 21:24] *Nimrodel*:What does grido have to say about this?
[15/11/13 21:24] *Nimrodel*:Grido?
[15/11/13 21:24] Chewett:Ah he is here, good.
[15/11/13 21:25] *Grido*:Been here a few minutes, just keeping quiet
[15/11/13 21:25] :Vicious Chaossword stares at the crazy people
[15/11/13 21:25] Chewett:You will appoint a second in command?
[15/11/13 21:26] Chewett:I have a list from one LHO saying who they think is inactive
[15/11/13 21:27] *Grido*:I have given it a little thought
[15/11/13 21:27] Chewett:And that is?
[15/11/13 21:27] *Grido*:Is the main reason for a second, for a person to be there, when I am not?
[15/11/13 21:27] Chewett:Yes, your LHO's and i expressed concern you are not around enough to properly scout out people, and am busy.
[15/11/13 21:28] *MRAlyon*:grido I sent you a PM 3 weeks and 4 days ago and didn't get an answer again
[15/11/13 21:28] *MRAlyon*:you are active on forum but not in game
[15/11/13 21:28] Vicious Chaossword:LHO's are all bores... they neverto to anyone...
[15/11/13 21:29] Vicious Chaossword:talk to*
[15/11/13 21:29] *MRAlyon*:there should be a second in comand
[15/11/13 21:29] *MRAlyon*:or more than one LHO as second in command
[15/11/13 21:30] Chewett:Or at least someone managing requirement
[15/11/13 21:30] *Grido*:It got a tad lost in my inbox Alyon, if it happens again, please send me additional messages to prompt me
[15/11/13 21:30] *MRAlyon*:oks
[15/11/13 21:30] Chewett:This meeting was not about grido solely, nor the LHO's
[15/11/13 21:30] Chewett:Grido, will you be appointing a second in command, yes/no?
[15/11/13 21:31] *Grido*:Will look at it further
[15/11/13 21:32] *Grido*:Don't like being pushed into an answer
[15/11/13 21:32] Chewett:I see. Has the numerous months not been enough?
[15/11/13 21:32] Chewett:This is getting ridulous
[15/11/13 21:32] Chewett:perhaps we will just name one. And see where that goes.
[15/11/13 21:32] Chewett:I shall send it further up the line.
[15/11/13 21:33] Chewett:Next point.
[15/11/13 21:33] Chewett:What do people think is the main thing hampering newbies?
[15/11/13 21:33] Chewett:And what would you change?
[15/11/13 21:33] *Nimrodel*:hampering newbies?
[15/11/13 21:33] *MRAlyon*:story mode
[15/11/13 21:34] *Nimrodel*:As in the ones already in the game or the inflow?
[15/11/13 21:34] Chewett:both
[15/11/13 21:34] Granite Wolf:^
[15/11/13 21:34] *MRAlyon*:give more NPCs to mp3 to be attacked
[15/11/13 21:34] *Nimrodel*:influx of newbies:
[15/11/13 21:34] *Sunfire*:hard time finding eachother to train and grow
[15/11/13 21:34] *Nimrodel*:advts
[15/11/13 21:34] Ary Endleg:why more npcs? that would be bad for multiplayer game
[15/11/13 21:34] *Nimrodel*:md is a text based game. there are more 3d games
[15/11/13 21:35] *MRAlyon*:the you should be able to attack other players
[15/11/13 21:35] *Nimrodel*:I discussed those with Burns the other night
[15/11/13 21:35] *Grido*:this is a pvp game, no more npc's, we have enough
[15/11/13 21:35] *MRAlyon*:it's too difficult fight at mp3... there aren't mp3 around
[15/11/13 21:35] *Grido*:we need more new players
[15/11/13 21:35] Ary Endleg:md is different genere of game, if it was like other game i wouldn't honestly signup in first place, i have seen enough of generic mmos
[15/11/13 21:36] *Grido*:for that we need more advertising, and there's only so much that can be done for free
[15/11/13 21:36] *Nimrodel*:Well very few have the patience like you Ary
[15/11/13 21:36] *Nimrodel*:For example...
[15/11/13 21:36] *MRAlyon*:the give the possibility to mp3 to attack LHO but notthe opposite
[15/11/13 21:36] *Nimrodel*:My sister joined this game as Thunder lily
[15/11/13 21:36] *MRAlyon*:*then
[15/11/13 21:36] *Nimrodel*:because she sees me spend so much time on it
[15/11/13 21:36] *Nimrodel*:and the first day she was like..
[15/11/13 21:36] *Nimrodel*:IT's too complex
[15/11/13 21:36] :Fang Archbane floats into the scene, Void Chains around his entire body
[15/11/13 21:37] *Nimrodel*:The next day she was like
[15/11/13 21:37] *Sunfire*:people are stubborn, proud and lazy, if they dont get it fast enough they wont bother to ask and leave irritated
[15/11/13 21:37] *MRAlyon*:she isn't the only one:-)
[15/11/13 21:37] *Nimrodel*:It involves too much of pplayer interaction
[15/11/13 21:37] Ary Endleg:sorry she got filtered out by so called game filters :P
[15/11/13 21:37] *MRAlyon*:yeah sunfire
[15/11/13 21:37] Chewett:stop
[15/11/13 21:37] Chewett:lets focus on one thing at a time.
[15/11/13 21:37] *Nimrodel*:If i didnt want to talk online and play a game i couldnt do that
[15/11/13 21:37] Chewett:nim.
[15/11/13 21:37] Chewett:you continue :)
[15/11/13 21:37] *Nimrodel*:Thank you.
[15/11/13 21:38] *Nimrodel*:Then she said talking to players would be ok
[15/11/13 21:38] *Nimrodel*:But there are suck important figures who already have so much and know so much, its kind of difficult to adjust.
[15/11/13 21:38] *Nimrodel*:Then she said the combat system needed lot of time. it wasnt just attack and win
[15/11/13 21:38] *Nimrodel*:or lose
[15/11/13 21:39] *Nimrodel*:I told her that all that made MD special
[15/11/13 21:39] *Nimrodel*:She said that people prefer to learn to like the game first and then adapt to it.
[15/11/13 21:39] *Nimrodel*:If the first impression is so complex and requires so much time i wouldnt want to play it.
[15/11/13 21:40] *Nimrodel*:And that was what i heard as complaints from three of my adepts
[15/11/13 21:40] *Nimrodel*:who are currently very inactive
[15/11/13 21:41] *Nimrodel*:As ary said
[15/11/13 21:41] *Nimrodel*:One can only enjoy MD if they learn to savour it or if it strikes them as their type
[15/11/13 21:42] *Nimrodel*:Category two people are very less I am afraid. And we miss those people without being able to advertise much
[15/11/13 21:42] *Nimrodel*:I tried pulling in my friends from college too
[15/11/13 21:42] *Nimrodel*:one joined out of curiosity
[15/11/13 21:43] *Nimrodel*:His name was Mikeysoft Beta or something
[15/11/13 21:43] *Nimrodel*:He said the same thing. Requires too much time investment
[15/11/13 21:43] *Nimrodel*:and appears too complex the first time you play it.
