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Write a letter to Santa Mur

Eara Meraia

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Write a letter to Santa Mur




Write a 1 page letter to Santa Mur.  




Try to impress Santa Mur with your creative letter! You can write about your wishes and dreams, say why you were a good boy/girl last year and say everything you ever wanted to say to Santa! In this quest both form and content will be judged. You are free in your creativity. :) Any media for decoration of the letter is allowed. Send your entries to me as a forum PM with the title “Letter to Santa Mur”


Point Worth Value of the Quest:


Winner will get 5 points to compete for Champion Quester prize.




The rewards will be sponsored by the Council (HC) and are still to be decided.




The Deadline for this quest is January 10th, 23:59 server time.




Only one entry per player, No alts allowed.

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two people participated in this quest and here are their entries:


darkraptor> http://imgur.com/gwzM0wk

"Dear Santa Mur

Thanks for the Bloodpact Archer but i prayed for Dragons.

Love me
Lord Tipu."
Jury decided that the winner of this quest is...darkraptor! Congratulations!
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