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Charity:Water for Yoshi's 23rd Birthday

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So, earlier today I cut off my 3 year old hair for cancer donation:




It's been an interesting 3 years.  Would I do it again?  Yes, but only if I didn't have to take care of the hair for all 3 years of it's life. Will I be doing it again?  Probably not.

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*yawns* Well, they come to get me any minute now. Thank you to everyone I've known here. You guys have always been a fantastic community, and I wish you all the best. Everything's going to be fine, and I'll be back here before you or I know it.

Also, can this be merged with the other birthday topic? Thanks.

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To Adam's family and friends:
Everything went well, with only a single, minor complication. The anesthetic started wearing off too soon, and Adam started snoring slightly halfway through, which started vibrating the equipment. It was quickly remedied however, and the surgury carried on as normal. They were able to do a complete removal through endoscopic endonasal surgery. He is currently resting, and will be out of commission for the next few days.

Pre-written message from Adam:
Thank you all for the prayers and support I've received through this difficult time. I tried doing it with just God and I, but found out, albeit a little late, that a larger support system is more beneficial. I came to realise that by not utilizing those people around me that God had placed for me, it was really just me trying to get through on my own. Next time, and I hope it never comes, I will do things differently. Thank you all again, you guys are amazing, and I praise God for getting me through this.


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