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Light The Candles!


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Hidden around MagicDuel there are 9 candles that must be lit!

For that you should use your heat, simple right? :P
Well there may be a tiny catch.. you see, the candles must be lit with a good amount of heat and in some sort of balanced way..
I believe you will figure it out :D

This task will start Tomorrow (April 15) after 11ST and will last until Friday!

Since this may become a hard task you are encouraged to play in teams with a maximum of 3 players.
Tip: :ph34r:  Multi-land teams may have advantage..

Teams MUST Sign Up here until Tomorrow (April 15) 11ST.

After the event start all players that didn't sign up as a team are welcome to play!

(more details about the scoring and rewards.. tomorrow :P )

Participate! and Happy MD Birthday!!

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Sign Up Time is Over... you all choosed the hard way..  :D  now it's time to everybody Quest!!

Search around MD for clickies and use the words: LightTheCandles!

For every stage it will be given the following score:
  1   point for reaching the minimum heat on One Candle.
  20  points for being the player to achieve the Candles Balance!
 1st Place  - 1 Sharpie + 1 Council Sponsored Prize !!
 2nd Place - 1 Bloodpact + 1 Memory Stone
 3rd Place  - 1 4Milion Heat Creature + 1 Memory Stone

Have Fun!! and Happy MD Birthday!

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