[15/11/13 21:43] Fang Archbane:Thats kind of the point of MD isnt it? Learn as you play?
[15/11/13 21:43] *Nimrodel*:About players staying in the game
[15/11/13 21:44] Vicious Chaossword:fangy!
[15/11/13 21:44] *Nimrodel*:Yes it is fang
[15/11/13 21:44] *Nimrodel*:But not all playes want to do it that way
[15/11/13 21:44] Vicious Chaossword:fangy lookit my VP!
[15/11/13 21:44] *Nimrodel*:THey want a piece of action as soon as they enter the game
[15/11/13 21:44] Fang Archbane:Immediate self satisfaction is never worth ones nonexistant time.
[15/11/13 21:45] *Nimrodel*:Try telling that to my sister :P
[15/11/13 21:45] *Nimrodel*:Or those who left
[15/11/13 21:45] *Nimrodel*:About players staying in the game
[15/11/13 21:45] Fang Archbane:I remember when i first started, no one gave me answers. I stuck around long enough to get it was all one big inside joke, as far as info goes, and learned what i could, how i could, when i could.
[15/11/13 21:45] *Nimrodel*:Many of you must remember Andur?
[15/11/13 21:45] Fang Archbane:Knowledge is only worth that which you sacrifice to gain it. Immediate self satisfaction would lead to more people quitting, not fixing the problem, in my eyes.
[15/11/13 21:46] *Nimrodel*:He started out enthusiastically as Ary.
[15/11/13 21:46] *Nimrodel*:He was the first to sign up for my paper shaper quest and started working on it
[15/11/13 21:46] *Nimrodel*:Its his birthday today
[15/11/13 21:46] *Nimrodel*:Well apart from all that crap aside, I pmed him yesterday
[15/11/13 21:46] *Nimrodel*:asking if his papers were ready for my quest
[15/11/13 21:47] *Nimrodel*:He said he joined the game after many years
[15/11/13 21:47] *Nimrodel*:or few years..
[15/11/13 21:47] Fang Archbane:Go on >.>
[15/11/13 21:47] *Nimrodel*:and quoting him: No, sorry. I kinda' lost my interest in this realm and I'm waiting for something to spark it back.. My papers aren't gonna grow anytime soon.
[15/11/13 21:48] *Nimrodel*:Not sure.. it doesn't feel the same like it felt 5 years ago, I'll just be around..watching.. for no reason, doing nothing, like i've been doing for all these years.
[15/11/13 21:48] Princ Rhaegar:I don't think it's just about different content - this is hard to weigh on, people gain and lose interest for various reasons. There's the fact, though, that we are not getting new players daily as
[15/11/13 21:48] Princ Rhaegar:much as we did before
[15/11/13 21:48] Fang Archbane:Like half of us do now.
[15/11/13 21:48] *Nimrodel*:Well that observing from the ssidewalk doesnt do much good does it?
[15/11/13 21:49] Princ Rhaegar:With enough of active population, the content would lose on importance, and the actual activity from the people would matter.
[15/11/13 21:49] Ary Endleg:it's not about content. it's about ambition
[15/11/13 21:49] *Nimrodel*:all you do is gather dirt and dust.
[15/11/13 21:49] Princ Rhaegar:Well we are lacking on ambition if we have only 12 people to 'impress' with our achievements
[15/11/13 21:49] Fang Archbane:The problem is not with this realm, it is with the people. Sure we could make it more interesting and with slightly quicker gratification, but would that be worth what wed sacrifice in its stead?
[15/11/13 21:49] Princ Rhaegar:rather than 120
[15/11/13 21:49] Princ Rhaegar:This is not a single player game.
[15/11/13 21:50] Vicious Chaossword:but if you got everything when you started there would be no fun in it... though i wouldn't mind a few more spells :P
[15/11/13 21:50] Ary Endleg:so far i agree with fang and rhaegar, as for nim... well i would dislike if we get new players that are like the ones in other games...... toxic and making this game too easy would bring many of those
[15/11/13 21:50] Fang Archbane:Coming up with new quests and such only goes so far. The people need their own personal drive if anything will get done.
[15/11/13 21:51] *Nimrodel*:.
[15/11/13 21:51] Fang Archbane:Can we do something to change? Of course, always. But is it worth it, thats all im asking.
[15/11/13 21:52] Kyphis:One of the things a lot of people I have brought to the game have said, is that there is no real reason to develop your role
[15/11/13 21:52] :*Syrian* passed Spicy Pickle to Shadrala
[15/11/13 21:52] :*Syrian* passed Piece of Cake to Shadrala
[15/11/13 21:52] *Nimrodel*:+1 Kyphis
[15/11/13 21:52] *MRAlyon*:just mak easy the first part of the game
[15/11/13 21:52] :Fang Archbane smiles
[15/11/13 21:52] Kyphis:They tend to find the RP side of the game unfulfilling
[15/11/13 21:52] Ary Endleg:why kyphis? explain please?
[15/11/13 21:52] *MRAlyon*:interactive explanations
[15/11/13 21:52] Fang Archbane:Yes, just like theres no reason to get out of bed in the morning.
[15/11/13 21:53] Kyphis: (working on, ary. Have patientce)
[15/11/13 21:53] Fang Archbane:Personal. Drive. The ones that have it get things done, the ones that dont, stay in the shadows. I feel that it works for now.
[15/11/13 21:53] *Sunfire*:in the short run it isnt beneficial to them and therefore a waste of time
[15/11/13 21:53] Kyphis:There are a lot of things that can be achieved through RP, but most people don't even know about them
[15/11/13 21:53] *Grido*:How would you suggest making the start of the game easier?
[15/11/13 21:53] Princ Rhaegar:Numerous active population would fix that Kyphis, because you tend to 'compete' in a community
[15/11/13 21:53] Princ Rhaegar:Look at the earlier stages of MD that are glorified
[15/11/13 21:53] Princ Rhaegar:Did those legends 'live' eternally?
[15/11/13 21:54] Princ Rhaegar:No, they left after a while
[15/11/13 21:54] Princ Rhaegar:But only to be replaced by a new generation of very interesting people
[15/11/13 21:54] Fang Archbane:A big part of the beggining and definitely of story mode, is Patience. Thats all one needs to acheive anything in this realm.
[15/11/13 21:54] *MRAlyon*:like go screen when you got idle but for every button in game
[15/11/13 21:54] Kyphis:You say that Princ, but I've been getting the same info for the past three years
[15/11/13 21:54] Princ Rhaegar:The problem is, MD all of a sudden has little to no inflow of people
[15/11/13 21:54] Princ Rhaegar:While the outflow stays the same.
