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feast for the drachorns


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Grreetings adventurers

Last year i spent the holidays with the drachorns
And to my great sadness it wasnt much of a party
so i want to change that

But since im only good at eating and not cooking i ask your help
I want to give them somethingto remember

To do:
make a five course menu with md ingredients (with the right beverages)

Write out how to prepare each dish as well

Winnner and reward:
entries will be forumpmed to me before 12 feb 23:59:59 ST
i will pas them anonymously to my judge who will quote
most points win

Rewardpool: BP Sharp and Joker

Thank you

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Grreetings adventurers


i appologise for the very late announcing of the winners

but here it is:


first price: Amberrune (bp/sharp (TK) + joker (Draconas) +5sc (Mur)) 

second price: Intrigue (bp/sharp (TK) + joker (Draconas))

(Amber has first choice in the bp or sharp, intrigue gets the other)


Amberrune's submission:


Course 1: Soup – Aromatic Ochazuke
Beverage – a Cup of Aromatic Tea

Course 2: Salad – Crunchy green salad with pungent vinaigrette
Beverage – a cup of mineral water

Course 3: Appetizer – Deviled Eggs
Beverage – a stein of beer

Course 4: Main Course – Roast Grasan
Beverage – a Glass of Red wine

Course 5: Dessert –Rainbow Bushie Tart
Beverage – an Absinthe shot

Aromatic Ochazuke
To make this dish, you need:
1 Cup of Cold Tea
5 bunches of Unidentified Plants
1 bucket of Water
1 bunch of Tea Leaves (optional)
1 bunch of Aromatic Herbs (optional)

1 Bucket
1 Heat Jar

Step 1: Search the Unidentified Plants for rice
Step 2: Roll the hull off the rice
Step 3: Put the rice into the bucket
Step 4: Pour water into the bucket
Step 5: Steam for 20 minutes or until tender
Step 6: Scoop rice into a heat jar
Step 7: Pour the cold tea over the rice
(optional) Step 8: Dry some tea leaves or aromatic herbs
(optional) Step 9: Crumble the dried tea leaves or aromatic herbs over the soup
Step 10: Serve

This dish is to be served with a warm Cup of Aromatic Tea either to drink or add more liquid to the soup.

Crunchy green salad with pungent vinaigrette
3 bunches of Unidentified Plants
2 bunches of Aromatic Herbs
1 Bushie
2 sections of Skin
1 blob of Fat
1 unit of Solid Stench
1 glass of white wine
1 plank of Lumber

Bark Cutting Knife
Poison Inoculator

Step 1: Shred the aromatic herbs and unidentified plants
Step 2: Cut the bushie into sections
Step 3: Heat up the bottom of the bucket
Step 4: Render the fat in the bucket
Step 5: Chop the skin into small pieces
Step 6: Fry the skin in the rendered fat
Step 7: Inoculate yourself for general poisoning
Step 8: Hold out glass of wine as far as possible
Step 9: Slowly add the solid stench to the wine
Step 10: Allow the wine to turn
Step 11: Put the plants and skin on the plank of wood
Step 12: Drizzle on the stinky vinegar
Step 13: Toss everything together
Step 14: Serve

Serve a cold, refreshing glass of mineral water with this dish.

Deviled Eggs
3 Eggs
1 Spicy Pickle
1 blob of Fat
1 bucketful of Water

Bark Cutting Knife

Step 1: Boil the water
Step 2: Hard-boil the eggs
Step 3: Remove the shells from the eggs
Step 4: Cut the eggs in half
Step 5: Remove the yokes
Step 6: Dice the spicy pickle
Step 7: Mix the egg yokes, pickle, and fat
Step 8: Scoop the mix into the egg halves
Step 9: Serve

Serve this fun finger food of an appetizer with a good beer.

Pit Roasted Grasan
1 Grasan
2 bunches of Aromatic Herbs
5 globs of Sticky Goop
4 Spicy Pickles
1 blob of Fat
1 bucket of Water
5 bunches of Unidentified Plants
2 planks of Lumber
3 Branches

3 Large Buckets
Poison Inoculator
Bark Cutting Knife

Step 1: Have the Grasan dig a pit
Step 2: Put down the Grasan
Step 3: Clean and butcher the meat
Step 4: Make a fire out of the branches
Step 5: Burn the branches down to embers
Step 6: Place the buckets into the embers
Step 7: Pour water into one of the buckets
Step 8: Roughly chop the aromatic herbs and pickles
Step 9: Put the chopped vegetables into the bucket with water
Step 10: Add the goop and fat
Step 11: Let the mix cook down
Step 12: Fill the poison inoculator with the sauce
Step 13: Inject the meat with the sauce
Step 14: Place the meat into the buckets
Step 15: Cover the buckets with a plank of lumber
Step 16: Let the meat cook for 4 hours
Step 17: Add the Unidentified plants to the buckets with the meat
Step 18: Cook for 1 hour
Step 19: Pull the buckets out of the pit
Step 20: Pour out the buckets on the other plank
Step 21: Serve

Since this is the main course, serve with a robust red wine.

