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Heating up the Realm, and all the cold tea out there :D

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Greetings, fellow Addicts! :D

This topic won't be about a Contest or a Quest, but it's an Event, that might end up as an Adventure ;)


For quite some time now my Cloud was poking me, worried about all the cold tea cups out there. So I will try to ease it's concerns. But, I can do this the easy way, or the fun way :D


I hope you already know which one i have chosen. Yes, the time has come for me to heat some tea!


(Sorry dst, nothing personal :rolleyes:)


For the purpose of this Event to happen, everybody, that wants to participate, should state it here.

The requirements you should meet, can be found in my K-doc, under the title Mostly informative.

Now, I am still planning on a place for the event, but I am not that far from the final decision. 

It might be a stationary event for some, or end up as an adventure for others :ph34r:


Please post here the resources you plan on investing, so I don't mess up in the end :))


Also your plans should include the fact, that the heated tea cools down in 7 days again.


That's all for now, I think the event is plausible for the next month, so gathering the resources should not be a problem. I will gladly accept any donations of course -_-


If further questions arise, feel free to contact me here or in-game, the updates will follow in this topic in a subsequent post, which I will refer to.

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Perhaps I should stop with those long entry posts... I was hoping to build a small xls table with who has donated and what. I was bound to help me distribute the tea cups later, so nobody could complain...


And the date was sometime in the future, because I was trying to give some time to who is willing, so enough heat stones could be gathered.

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