[15/11/13 21:54] Kyphis:Even when MD was getting a higher influx of players
[15/11/13 21:54] Princ Rhaegar:Maybe so, but MD is a very specific kind of game, not 'universal'
[15/11/13 21:54] Princ Rhaegar:That's why it never had thousands of players
[15/11/13 21:55] Princ Rhaegar:in difference to some other games of poorer content
[15/11/13 21:55] Kyphis:As I was saying...
[15/11/13 21:55] Princ Rhaegar:that have tens of thousands
[15/11/13 21:55] Kyphis:A lot of players who come to this game for the RP aspects
[15/11/13 21:55] Chewett:we have no BFH atm
[15/11/13 21:55] Chewett:We need more people doing his job.
[15/11/13 21:56] :Vicious Chaossword vanishes in a pretty poof of pink smoke
[15/11/13 21:56] Fang Archbane:BFH? Advertising? Ive been doing that on FB when i get the chance.
[15/11/13 21:56] Chewett:if we want more people in it.
[15/11/13 21:56] Kyphis:Have been telling me that they see no real reason to RP, and little real way to connect with other players in RP
[15/11/13 21:56] Ary Endleg:come on.... you can't expect md to act like mainstream game that chains freedom of rp by means of mechanics, you can't expect people who play such generic games to stay in md which is freeform rp game
[15/11/13 21:56] Chewett:No you havent Fang.
[15/11/13 21:56] Chewett:BFh did so much more
[15/11/13 21:56] Fang Archbane:oh im sorry Chewett, do you know who i message and invite on FB? i didnt know you could do that, gosh, thats magical
[15/11/13 21:56] Princ Rhaegar:I'm not too sure on this, but I'm getting the feel that not that many active MDers came to this game on the invite of a friend...
[15/11/13 21:56] *Grido*:BFH did more than people realise
[15/11/13 21:56] :Fang Archbane sarcasm
[15/11/13 21:57] Princ Rhaegar:It's like MD craves for individual experience of its system
[15/11/13 21:57] Princ Rhaegar:The 'description' of a friend can alter that.
[15/11/13 21:57] *Grido*:It wasn't just Facebook
[15/11/13 21:57] Princ Rhaegar:No matter how good it is.
[15/11/13 21:57] Kyphis:A lot of the time when new players RP, there are a few people who will react to them, but its always the same people. And a lot of other players just ignore them
[15/11/13 21:57] dst:shut it fang
[15/11/13 21:57] dst:you did nothing
[15/11/13 21:57] Chewett:As i said, if we want lots more people we need peolpe doing what BFH did
[15/11/13 21:57] Fang Archbane:Im not saying i did what BFH did, he does a ton behind the scenes im sure, im just saying we all advertise in our own way when we can. And yet, the influx is the same.
[15/11/13 21:58] Chewett:No, BFH stops, influx goes down massively.
[15/11/13 21:58] Chewett:Thats why its poor atm
[15/11/13 21:58] :Fang Archbane drops his illusion real quick and stretches
[15/11/13 21:58] Kyphis:This has gotten worse since viscocity arrived and access to Papers became so much harder - most people I bring to the game leave before a week has passed, once they figure out how long it will take...
[15/11/13 21:58] Kyphis:To even get their papers
[15/11/13 21:59] Ary Endleg:so it ain't problem in visc it is problem in huge ap cost of mda gates
[15/11/13 21:59] Fang Archbane:Pickles make papers easier.
[15/11/13 21:59] *Sunfire*:maybe viscosity can be introduced %wise over their first days
[15/11/13 21:59] Princ Rhaegar:That can be fixed - make papers available in, lets say, willows shop, only those basic ones (comments on self and hate page for instance)
[15/11/13 21:59] Kyphis:When I have new players coming during quest seasons
[15/11/13 22:00] Kyphis:Like the Birthday, christmas, and halloween celebrations
[15/11/13 22:00] Ary Endleg:rhaegar, for me it was easier to get to mda than to willos
[15/11/13 22:00] Vicious Chaossword:why ary?
[15/11/13 22:00] Princ Rhaegar:Another location then :)) Just a suggestion.
[15/11/13 22:00] *Sunfire*:no guard vici
[15/11/13 22:00] Kyphis:They often get excited at first with all the quests available. However, when they see how often seemingly RP related quests turn out to be won by non-rp methods
[15/11/13 22:00] Ary Endleg:because i am special vici :P
[15/11/13 22:00] Vicious Chaossword:the gaurds are easy
[15/11/13 22:01] Kyphis:It just encourages them against bothering to RP (and since they come here TO rp, they tend to quit)
[15/11/13 22:01] *Sunfire*:not when you're new
[15/11/13 22:01] *Nimrodel*:.
[15/11/13 22:01] Fang Archbane: (Oy, everyone of all MPs, feel free to train on me while im here)
[15/11/13 22:02] Kyphis:More often than that during those periods however they tend to find the quests boring, and too short however
[15/11/13 22:02] Ary Endleg:i will agree to kyphis
[15/11/13 22:02] Ary Endleg:quest have one major problem
[15/11/13 22:02] *Nimrodel*: (sori for the spam. My internet is being a ** ** *)
[15/11/13 22:02] Ary Endleg:they aren't personal... they feel artifical because they are done on clickies or about writting something
[15/11/13 22:03] Ary Endleg:there is little player intereaction in them
[15/11/13 22:03] *Nimrodel*:Let me have a say on that
[15/11/13 22:03] *Grido*:I have to be off now, will try to do an accoustic when I get back, if someone can message me any points they think I should weigh in on though, to be sure
[15/11/13 22:03] Vicious Chaossword:eesh minus 13mil VP hurts...
[15/11/13 22:03] *Sunfire*:imagine the work needed to create a quest for each individual...
[15/11/13 22:03] Kyphis: (quests have a major problem - and that is that they often only cater to people who already understand MD, not to new players wanting to learn more about MD. But that's not my point :P)
[15/11/13 22:03] *Nimrodel*:There were quests in the past which required people to interact with rpcs for clues or to progress
[15/11/13 22:04] *Nimrodel*:I did lets say some 4 or 5 such quests
[15/11/13 22:04] *Nimrodel*:THough i didnt get it that time
[15/11/13 22:04] *Syrian*: (i never did any of the newbie signpost quests, they just didn interest me, the only thing i realyl enjoyed at a foung age was the quest that was hardcoded into the game, and talking to people)
[15/11/13 22:04] Fang Archbane:Vic, who gave you negative 13 mil vp? >.>
[15/11/13 22:04] *Nimrodel*:Most of the RPCs said that it was a real pain that their inbox gets spammed with people asking them if they had the clues and stuff
[15/11/13 22:05] *Sunfire*:i once made a quest with players instead of clickies ary, only one completed it...
