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MB quest: the other identity

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This is a quest about friendship between the characters, roleplaying and running around in MD. This quest will also offer different story endings, so what you do has an influence on the outcome of the story. This quest won't have hard puzzles to solve. Though some parts will only be availeble to players who have unlocked certain scenes/lands in MD. But you can still win the quest or get prizes when you can't enter certain scenes. This quest is played by all player simultaneously. The story will advance when one player reaches a special kind of point. I will progress the quest after 20 minutes or so, to let other players also find the points. The player that comes first to me gets to choose which story option is going to be followed.
The scoring is based on how fast you get to certain points in the quest. Those special points will inform you to send me a forum PM or ingame PM stating a special word in it. I know how far you are in the quest via that special word. I will keep track of the time in which you discovered the piece of information. Those points will also tell you which option you have for the story to choose from.
There is some final descissions to be made for the rewards, but it is sponsored by council.
Starting time/ scene:
The quest stars at 21:00 tomorrow on saturday the 19th of April. Maybe due to my RL I may extend the time a little bit. The quest starts at the GoE.
You do not need to state in this topic that you are going to participate, you can just show up when the quest starts or when it is starting. You can join the quest at any time in it. The only thing that matters is that your change at winning is much lower. But if you think that you are going to participate, then I would like it if you state so in this topic. Just so that I've got a bit of a clue on how many players are going to do the quest.
Why I think I will not fail this quest:
My first quest failed, because I needed to set up the times and dates for the matches. Those times and dates weren't easy to set up and I could have done it faster if I took more initiative.
The second wasn't a big succes, because I messed up with the judges. I didn't had the judging part planned correctly.
This quest is way easier to judge, because I get informed by the players when they achieved a point in the quest. Then I just add up some kind of score to determine the winner. The times and dates when the quest starts is just pre-determined, so that problem is gone as well.
Other pieces of information:
I will write up the things that happenend to the story in this topic. I will also state in the topic what you can do if you want to jump in the quest, when it already has started.
If there are any questions about the quest, state them in this topic and I will answer them.
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