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Change to the in game player mini profile

Valldore Nal

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There was a discussion about the players in game mini profile and whether it should be changed or not. 


In game mini profile , in case it's not clear, is the name for this :




So, do you people like it the way it is ? Do you think changes should be made and if yes, what would you like to be changed ?


Consider the following in your suggestions :


player descriptions 


mp6 ui

players with no description and no information either




P.S. Will add more things to be considered in the list as people suggest, those were suggestions made during the discussion as well

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what are voting balloons? I haven't seen anything that matches that description. anyway here is what I came up with. nimmy will be model :P




no change on first one.

second one adds honor display to alliance members, land loyalty is now beside playername, protector is added below adept, and more info button that takes you to page number 3.

third one inherits everything from page 2 except more info button is removed and description is replaced by normal stats.


problem with this design: page 2 is too long to fit.

possible solution is to swap position of page 2 and page 3, but then we have role inconsistency because it's nicer to have description to be shown on next page directly after avatar

another solution: to not show info on page 2 that is displayed on page 3 like attack button, honor, loyalty, since those are more of combat related


as for cross mp level profiles (meaning when mp5 looks at mp4 or mp3) those should include bottom lines which say adept of, protected by and friends #


edit: we could also add on first image the land loyalty like it is on next two


another solution for all this is instead of page 3 those stats could maybe be done in same way land loyalty is displayed?

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from arys mockups, and some of my own thoughts, i dont think the more info button is a very "clean" idea, the "protected by" adds a fair bit of space under the tag  and isnt needed, though could be added for the stat page. i think the MAX HONOR, is a bit redundant and just takes up space as well. i would also put an imag in the thread but i have no idea sooo...heres the link






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yes I agree with max honor, I don't think it's needed at all.




this is cleanier version of page 2, this page would work just like page 1, you click anywhere except paper buttons and you are instantly on page 3, so 2 fast clicks = page 3. but still i am getting some negative feedbacks about attack button being on page 3....


edit: syrian has much better version, just a button to swap between page 2 and 3, and removing friends label from page 2 and that's all done in my opinion

Edited by Ary Endleg
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In truth, the mini-profile could still fit in two pages without the need to add a third one. What I did above was to shift the avatar upwards (I probably overdid it though -- working with graphics isn't really my thing), move the "More..." button and the "Mind Power" text closer to each other and remove the buttons for the character's papers from the first page to free some space for the description to fit in. If the shifting and moving around can make enough room on their own, then the buttons for the papers can remain on the first page. On the second page, I merely put the character's stats in place of the description without changing anything else.



In the case of protectors, the second page could change as above: the alliance badge (when applicable) could be shifted to one side to make room for loyalty, honour and so on, while the frame with the name list could grow a little smaller in height to make room for the character's stats.

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After making the wild assumption that the whole free space around the avatar is reserved for medals, I took the first image from my previous post, multiplied the medals it had, added a couple more lines to the description and came up with this:


I'm not sure if medals can have that much of an impact on the size of the first page, considering that the avatar dimensions are pretty much standard and only the description can vary in length and potentially make this page too long. My idea is to keep most, if not all, roleplay elements on the first page (as I said before, if the buttons for the character's papers can still fit in the first page after these changes, they should remain in it), while having the second one for the combat related content and other miscellaneous information.


Besides, if players are active and contribute so much to the realm to earn so many medals that can no longer fit on either side of the avatar, then I suppose they also deserve to be given a display case (in the form of a list like the achievements, perhaps?) to publicly show all the medals they have earned, while still displaying only a few of them (the most recent ones?) around their avatar, but that's a different matter entirely.

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One problem now is about avatar and medals

the avatar is 100x160 px
Thats the canvas avalable for the artist drawing

Medal are taking space in side that area each medal is 20px × 20px

If one as many medal it will cover parts that may be beautifull of the avatar

an improvement would be to reserve an area or areas outside that 100x160 px
for the medals


one exemple is Valoryn above exemple of number of medal, but if the mechanic of taking space inside the 100x160 px is not change

Valoryn exemple would have the avatar of amber completely obliterate by the medals


so right now if one as full medal (one column at left and one column at right) only the center 60x160 px of the avatar is visible

Edited by Tom Pouce
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that's awesome valoryn your version is best, but you miss my tweeks :P


it would be awesome if honor is shown on ally members, as well as adept/protector/friends to be visible across all mp levels

It's my images that missed your tweaks, Ary, because I made them before seeing yours and when I came here to post mine, it was too late in the night to edit them and add your changes too.


To avoid repeating the posts above, I agree with most suggestions, I just don't consider showing honour for alliance members or the "Protected by" text you added as a must have. It doesn't hurt to have them though, since they aren't really secret and they don't take up too much space to make their addition problematic.

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