[15/11/13 22:05] *Nimrodel*:and the fact that they couldnt always be online to answer PMs at the beck and call of questors.
[15/11/13 22:05] Ary Endleg:quest also has to be meaningful
[15/11/13 22:05] *Nimrodel*:Time is a major factor here
[15/11/13 22:05] Fang Archbane:I kind of miss RPCs.
[15/11/13 22:05] Vicious Chaossword:eon the meanie....
[15/11/13 22:05] Fang Archbane:Good times.
[15/11/13 22:05] *Nimrodel*:Thats why there are clickey quests
[15/11/13 22:05] :Fang Archbane Had a feeling
[15/11/13 22:05] *Nimrodel*:Fang..
[15/11/13 22:06] Fang Archbane:Yes?
[15/11/13 22:06] *Nimrodel*:TEll me 10 good things about the RPCS
[15/11/13 22:06] Fang Archbane:Im sorry?
[15/11/13 22:06] Ary Endleg:tell what is the point of let's say going from A to B and doing X if it doesn't help anyone
[15/11/13 22:06] *Nimrodel*:and tell me atleast ten RPC names and their roles by pm
[15/11/13 22:06] Fang Archbane:I just like the concept of the RPC. I feel it could have worked, if human tendency and greed didnt exist.
[15/11/13 22:06] Fang Archbane:Your asking a stoner a question of memory, oh yay me.
[15/11/13 22:06] Kyphis:PWR still exists
[15/11/13 22:06] Kyphis:Same role, essentially
[15/11/13 22:07] *Nimrodel*:And Ary
[15/11/13 22:07] Ary Endleg:to me when another player asks me for help, in my opinion that is more of a quest than doing those stuff that are called quests
[15/11/13 22:07] Kyphis:Just not talked about
[15/11/13 22:07] *Nimrodel*:I did a mini research on what people like as quests
[15/11/13 22:07] Intrigue:That's what I was thinking Kyphis, I didn't interact much with RPC's, however, I did participate in PWR quests, and really liked those way back when
[15/11/13 22:07] *Nimrodel*:lets say 85% of the people who submitted my form told me that they preffered clickey quests
[15/11/13 22:08] Kyphis:Although talking of quests does bring to the fore the AL
[15/11/13 22:08] *Nimrodel*:For example darky's quest
[15/11/13 22:08] *Nimrodel*:it was simple
[15/11/13 22:08] Dolomich:in fact except the clickies, what kind of quest really use in-game feature ? this might be the problem, new players don't use the forum
[15/11/13 22:08] *Nimrodel*:didnt require intesive knowledge of anything
[15/11/13 22:08] Ary Endleg:what i am trying to say is
[15/11/13 22:09] Ary Endleg:quest shouldn't be made!
[15/11/13 22:09] *Nimrodel*:I enjoyed it and felt happy
[15/11/13 22:09] :Fang Archbane chuckles
[15/11/13 22:09] Ary Endleg:quest should happen naturally in accordance to player's role
[15/11/13 22:09] *Nimrodel*:Like sunfire's quest?
[15/11/13 22:09] Princ Rhaegar:I kind of agree with Ary
[15/11/13 22:10] Kyphis:But those who notice the AL tend to comment that the old AL is about players interacting with each other to decide what happens next in the realms story, while the modern al is just recording stuff...
[15/11/13 22:10] Princ Rhaegar:Problem is, there are not enough of proactive people
[15/11/13 22:10] *Nimrodel*:about the stolen item and then search for a lair?
[15/11/13 22:10] Kyphis:people already did and someone found interesting
[15/11/13 22:10] Princ Rhaegar:so the general entertaiment is 'artificially' stimulated
[15/11/13 22:10] Princ Rhaegar:by those... out of character quests.
[15/11/13 22:10] *Nimrodel*:Did you participate in that?
[15/11/13 22:10] Fang Archbane:We might as well just make a program that makes hardcoded system quests on its own >.>
[15/11/13 22:10] dst:old AL is full of BS
[15/11/13 22:10] dst:10% of what's in there acryally happened
[15/11/13 22:10] Kyphis:There is no way to interact with it as a casual player; no quests or community feedback. If you aren't already part of it, you don't get to participate
[15/11/13 22:10] dst:the rest was a pure invetion from renavoid and innocence
[15/11/13 22:11] Fang Archbane:DST just singlehandedly crushed a childs dream somewhere.
[15/11/13 22:11] :Fang Archbane snickers
[15/11/13 22:11] Chewett:Sunfire wasnt part of it, he is now, becuase he actually talked us involved.
[15/11/13 22:11] dst:one more remark like that fang and i shall silence you for 1 hour
[15/11/13 22:11] Chewett:Fang, Cut out the crap. or i silence you.
[15/11/13 22:11] Vicious Chaossword:are we talking about the modern or old AL
[15/11/13 22:11] Kyphis:Yeah, I know that, and you know that, but thats just what new players (Who leave) tell me
[15/11/13 22:12] dst:then we should hide the old AL
[15/11/13 22:12] Fang Archbane:Silencing, ah, the fear, im shaking, honest o.o
[15/11/13 22:12] Kyphis:Vicious, both
[15/11/13 22:12] dst:only vets care about it
[15/11/13 22:12] Chewett:the new AL is better than the new one. But most of you wont know since you werent around during the old AL
[15/11/13 22:12] Chewett:ok bye fang.
[15/11/13 22:12] Vicious Chaossword:becuz i managed to get into it unwillingly :P
[15/11/13 22:12] Fang Archbane:Ciao~
[15/11/13 22:12] Vicious Chaossword:fang do the screendodge :P
[15/11/13 22:12] Kyphis:Actually, what I hear is that they prefer the old AL
[15/11/13 22:12] Chewett:The old AL was more "magical"
[15/11/13 22:13] dst:because is INVENTED BS!
[15/11/13 22:13] Princ Rhaegar:I actually think MD, as a system, has bigger potential right now than in the recent several years
[15/11/13 22:13] dst:of course it looks nice
[15/11/13 22:13] Kyphis: (more made up, haha)
[15/11/13 22:13] *Burns*:As new player, i experienced the 'Adventure' to be very unsatisfying indeed. Nobody actually did anything, they just let people believe stuff got done :))
[15/11/13 22:13] Princ Rhaegar:AL, public council, some features 'eased' into the game...
[15/11/13 22:13] Princ Rhaegar:just not enough people
[15/11/13 22:13] dst:I LOVE Ender's Game but I know it's sci fi
[15/11/13 22:13] *Burns*:I must preferred the artificial quests, you could at least participate in that.
[15/11/13 22:14] dst:so yeah...why not hide the AL to players under 6 months?
