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Land Leaders Appointed - darkraptor and Kyphis

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This is the log from the meeting with Mur in the Tribunal Throneroom that goes along with Ann. 2947. Sadly darkraptor was not able to be online at the time, so there are no responses from him in this log.



[12/03/14 01:25] Kyphis:Hey
[12/03/14 01:25] Muratus del Mur:hi
[12/03/14 01:25] Muratus del Mur:hellooo
[12/03/14 01:25] Kyphis:'lo
[12/03/14 01:25] Kyphis:Hows'it
[12/03/14 01:27] Muratus del Mur:i came to a conclusion regarding mda, and i guess it is the time to explain it
[12/03/14 01:28] Kyphis:I'm all ears. Its a little hideous, but at least I hear really well
[12/03/14 01:28] Muratus del Mur:hahaha :))
[12/03/14 01:28] Muratus del Mur:can you keep a log of this so that darky reads it too ?
[12/03/14 01:28] Kyphis:Yup
[12/03/14 01:29] Muratus del Mur:i don't think i can catch him online, but he needs to read this, and he should send me any questions..if any
[12/03/14 01:30] Muratus del Mur:there was basically no audience...it was a sort of test. I invited here all the people that deserved a chance. A role in md is something you get when you already have it...
[12/03/14 01:31] Muratus del Mur:this is something a KING should know, or any old time player
[12/03/14 01:31] Muratus del Mur: (i think this log needs to be public, so please post it on the forum once done)
[12/03/14 01:31] Kyphis: (will do)
[12/03/14 01:32] Muratus del Mur:Each one of you had a certain particularity, that would have changed MDA one way or an other
[12/03/14 01:33] Muratus del Mur:one thing however is badly needed to survive this role, patience
[12/03/14 01:33] Muratus del Mur:you all had it
[12/03/14 01:33] Muratus del Mur:then ..the next thing ...activity.
[12/03/14 01:34] Muratus del Mur:what use do i have for a king that i can't even contact during such a loooong audience
[12/03/14 01:35] Muratus del Mur:i did NOT try ...i left things go as they are, i came online when i could, asked questions in chat that apparently not all saw, or i did not see the answers...overall.. there was no communication betw
[12/03/14 01:35] Muratus del Mur:between me and the other participants
[12/03/14 01:35] Kyphis: (may I interject?)
[12/03/14 01:35] Muratus del Mur:I will not select a Land leader that will be a person that is not arround and active
[12/03/14 01:36] Muratus del Mur:yes pls
[12/03/14 01:36] Kyphis:In regards to your first question, I saw answers from Pip, darkraptor, Ivorak, and myself. I do not recall seeing a response from Awiiya
[12/03/14 01:37] Kyphis:I chatted with all the people in the hall at various times over the period
[12/03/14 01:37] Kyphis:Predominantly Pipstickz, dst, No one, and darkraptor
[12/03/14 01:37] Kyphis:I had a few opportunities to talk with Ivorak, and I believe only heard from awiiya twice
[12/03/14 01:38] Kyphis:I also received multiple PM's from Ivorak and darkraptor over the period
[12/03/14 01:38] Kyphis:That is all I have to say on communicativity
[12/03/14 01:39] Muratus del Mur:as you see, the only from this list is darkraptor, and obviously yourself. I was online at all possible hours of all timezones, just to check
[12/03/14 01:39] Muratus del Mur:i came to same conclusion, awii was missing , ivorack i saw just traces
[12/03/14 01:39] Muratus del Mur:the others where not here for the MDA audience so no need to talk about them
[12/03/14 01:40] Muratus del Mur:I don't want someone that will stay stay non stop online "to catch me" ... no no .. but also its absurd that i don't see them at all
[12/03/14 01:41] Muratus del Mur:pecially when its about such an important role
[12/03/14 01:41] Muratus del Mur:don't get me wrong, i am not angry, i was expecting that, actually counted on it..eventually even if all of you where online, some would have "crashed"
[12/03/14 01:43] Muratus del Mur:mda are the ARCHIVES ...those are things that happen over long periods of time...
[12/03/14 01:45] Muratus del Mur:now..the conclusion...
[12/03/14 01:46] Muratus del Mur:MDA will have a joint leadership. Being almost at the opposite end than Necrovion, that actually makes more sense than expected
[12/03/14 01:47] Muratus del Mur:you two, Kyphis and darkraptor , will split MDA in two as you wish..and you have total freedom for that
[12/03/14 01:47] Muratus del Mur:when there will be decisions that influence common "jurisdictions", you talk, if you can't agree to something, you ask me
[12/03/14 01:48] Muratus del Mur:but do not waste my time by being shy, you are two very valuable characters in md, you know what to do, and as LAND LEADERS you can do as you wish
[12/03/14 01:50] Muratus del Mur:I will answer any question regarding symbols and meanings in your land, you will receive tools to help you rule the land, chew will provide them
[12/03/14 01:51] Muratus del Mur:you are called land leader as i said, not king, but the difference is just the name, ..as a hierarchy there is no difference, absolutely none
