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Explenations on symbols recruiting - complex thoughts and magic

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I was asked a question by Yoshi, and I think this part of the answer needs to be public, so here it goes;


Recruiting for SOTIS will never be the same,so this is NOT a way to get into SOTIS.. This guild will be a collection of people, each different...thats why anything related to previous recruitments can be public...there are no secrets now.
Symbols have counter-symbols, there is a rare...ultra rare...skill..better said "sense" that some have, to understand symbols with their feelings and be able to match their counter symbols. To determine such a skill its very complicated...people get tainted by the use of symbols nowdays and even those that have such a skill will judge with their logic not with their heart. So, i divided the recruiting in steps, because someone that has such a skill will be remarked easier this way, and the test itself was supposed to "open" their heart, or to confuse them totally, filtrating in this way all the participants.
Pairs of counter-symbols have a special property ... they can describe a "complex thought" .
Lets define a complex thought first... A thought that holds the information seen from all perspectives, balanced, without loose ends, that can not be normally detailed without being broken down in many many sub elements, such as a dream or a book, but in essence, its only ONE thought. Such a thought can be imprinted into objects, transfered between people, hold inside yourself...and so on. You can make a very clear and direct association between complex thoughts and magic. All the spell docs are each one complex thought detailed over multiple steps ;)
In person i never met someone with this ability..sadly. Looking through history, i found two people only to hold a similar skill to mine...and I will not insist on their name them because i do not think I am worthy to be placed on same line with them,,.. they are from a different level so to speak. Before giving one name i will first expllain something. Like with any skill/ability, there is no sharp line to determine who has it and who doesn't. Someone could learn a skill. someone could partially understand it, while others can be over the line to master it and those people will expand the "borders". King Solomon had this ability, to enclose complex thoughts into symbol pairs. Sadly most of the info you can find nowdays is transcribed severl times and many many interpretations that lose the real meaning.... but the meanings remain in the symbols. A symbol "pair" can consist  of 2,4 or 8 symbols, matched with their counter symbol. They build like a small universe if ideas, that are complete, but in their "core" they define a gap. Its like removing the surplus stone to reveal a beautiful sculpture. This is powerful...so powerful that probably anyone in existance mastering such a skill will make history or there won't ever be two people at the same time able to do this entirely. I have just a part of such a skill, (and i am not making history :)) ) so i can assume there are people out there, like me, that have such a skill partially. 
I saw traces of other people able to do this, some work in advertising, one was a monk...the advertising people are like shadows, in fact i tend to believe that the brain behind this was not the designer but someone else (like his employer) giving the ideea. The monk died like 100 years ago sadly.
so..to stop this before its way too long. Symbols matching skills was a curiosity of mine and i wanted such a person in sotis...even with a partial skill..maybe one day it will matter in MD,,for sure. Sadly I realize that people come and go in MD and eventually sotis will remain just a collection of names...or..maybe not. I hope not :)
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symbols and counter-symbols are like music, you can't pretend to have musical ear and then confuse noise for melody. One mistake shows there is something "not there", but one perfect answer shows there might be something hidden in there (your mind and abilities/senses). Who won the 4 stage recruitment? I don't see anyone in sotis and i don't remember. I looked over all replies again and i know instantly who i would have selected (with a 50% score, but still more than the rest)..but..he is not. I wonder what happend to him...


i avoid to say his name for now, because i don't remember the conclusions of that recruitment series. Looking at it now i would oscilate between canceling it or rewarding one person.


help my memory pls

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