[15/11/13 22:14] Vicious Chaossword:what is the symbol for adventure log meant to be?
[15/11/13 22:14] Kyphis:Clarify: Artificial quests?
[15/11/13 22:14] dst:if you are here for 6 months you can defo handle the "truth"
[15/11/13 22:14] *Burns*:What reggy meant.
[15/11/13 22:14] *Burns*:The stuff we made up to entertain each other. Like smarty's dragon hunts and such.
[15/11/13 22:15] Kyphis:Yes, those are the sort of stuff that rocks
[15/11/13 22:15] *Sunfire*:if you invite all people into your spontanous quest, it becomes artificial as well, no direct way to make a spontanous quest without only benefitting the lucky few that are there
[15/11/13 22:15] Princ Rhaegar:There were things to be involved in, back then, aside the AL. The whole LR-GG relations for instance
[15/11/13 22:16] Princ Rhaegar:Something could have happened like that with MB and NV... But too few active people and not a properly developped reason for a conflict
[15/11/13 22:16] *Burns*:Tsk, yeah, great fun.
[15/11/13 22:16] Ary Endleg:create more problems to increase activity :P
[15/11/13 22:16] Princ Rhaegar:There was no 'color', or 'depth', in maebius' acts, there was no logic
[15/11/13 22:16] Princ Rhaegar:From my perspective.
[15/11/13 22:16] *Burns*:Nothing happened and nobody did anything, and we all called it a day.
[15/11/13 22:16] Vicious Chaossword:no seriously what is teh AL symbol? am i dumb or is it confusing to anyone else?
[15/11/13 22:16] Princ Rhaegar:So the whole action that pursued afterwards didn't leave much of taste.
[15/11/13 22:16] Princ Rhaegar:No passion.
[15/11/13 22:16] Intrigue:Vici, looks like a qull to me.
[15/11/13 22:17] *Sunfire*:theres no symbol for it vici, it's at the top of the page
[15/11/13 22:17] Kyphis: (It's a quill pen and written lines on parchment)
[15/11/13 22:17] Princ Rhaegar: (lol, i first saw it as a 'tube', symbolizing the adventure)
[15/11/13 22:17] *Sunfire*:err, missed that :P
[15/11/13 22:17] Princ Rhaegar: (tuba*)
[15/11/13 22:17] Ary Endleg:sooooooooooooooooo how much off topic is all this now?
[15/11/13 22:18] *Burns*:Good discussions are never on topic :P
[15/11/13 22:18] Kyphis:Not very
[15/11/13 22:18] Kyphis:Since we are talking about what creates interest for players
[15/11/13 22:18] *Sunfire*:we have discussed LHO, quests and AL, very ontopic i'd say
[15/11/13 22:18] Princ Rhaegar:1) Bring new people (by assigning new BFHs? :D)
[15/11/13 22:18] Kyphis:And RP
[15/11/13 22:19] Princ Rhaegar:2) Create strategic conflict of interests in mainlands and give them means to manifest their competition
[15/11/13 22:19] Vicious Chaossword:i have the answer to all our problem peeps!
[15/11/13 22:19] Kyphis:Lack of any reason to RP in an RP game tends to drive away most of the people I bring in
[15/11/13 22:19] Dolomich:a big problem is that the game seems inactive most of the time
[15/11/13 22:19] *Sunfire*:first we need people in the lands...
[15/11/13 22:19] Vicious Chaossword:A BFH cloning centre!!!
[15/11/13 22:19] Princ Rhaegar:BFH clone factory... Vici has got it!
[15/11/13 22:20] *Sunfire*:most lands may be lucky to have 10 active citizens
[15/11/13 22:20] Bash Chelik:hey, there:)
[15/11/13 22:20] *Burns*:Anything that lets us compete is far out of reach for any newcomer
[15/11/13 22:20] *Burns*:and in that sense, newcomer is whoever is under 1000 days, then.
[15/11/13 22:20] Princ Rhaegar:Hey Bash :)
[15/11/13 22:21] Princ Rhaegar:And yeah Sunfire... Too few people!
[15/11/13 22:21] Princ Rhaegar:Torch competition can help
[15/11/13 22:21] Princ Rhaegar:Mp3s had their role in previous ones...
[15/11/13 22:21] *Sunfire*:hard to start a war with 5 soldiers...
[15/11/13 22:21] Princ Rhaegar:The source of ALL of our problems is the low population!
[15/11/13 22:21] Princ Rhaegar:When you have a lot of interesting people
[15/11/13 22:22] Vicious Chaossword:can we get MP2 into MP3 spellstones again? :P
[15/11/13 22:22] Princ Rhaegar:There is more chance a good questmaker will pop out. Also, with enough interesting people around, you are not that inclined to do quests
[15/11/13 22:22] Vicious Chaossword:i want to annoy someone with them
[15/11/13 22:22] Ary Endleg:emphasis on interesting, rhaegar :P
[15/11/13 22:22] Princ Rhaegar:Rather, you wish to spend time with those people.
[15/11/13 22:22] Princ Rhaegar:and 'life' in our game arrives.
[15/11/13 22:22] Kyphis:Problem we are trying to fix=low population. Solutions to the problem=raise the population >_<
[15/11/13 22:22] Ary Endleg:so question is how to get more interesting people to signup rather than toxic
[15/11/13 22:23] Princ Rhaegar:Lol, that wasn't my point Kyph
[15/11/13 22:23] Princ Rhaegar:I just want to say that we shouldn't ponder much on side-topics of this
[15/11/13 22:23] *Sunfire*:there is no "interesting people network" from where we can recruit...
[15/11/13 22:23] Intrigue:Actually, from where i sit, it looks more like if the people who are already here had more to be involved in, than in turn, it would draw more people.
[15/11/13 22:23] Dolomich:Ary -> maybe make some basics things of the game explained clearly
[15/11/13 22:23] Vicious Chaossword:why do we not go on a massive advertising thing?
[15/11/13 22:23] Princ Rhaegar:I agree Intrigue
[15/11/13 22:23] :*Sunfire* nods to intrigue
[15/11/13 22:23] Princ Rhaegar:As long as the influx of player raises :D
[15/11/13 22:24] Princ Rhaegar:If it doesnt - there are no players to keep here
[15/11/13 22:24] Intrigue:I left a long time ago for personal reasons IRL, and to be honest, I'm bored to death since i've been back.
[15/11/13 22:24] Vicious Chaossword:you know like on youtube... where they have stupid comments "you are cursed you will die if you don't copy paste this onto 3 other videos Magicduel.com/layout.php
[15/11/13 22:24] *Sunfire*:it costs vici, and low playerbase is lower income...