[12/03/14 01:51] Kyphis:Excellent. I already have a fair idea of the sorts of tools that I was planning on requesting, however I'll need to discuss with Darkraptor first before any of that goes forward
[12/03/14 01:52] Muratus del Mur:no not like that, the tools i am talking about are the existing tools kings have
[12/03/14 01:52] Muratus del Mur:thats what i am talking about
[12/03/14 01:52] Muratus del Mur:if anything customized is needed, we need to discuss it first
[12/03/14 01:53] Kyphis:I know
[12/03/14 01:53] Muratus del Mur:i am no longer coding and chew has lots of things on his head at this moment, so don't count on custom tools for now
[12/03/14 01:54] Muratus del Mur:darkraptor has a very interesting potential...his enthusiasm surprises me to be honest, and just by my instinct, i do not believe it is the sort of enthusiasm that fades easily away
[12/03/14 01:55] Muratus del Mur:Kyphis, you are "steady", i saw you in previous activities, and overall during all this time, you are very steady, thats essential to mda
[12/03/14 01:55] :Kyphis bows
[12/03/14 01:55] Muratus del Mur:i think you two are the perfect team to be honest, IF you learn to use your advantages together
[12/03/14 01:56] Muratus del Mur:if somehow there will be some conflict between you two, you will both fall, and remember that well. I am more willing to divide mda in two lands than give up a joint leadership,
[12/03/14 01:57] Muratus del Mur:btw thats something i am ok to do if you two wish, although it will cause massive headache and its not needed, but its within your decision power
[12/03/14 01:57] Kyphis:I'd personally hope that doesn't happen
[12/03/14 01:58] Muratus del Mur:initially i wanted to do an experiment, to be honest, i wanted a rotating leadership ... but you two fit too well together at once
[12/03/14 01:59] Muratus del Mur:the option remains if you wish to discuss it, leadership in turns.. and i am not sure where or when i will ever have this chance to try this..heh..we shall see
[12/03/14 02:00] Muratus del Mur:i believe that what we will dicuss next doesn't need to go public, but darky needs to hear it too, so cut the record here, including this last phrase, for the public part
[12/03/14 02:32] Muratus del Mur:btw mda is already divided in two technically
[12/03/14 02:32] Muratus del Mur:the building and its surroundings
[12/03/14 02:32] Kyphis:Internal and external, yes
[12/03/14 02:32] Kyphis:3_ and 4_
[12/03/14 02:32] Muratus del Mur:just a coincidence :)))) same coincidence with necrovion , inner and outer, and its two leaders...
[12/03/14 02:33] Muratus del Mur:coincidences are just event collisions, in a closed system they become predictable and unavoidable....but thats an other story
[12/03/14 02:34] Muratus del Mur:include this part in the public log please, there might me a clue in there for people lookign for a connnection between necro and mda, two very opposed lands
[12/03/14 02:34] Muratus del Mur:now they finally have the link they deserve
[12/03/14 02:37] Muratus del Mur:any questions about this new title?
[12/03/14 02:38] Kyphis:What description will it use?
[12/03/14 02:39] Muratus del Mur:you mean "you" not "it" , or?
[12/03/14 02:39] Kyphis:What wording will the role description use?
[12/03/14 02:40] Kyphis:ie, Chronicler's description is "A traveller who enjoys observing quitely, taking notes on all he sees and hears. Has a long memory, and enjoys a thoughtful question."
[12/03/14 02:40] Muratus del Mur:i guess you need to talk to darky and establish your roles in this joint leadership, if they are the same , you should have similar description, if they are different, then different
[12/03/14 02:40] Muratus del Mur:its up to you
[12/03/14 02:40] Kyphis:Fair enough
[12/03/14 02:40] Muratus del Mur:should be clear from the tag or description that you rule the land (without mentioning the other leader, or joint leadership, or such)
[12/03/14 02:41] Kyphis:No questions really from me, then. I've worked closely with several of the land leaders during their time, and been working towards this for so long I have a good understanding of what I am getting...
[12/03/14 02:41] Kyphis:... into
[12/03/14 02:41] Muratus del Mur:i don't see you as a "council" of sorts, even if you should and might behave like that, i see you as two leaders
[12/03/14 02:42] Muratus del Mur:my battery is running out, my personal one :)) i am so sleepy
[12/03/14 02:42] Muratus del Mur:i will write the announcement now , think of any question till i get back
[12/03/14 02:43] Kyphis:I doubt I will have any questions until I have discussed it with darkraptor
[12/03/14 02:53] Muratus del Mur:ok, then that is all
[12/03/14 02:54] Kyphis:No worries.
[12/03/14 02:55] Kyphis:I'll likely stick around here until I have discussed all this with darkraptor and we have sorted ourselves out
[12/03/14 02:55] Muratus del Mur:gnight, sleeping pills effects too strong , and we are finish anyway :)
[12/03/14 02:55] Kyphis:Make sure we are ready to hit the ground running, as it where
[12/03/14 02:55] Muratus del Mur:alright
[12/03/14 02:55] Kyphis:cuO!
[12/03/14 02:56] :[Spell] Echo


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