Rainbow Bushie Tart
1 Rainbow Candy
1 Yellow Candy
1 Green Candy
1 Blue Candy
1 Red Candy
1 Orange Candy
3 Bushies
3 Unidentified Plants
1 blob of Fat
1 Piece of cake

Cake tin
1 Prot Freeze Stone

Step 1: Search the unidentified plants for grains
Step 2: Grind the grain into flour
Step 3: Tear apart the cake
Step 4: Pack the cake along the sides of the tin
Step 5: Heat the tin until the cake gets crispy
Step 6: Let the cake crust cool
Step 7: Grind the candies
Step 8: Cut the bushies into segments
Step 9: Coat the bushies with some of the crushed candy powder
Step 10: Render the fat
Step 11: Mix the flour, fat, and remaining candy dust
Step 12: Cool the pudding mixture with the Prot Freeze stone
Step 13: Pour the pudding into the cake crust
Step 14: Arrange the candied bushies on the top
Step 15: Serve

To allow the consumer to see the rainbows and leprechauns dancing over the tart, serve with a shot of Absinthe.



Intrigue's submission


5 Course Menu 

Course 1: Creamy tomato soup with hot tea
Course 2: Fresh Greens salad with cold tea
Course 3: Roasted seasoned potato with beer
Course 4: Peking winderwild with rum
Course 5: Orange sorbet with rainbow candy drink


Creamy Tomato soup:
With cauldron boiling over fire (or by help of drachs), quickly blanch several large ripe tomatoes to loosen skins. Peel, dice, remove seeds and smoosh well until smooth. Set aside to cool. In another cauldron, boil several diced potatoes to make a potato milk of sorts (thick liquid created by the starch of the potatoes). Strain out any potato bits that remain after creating your potato "milk". Bring potato milk to a simmer and add tomatoes and a pinch of aromatic herbs (in this case, basil). Let simmer a few minutes, stirring often until thickened. 
Serve hot with Hot Tea.

Fresh Greens Salad:
Wash and pat dry various "previously" unidentified plants (will be lettuces in this case). Combine and toss to mix. Garnish with flowers (dandelion heads, rose petals, etc). 
Serve with Cold Tea.

Roasted seasoned Potatoes:

Cube potatoes and set aside. Melt a small amount of grasan fat in your cauldron, drizzle over potatoes. Crush Aromatic herbs (basil, rosemary) and sprinkle over potatoes. Roast in cauldron until light golden brown, tossing occasionally to prevent sticking. 
Serve hot with a small serving of beer.

Peking Winderwild:

Pluck, clean and rinse a plump winderwild. Heat water to boiling in cauldron, place winderwild in water and cook for a short time. While cooking, separately, dissolve sticky goop in hot water to create syrup, set aside. Remove winderwild from water and hang to dry. While drying, coat bird with syrup mixture repeatedly. Once dry, roast winderwild over open flame (or have your drach breath fire slowly and evenly on it) until shiny brown and crisp.
Serve hot with rum.

Orange Bushie Sorbet:

Place several pieces of red and/or yellow candies into hot water and stir to dissolve. Heat candy mixture until simmering and until it thickens (creating syrup). Set aside. carefully peel and dice the outer part of the peelings from your orange bushie fruits into zest and set aside. Squeeze juice into a large bowl and add candy syrup to sweeten. Stir in finely cut zest. let set. Place cauldron containing orange mixture in cold running waters during winter time to freeze, stirring occasionally until very thick.
Serve cold with Rainbow Candy Drink.

Rainbow candy drink:

Place several pieces of rainbow candy in hot water. Mix well until dissolved. Let cool. After cool, stir vigorously to create foam on top. Finely chop a few pieces of rainbow candy. Sprinkle candy pieces on foam to garnish.

*notes on odd items:
Tomato-inventory item, rare (Mur I think, i can't remember honestly)
Potato- inventory item, rare (pip)
Rum- RP item, used in tavern/bar areas mostly



congrats to the winners and i hope to see you in a next quest!



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