[15/11/13 22:25] Chewett:the best form of advertising is free
[15/11/13 22:26] Chewett:when we spent a lot of money on adverts, we got less money than the free advertising work BFH and others did
[15/11/13 22:26] Chewett:got less players
[15/11/13 22:26] Chewett:not less money
[15/11/13 22:26] Vicious Chaossword:does google+ now cost money to post comments... gee... its getting worse...
[15/11/13 22:26] Ary Endleg:and just so you know md isnt that low on voting sites, if there were 50 more active voters md would be on first page everywhere
[15/11/13 22:27] Vicious Chaossword:Loads of people have done this... search smiledog
[15/11/13 22:27] Vicious Chaossword:"spread the word"
[15/11/13 22:27] Dolomich:Vicious, spamming will not make people want to discover the game
[15/11/13 22:27] Vicious Chaossword:meh...
[15/11/13 22:27] *Sunfire*:most people want graphics and intensive gameplay not "walls of text"
[15/11/13 22:28] Princ Rhaegar:Well I dont know Chewy... Help those that wish to get involved - people with that 'played' with advertising should tell us
[15/11/13 22:28] Princ Rhaegar:What where the best places for MD to get players from?
[15/11/13 22:28] Princ Rhaegar:How can a regular player help with this?
[15/11/13 22:28] Vicious Chaossword:yuwtube..
[15/11/13 22:28] Ary Endleg:sunfire, want me to quote one of sentences that made me signup?
[15/11/13 22:28] Princ Rhaegar:Maybe we should open a topic again "how did you find out about MD"
[15/11/13 22:28] Vicious Chaossword:google...
[15/11/13 22:29] Vicious Chaossword:i don't remember how i found MD :P
[15/11/13 22:29] Vicious Chaossword:i was searching for MMO's as people can't stand me
[15/11/13 22:29] Princ Rhaegar:Neither do I btw... :D
[15/11/13 22:29] Princ Rhaegar:I think it may be voting sites indeed.
[15/11/13 22:29] Kyphis:I recall very well
[15/11/13 22:29] *Sunfire*:we are not those most people, i know ary
[15/11/13 22:29] Kyphis:I was looking for text based games with graphics
[15/11/13 22:30] *Sunfire*:i always find games through friends, found this thanks to my brother
[15/11/13 22:30] Vicious Chaossword:are there many text based games?
[15/11/13 22:30] Princ Rhaegar:I was thinking of messaging a popular computer magazine to check us out. But I am worried they will make a test account and see empty MD :D
[15/11/13 22:31] Vicious Chaossword:you should do it princ...
[15/11/13 22:31] Princ Rhaegar: (who is your brother?)
[15/11/13 22:31] Vicious Chaossword:mabye we can ask popular youtubers to take a look
[15/11/13 22:31] *Sunfire*: (Astral Almighty, he used to play years ago)
[15/11/13 22:31] Vicious Chaossword:i know a group of youtubers personally and i can get them to at least take a look
[15/11/13 22:31] Dolomich:it's a good idea yeah
[15/11/13 22:32] Kyphis:Hahaha, MD youtube video, lol
[15/11/13 22:32] Vicious Chaossword:well.. youtube will bring in a bunch of idiots but...
[15/11/13 22:32] Vicious Chaossword:meh
[15/11/13 22:32] Princ Rhaegar:"Multiple pages open" :D
[15/11/13 22:32] Dolomich:you can make an explicative video
[15/11/13 22:32] Princ Rhaegar:Youtuber rage quits :D
[15/11/13 22:32] Bash Chelik:one of problem guys is that MD is place where newcomer always have that feeling of things that are going around him but is unable to be part of it
[15/11/13 22:32] Vicious Chaossword:well if we help the youtuber it looks like a better game!
[15/11/13 22:33] *Sunfire*: [Video link]
[15/11/13 22:33] Bash Chelik:perhaps you need include them before boredom strikes
[15/11/13 22:33] *Sunfire*:we already have a youtube...
[15/11/13 22:33] Dolomich:yeah Bash, a new player can have the feel that he can't have access to most of the action
[15/11/13 22:34] Chewett:Someone wants to organise this meeting?
[15/11/13 22:34] Chewett:But i will need someone to summarize it also in the end
[15/11/13 22:34] Kyphis:I'm happy to take a log when the meeting ends
[15/11/13 22:35] Kyphis:I won't be able to do summary though, not enough time (need to get packing)
[15/11/13 22:35] Dolomich: (is the video all about sending message and moving... ?)
[15/11/13 22:36] *Sunfire*: (i dont know, havent watched it on quite a while)
[15/11/13 22:36] *Sunfire*: (just remembered we had it)
[15/11/13 22:36] Kyphis: (there is also combat)
[15/11/13 22:36] Kyphis: (and creatures. etc)
[15/11/13 22:37] Kyphis: (basica run through of all the stuff you can do in MD)
[15/11/13 22:39] *Burns*:MAybe it would be helpful if the etry was quicker and a little cleaner.
[15/11/13 22:39] Kyphis:Work is being done on that, Burns
[15/11/13 22:39] Bash Chelik:does new players now for this meeting?
[15/11/13 22:39] *Burns*:Like... Until day 20, items just don't exist for you.
[15/11/13 22:39] Bash Chelik:"know"
[15/11/13 22:40] Kyphis:Wait - what was that, Burns?
[15/11/13 22:40] *Burns*:Until day 50, allies aren't there.
[15/11/13 22:40] Ackshan Bemunah:kinda like PL now?
[15/11/13 22:40] Kyphis:About items?
[15/11/13 22:41] *Burns*:Resources gradually appear after 25 days
[15/11/13 22:41] Ackshan Bemunah:quicker and cleaner = quicker but less complete, new variables introduced over time, not so much noise when you first show up
[15/11/13 22:41] *Burns*:Along those lines, i hope you see what i mean.
[15/11/13 22:42] Princ Rhaegar:I like the 'less noisy and chaotic' for a newbie, yes.
[15/11/13 22:42] Bash Chelik:its not about that guys, MD is fine, you need way to accept them socially or something like that
[15/11/13 22:42] Princ Rhaegar:If done carefully and right, it can be very good!
[15/11/13 22:43] *Burns*:At first, it's just you and your crits running around exploring.
[15/11/13 22:43] *Syrian*: (the problem i see with the vied is it makes MD look very..hollow)
[15/11/13 22:43] *Syrian*: (video*)
[15/11/13 22:43] Princ Rhaegar: (Bash, there is no social accepting if there is no community :D we need more people)
[15/11/13 22:43] Kyphis:Yes, there needs to be more engagement from the community to get new players excited about being in MD
[15/11/13 22:43] *Burns*:And then, all the stuff that got added over time comes gradually down upon you.
