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Paint Your Aramor! (9yrEdt)


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Quest Title: Paint Your Aramor!

Brief description and rules:
This quest was designed for last year's MD birthday and since only a few had the chance to participate i've decided to put it up again.


In this quest the player will be driven in a little adventure to collect items, interact with npc's and solve puzzles.
This time the goal would be to grab a fresh aramor and paint it! If you can't win it from official quests.. Make One Yourself!!

You can use the Magic word: PaintYourAramor!
After gather some information you realize that your best option to make a aniversary aramor is to ask for some help.. and who would be better to help you than the Elf?
From what you have heard the Helper Elf was last seen at the library.. Convince him to help you!

Go! Have fun!.. and a bit of patience :-P

Along the adventure there will be tasks that will be evaluated and scored, the player to score higher wins. The finnishing time will only be used in case of draw.
This will give all the same chance to win even if they are not present when the quest is launched.

Score Table:
MainTask(40pts) | Puzzle1(0-10pts) | Puzzle2(0-6pts) | Puzzle3(0-10pts) | SecondaryTask1(6pts) | SecondaryTask2(6pts)

Until the end of the Aniversary.

My Rewards:
1 BloodPact
Spellstones ( to everybody that finnish the MainTask and does not reach the main prizes ).

Other Rewards:
1 Council Sponsored Prize!
..From what i understand the MDBirthday rewards depend mostly on your FUN.. so Play it and Have Fun! :cool:

Participation Restrictions (!):

 Players that finnished the quest last year can't participate.

 No Alt's Allowed..



1. Carefully READ the dialogs with the NPC's

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