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MD Birthday quest - Down with the Bunny Empire!


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As you all know, Metal Bunny and his Bunny Empire is the most horrible thing the admins of time and existence had struck upon us.


Other than being genuinely evil, he also owes me one WP. (and to Dst too, perhaps some more people as well!)


I call upon the realm to strike the Bunny Empire down!


The player that manages to insult* Metal Bunny and his empire in a most creative way, so that this evilness is understood and carved into the minds of all future generations as a warning, will win a WishPoint! (there may be some additional sponsorship, but for now you can count on a wp because I still haven't talked with proper instances)


Examples: Make a ritual that will turn his lucky rabbit's foot unlucky! Scourge all the carrot farms in the realm!


(You should do this action in game of course, and post the screenshots of your actions in this post)





*in a decent/playfull way, don't go over the line :P

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