[15/11/13 22:43] Princ Rhaegar: (all factions have interest in socially accepting people, so that shouldnt be a problem)
[15/11/13 22:43] Princ Rhaegar: (while the people in those factions are active)
[15/11/13 22:44] Dolomich:the limitations of the mp3 in general may be the problem, they have to wait to discover all what MD have to offer, before tasting it... quite discouraging no ?
[15/11/13 22:44] Princ Rhaegar:Burns, what should we focus the newcomers view on?
[15/11/13 22:44] Ackshan Bemunah:I just wish the scenes themselves could be that way
[15/11/13 22:44] Ackshan Bemunah:have the community-imposed things appear over time
[15/11/13 22:44] Kyphis:Dolomich, there is work being done to adjust how new players get introduced to MD concepts
[15/11/13 22:45] *Burns*:I think the most enticing things are fighting and questing, that's the core.
[15/11/13 22:45] Vicious Chaossword:why not make MP3's godlike for the first 2 days? they get the strongest creatures all spells unlimited heat and poop like that and pretty much everything and then say "this is what you become..."
[15/11/13 22:45] Ackshan Bemunah:maybe e.g. when tips go away, other stuff takes place
[15/11/13 22:45] Vicious Chaossword:"now say bye to your powers trolololol"
[15/11/13 22:45] Kyphis: (although any ideas you have can't hurt - just saying that its being done already :P)
[15/11/13 22:45] Chewett:Work isnt being done... Its entirely stopped atm.
[15/11/13 22:46] Ackshan Bemunah:not to worry, ideas happily float in the air
[15/11/13 22:46] Kyphis:Vicious, that was what MP2 was like
[15/11/13 22:46] Vicious Chaossword:hehe mp2 into mp3 stone :P
[15/11/13 22:46] Vicious Chaossword:can we have MP2 back then? :P
[15/11/13 22:46] Princ Rhaegar:I would add something research-wise into that list burns
[15/11/13 22:46] Dragual Monarth:Well as is, the MP3 won't see much of a use for their decision in the tutorial...
[15/11/13 22:47] Dragual Monarth:Since Principles don't do anything but help with tokens.
[15/11/13 22:47] Dragual Monarth:Make them more meaningful.
[15/11/13 22:47] *Burns*:research isn't interesting even to most vets
[15/11/13 22:48] Dolomich:Yes, the story make them look very important and in fact it's not that much...
[15/11/13 22:48] *Burns*:how could you get a newbie hooked on the theory of viscosity, when he has no idea what a fenth's press is? :P
[15/11/13 22:48] Ackshan Bemunah:research isn't interesting to vets? I highly doubt that...eg
[15/11/13 22:48] Princ Rhaegar:i think you're wrong
[15/11/13 22:48] Princ Rhaegar:that's one of the main points of MD
[15/11/13 22:48] Princ Rhaegar:it might not be interesting to everyone
[15/11/13 22:48] Princ Rhaegar:but it should be there for those that is
[15/11/13 22:49] Ackshan Bemunah: (searching for a thread)
[15/11/13 22:49] Kyphis:Haha, main point of MD="I think you're wrong" :P
[15/11/13 22:49] Princ Rhaegar:and it's not about having a 'universal' intro so most of people would like md
[15/11/13 22:49] Princ Rhaegar:it's because it's one of the strongest points of md
[15/11/13 22:49] Mallos:Research - RP - Fighting - Exploring - Questing - Collecting, to list some main points
[15/11/13 22:49] Ackshan Bemunah: [Forum link]
[15/11/13 22:50] Mallos:Figure out how to build on each of those, and the people here will have more to do.
[15/11/13 22:51] *Burns*:Bring me the day 1 newbie who asks why the tree is called bob, rather than asking how to get past the guardian next to it, and i'll accept that research should be there from the start.
[15/11/13 22:51] Dragual Monarth:What if changes in the story showed different aspects of MD? I.e, a player selects options to study something, and they learn more about research. They select to bash down a door, they learn more
[15/11/13 22:51] Dragual Monarth:about combat.
[15/11/13 22:52] Princ Rhaegar:he wont ask about bob who he didnt encounter yet
[15/11/13 22:52] Princ Rhaegar:and bob's story although interesting is kind of on the sidelines
[15/11/13 22:52] Princ Rhaegar:mainstream story comes via story mode
[15/11/13 22:52] Ackshan Bemunah:thread explains the place of research right now...research is the colorful creatures
[15/11/13 22:52] Princ Rhaegar:and recruiting your first creatures
[15/11/13 22:54] *Burns*:Which is a lot to handle when you're just starting, and so i think the rest should wait.
[15/11/13 22:55] Princ Rhaegar:No, the strive for mystery is what keeps your desire to play alive
[15/11/13 22:55] Ackshan Bemunah:Principles are the only reason I'm still around, trusting there's something more. I think it's better to keep them fairly abstract and conceptual rather than bringing them down to Realm as much...
[15/11/13 22:55] Ackshan Bemunah:creatures are more removed from realm towards abstract, to my eyes
[15/11/13 22:55] Princ Rhaegar:MD never gave it all at the start. It's just the beginning to make you wonder.
[15/11/13 22:56] *Burns*:when you started back then, yes.
[15/11/13 22:56] Princ Rhaegar:I know I was very impressed by the ambient
[15/11/13 22:56] dst:each one of us stayed for their own reasons
[15/11/13 22:56] dst:or was impressed by something else
[15/11/13 22:57] *Burns*:If you start now, you have no time to wonder what stuff is, and who killed the damn little girl. You need to cope with items, papers, allies, MPs and illusions, some research here, some training there
[15/11/13 22:57] :Kyphis was impressed by the mighty MDA. All shall tremble in its presence and pay homage
[15/11/13 22:57] Princ Rhaegar:But the feeling of a story behind all this is what gives color to the world
[15/11/13 22:57] Princ Rhaegar:Otherwise, if you cut it out, you invoke a feeling "welcome to a massively played chess game"
[15/11/13 22:57] Ackshan Bemunah:I think the forum shouldn't be in the toolbar when people start.
[15/11/13 22:57] Princ Rhaegar:Arcade game
[15/11/13 22:57] Dragual Monarth:That's true, Dst... But how can we duplicate ALL of our reasons for newbies?
[15/11/13 22:57] *Burns*:And then a competition starts and nobody wants to even talk to you, because they are solving the one quest that came out this month.
[15/11/13 22:58] Ackshan Bemunah:That'd solve a lot of this.
[15/11/13 22:58] Kyphis:Yeah :P
[15/11/13 22:58] Ackshan Bemunah:Simply because people won't be bashed by everything...they'll just not notice it until they do
[15/11/13 22:58] dst:that's what I was trying to say: you cannot work on something thinking that something is waht will make noobs stay
[15/11/13 22:58] Ackshan Bemunah:then it'll be good
[15/11/13 22:58] Kyphis:You can however work on the things they say they LEAVE because of
[15/11/13 22:58] :Dragual Monarth nods
[15/11/13 22:59] dst:everybody leaves because of their own reasons as well :P
[15/11/13 22:59] Chewett:kyphis: by that logic autumn2050 is a complete waste of time
[15/11/13 22:59] Ackshan Bemunah:Alright, so block chat for the first hour or so, right Kyphis?
