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Bashaw Steel

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I made this for Rhaegar due to his lack of resolve, and just fact that he is plain lazy:D

joke aside, this is something i made on spot and all connections to everything, and blablabla

are just imagination, nothing more, and of course nothing less;)


Dreamweaver`s Dream


Rhaegar was lost in thoughts about recent war and decisions he made, peace is always fragile thing, he thought, something people gave name to in hope it will last, but he knew that peace is only period of time between wars, nothing more...

Sun was tired and its rays were falling down upon the landscape in lazy, almost dying manner. Rhaegar took a luxury of rest in boat for angien isle, laying down in it while listening to the song reserved only for his ears. Water were gentle and its moves enchanting… World can surely do one day without him, yes, if it only could be few days, to invigorate his spirit, to remember him of time when he didn’t had to put on scale every word before he speaks and his head felt much lighter without the burden that weights his mind and soul. Yes, world can manage without him just fine…

“My king, my king!” Voice full of fear were calling to him, Rhaegar jumped from boat. Zip! Zip! Zip! A strange sound splits the magic of the day, making mouth of his old friend to move without making noise. Nadrolski run to his king, and throws himself in his arms, as motion were leaving his body. His eyes were looking somewhere beyond Rhaegar as life of the water dowser were moving in same direction. “We are under attack” was all Nad said before venturing into the light. And where, moments ago, stood his friend, now was empty bag, with three arrows in its back…

Anger and sorrow were dancing the tango of pain in Rhaegar`s soul as citizens of Marind Bell shouting their opinions in ears of each other. “We need to act as one whole, monolith of our revenge, i say crush them, and teach them to fear and respect us!”

“Are you mad? Golemians have allies everywhere, not to mention that their own power would leaves us in pieces”

“We are under siege, Golemians want energy from our shrine to fuel their experiment, we just need to think of a way to protect it”

            Voices were pilling up in his head, burdening him, while thirst for vengeance and salvation of the rest of his people tearing him up. He suspected they want to restore Wodin back to life, but they already did so without any “help”. Still, that name were haunting him. Wodin, Wodin, Wodin…

            “Enough!” silence eventually took place in Wind`s Sanctuary. “Do we know for what are they using the arrows infused with soul needles”?

Emerald Archanix took few steps toward his king. “It would seem they are also using heat in combination with needles and drachorn blood which sucks the life from our people, storing it in them… To which purposes is beyond me, but spy we got in Wind`s Crossing told us something about experiment” The sheen at the shrine is weakening as more and more people of Marind Bell fell victims to Golemians weapons. Perhaps the most effective way to protect the shrine is to protect his people, Rhaegar`s resolve begun coming back. “Rik, take your knights at the Gates, let none in”

Rikstar bowed slightly and parted instantly, followed by his knights. Silence were now more louder than all the voices they made before. Silence of death approaching?

“Emerald, take bodies of our fallen to the shrine, with Maebius, i will join you later”

Emerald nodded “And you?”

“I`m out to see old friend”

            Its easy to weave dreams of alive person, but to weave the dreams of dead one, is playing with fire, naked… Still, Rhaegar had little choice, he must hear what Nad knows about all this. With his spirit in the wind he begins weaving while in the distance he saw Rikstar leading the charge of his knights, empowered with something only wounded soul could bear-hate.

            Nad was resting between graves when Rhaegar spirit summoned him. But something was wrong, dreams of dead man were “dead” and with Nad`s soul come many others, tormented ones…

            Rhaegar felt how life leaves him, they were eating him from inside, turning his hope into agony. “They are using it to revive Wodin, permanently… you must sacrifice part of your soul to make his stay where it is, when they hit you with needle infuse it with your spirit, your emotions..” With that said, Nad “high fives” his king across his face to awake him before it too late.

            With this in mind, weak but determined, he made a choice. He went to the shrine to inform Emerald and Maebius of his findings and instructed them to guard the shrine in case Golemians take more “drastic” measures.

            Battle at the gates left many of the knights of the Bell wounded or dying. Still, sight of their king approaching lit the almost died flame. Rhaegar`s voice echoed through his land, time and his very soul… “Pages of history stands before us, and no matter what fate may write on them, this will be, perhaps, our final chapter…” Looks on face of his warriors was confused, did he gone mad? “…In which we did not come to die, but to live FOREVER!” He turned their pain into weapons, their hearts into sun, and their chest into furnace. “FOREVER!” they took his words…

 And he lead them into battle, into death, into victory…


On his way toward Clash of Ages, Bash Chelik noticed a strange motion in boat for the shrine. When he went closer he saw his king… Slashing through the air with his arms, shouting orders and scaring nearby birds. With smile on his face he carves “dreaming on”

on great shield of his friend and parts for his destinationJ



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I told Miq a bedtime story.



: Rophs sits down atop the globe and clears his throat
Rophs: On a far away unfolded cube there were seven tinymen with various skills and professions travelling to create an outpost.
Rophs: One was a dowser, one was a herbalist, one was a woodcutter.
Miq: me me?
Rophs: You want to be in the story?
Miq: i wanna be all of them in case only one is winning
Rophs: *nods* I'll incorporate you later.
Rophs: Two were expertly trained fighers, and the other two were simple unskilled peasants,.
Miq: that is almost a cucumber error
Rophs: The group of seven trudged along through the viscosity building up large amounts of volition before finally deciding to build an outpost next to a hill.
Rophs: One gathered water to drink, another gathered herbs to eat, the woodcutter harvested wood to build huts.
Miq: so two men one women
Miq: only way you can get from three to seven
Rophs: Nono, there were seven at the beginning.
Rophs: I just didn't list them all at once.
Miq: hmm
Miq: so 3 specialists and 4 geeks
: Rophs nods
Miq: *thinks this is going to end bad
Rophs: As I was saying, there were three tinymen harvested resources. The two fighters partoled the top of the hill keeping watch
Rophs: Remaining were the two poor peasants who were tasked with deigning and building the huts.
Rophs: Everything was going smoothly until the hill began to rumble.
Rophs: The slight shaking caused the huts to topple over and over, everybody with getting pissed at the peasants.
Rophs: The two fighters scouted in circles around the hill and found a cave, which upon entry revealed a giant bronze solider who was held prisoner inside.
Rophs: The prisoner begged the two tinyman soldier to free him to stop the shaking so that their huts would no longer collapse.
Rophs: After a quick discussion the soliders gladly oblidged.
Rophs: The giant bronze solider shouted "MY NAME IS MIQ, I LOVE FUN' and then ate them all.
Rophs: The end.
Miq: nom nom
: Rophs closes his book of creepy stories
Miq: you could and a fire made of the huts
Miq: so i could roast the last ones
Rophs: I think that's what you actually did.
: Rophs pages through the book and points to the words as they appear
Rophs: The story says it is so.
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