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Treasure hunt


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The following poem contains the name of a scene in MagicDuel, which you will find with the aid of a code (there are four scene names in there, but using the code you will find the one I am after). The one who solves the riddle first will get three silver coins as a reward. PM me with the answer (not ingame). Do NOT write the answer on this topic.


The poor live in the slums of hope

until their hope is broken and they rise.

But even then, the sight of gold,

would surely make them hypnotized.


A young man, on his daily walk

through shops and stalls, in search for things to steal,

discovered among petty things

in ye old shop, a treasure map.


...He saw himself covered in gold,

envisioned a big crowd calling his name - 

his dream of fame, of fortune, was

so close - he had to dig and pray.


A shovel - and the road awaits

the one willing to go from scene to scene

to look for treasures or to find

how one can be trully serene...


He dug under the maple tree,

under the crying water willows, too,

he dug under the tree of Bob

until his shovel split in two.


And tired, oh, so tired, he

sat down, rubbing his hurting loins;

he ripped the map in tiny shreds

and in the well he tossed a coin,


wishing for fortune and for fame.


Code: 5-1-7-10-7-1-4-3-7-14-6-11-4-24

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I Negative Rep the above post.


This ain't happy ending.

Not all treasure hunts end up well. This one will, though, if someone sends me the correct answer. 

(no PM so far)

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What is the reward? I'd like to sponsor, if the author agrees.

The reward is 3 sc for the first one to solve the riddle. You can sponsor it if you want, ofc.


Edit: Firestarter was so kind as to sponsor it with a BP archer and a Joker. The winner can choose between one of the creatures or the silver. That means the first three to send me the answer will get a reward.

Edit 2: adding Valldore Nal to sponsors. :)

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