[15/11/13 22:59] dst:you can try and make a top if you like..
[15/11/13 22:59] Ackshan Bemunah:Live help button should replace chat for a while...then they'll only talk with the good people
[15/11/13 23:00] Kyphis:What, Chewett? I don't understand
[15/11/13 23:00] dst:who said LHOs are the only good people?
[15/11/13 23:00] dst:or are good in general?
[15/11/13 23:00] :*Nimrodel* passed Helpthepoor stone to Asthir
[15/11/13 23:00] Ackshan Bemunah:1. you say they're good in general
[15/11/13 23:00] *Burns*:We are Evil Troppus, never forget that.
[15/11/13 23:00] Ackshan Bemunah:2. Nobody said they're the only, but they are
[15/11/13 23:00] Ackshan Bemunah:are good people*
[15/11/13 23:01] Chewett:You said work on things that make people leave, autumn2050 is the exact oppersite of that
[15/11/13 23:01] Kyphis:A2050 is all about implimenting changes based on Mur's experience with feedback from genuine new players
[15/11/13 23:01] Chewett:things that mur, who si very out of touch, thinks should be done
[15/11/13 23:01] Dolomich:excluding the newbies from the core of the game (the players) isn't a good idea...
[15/11/13 23:01] Chewett:agreed
[15/11/13 23:02] Kyphis:I don't agree with all he wants to do, but I definetly think he is trying to address the reasons that people leave, based on the feedback he has gotten
[15/11/13 23:02] Vicious Chaossword:does the waiting time neccasery for noobs
[15/11/13 23:02] Vicious Chaossword:is*
[15/11/13 23:03] Chewett:autumn2050 is rather optimisitic, as a date
[15/11/13 23:03] Ackshan Bemunah:the waiting time is when people explore the homepage, find the AL, etc. it's very important
[15/11/13 23:03] Kyphis:The waiting time was a filter.
[15/11/13 23:03] Asthir:Thanks Nimrodel! :D
[15/11/13 23:03] *Nimrodel*:use it well
[15/11/13 23:03] Kyphis:Haha, If I could have kept him on task I think we could have had phase one completed by now, instead of just module one
[15/11/13 23:04] Mallos:You didn't have to wait.
[15/11/13 23:04] Mallos:And waiting ends up doing little for you.
[15/11/13 23:05] *Burns*:stop cussing.
[15/11/13 23:05] :Kyphis cough
[15/11/13 23:06] Chewett:pm kyphis :)
[15/11/13 23:07] Chewett:lets continue with the discussion.
[15/11/13 23:07] Chewett:Rather than talking about autumn2050 which is never going to finish
[15/11/13 23:09] Princ Rhaegar:btw burns
[15/11/13 23:09] Chewett:Anyone has anything else they think that they can improve MD?
[15/11/13 23:09] Princ Rhaegar:about that limiting gameplay for newbies
[15/11/13 23:09] Ackshan Bemunah:Make dark slime a permanent fixture
[15/11/13 23:09] Princ Rhaegar:i'm not sure how can it be achieved. newbs will see older players using items that they cant obtain
[15/11/13 23:09] Princ Rhaegar:for instance.
[15/11/13 23:10] Princ Rhaegar:And MD already has a system about that steady implementing...
[15/11/13 23:10] Princ Rhaegar:Left sidebar icons
[15/11/13 23:10] Princ Rhaegar:appearing only when you get your first spell, when you enter an ally...
[15/11/13 23:10] dst:hide the damn AL!
[15/11/13 23:10] :Ackshan Bemunah sings "Bash the dark slime one more time, to mp4 we go...don't need any more mp3 friends, to mp4 we go!"
[15/11/13 23:10] *Burns*:That should be rather simple to disappear, right chewie?
[15/11/13 23:11] Ackshan Bemunah:AL I thought was in fact hidden based on some factor...based on the alts I've been playing
[15/11/13 23:11] *Burns*:The code makes it turn blue, so it knows what's going on. I figure it would be possible to make the information unavailable based on account used.
[15/11/13 23:12] *Burns*:As for all the rest... Just ask dst what kind of stuff she sees that all the rest doesn't. Buttons that are selectively there, or not there, are plentiful. :P
[15/11/13 23:18] *Nimrodel*:.
[15/11/13 23:18] *Nimrodel*:dead end?
[15/11/13 23:18] Chewett:if thats the end of the discussion, someone take a log, and someone volenteer to summarize i
[15/11/13 23:18] Chewett:it
[15/11/13 23:19] Vicious Chaossword: *giggles* MOO
[15/11/13 23:19] Vicious Chaossword:i shall be famous for ruining a perfectly good log by saying moo
[15/11/13 23:19] Chewett:No one else?
[15/11/13 23:20] ZenTao:er
[15/11/13 23:20] ZenTao:Hi
[15/11/13 23:20] Ackshan Bemunah:I hope nothing I said happens.
[15/11/13 23:20] Ackshan Bemunah:That is all.
[15/11/13 23:20] ZenTao:don't know whats going on but hia hai
[15/11/13 23:21] Dolomich:summarize it and make a post on the forum ?
[15/11/13 23:21] ZenTao:need some help?
[15/11/13 23:21] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 3
[15/11/13 23:21] Chewett:someone please
[15/11/13 23:21] *Burns*:i can do the summary, but i have no log spells, so you need to pull it.
[15/11/13 23:21] Chewett:ok
[15/11/13 23:22] :Chewett enchanted a Memory stone into a Acousticremains stone
[15/11/13 23:22] ZenTao:its log its log its big its heavy its wood
[15/11/13 23:22] :Chewett passed Acousticremains stone to Burns
[15/11/13 23:22] Chewett:Thanks Burns
[15/11/13 23:22] *Burns*:Why, that's an option as well :))
[15/11/13 23:22] :*Burns* used the Acousticremains stone to temporarily learn the Acousticremains spell
[15/11/13 23:22] ZenTao:its log its log its better then bad its good
[15/11/13 23:22] Chewett:payment for doing the summarizing
[15/11/13 23:23] Chewett:I declare this meeting finished.
[15/11/13 23:23] Chewett:Thanks to all those that participated
[15/11/13 23:23] :[Spell] I want to help, Chewett
[15/11/13 23:23] ZenTao:sure!
[15/11/13 23:23] :ZenTao annoys Chew
[15/11/13 23:24] :[Spell] I want this logged right NOW!
[15/11/13 23:24] :ZenTao pokes Burns[/log]

Edited by Burns
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