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The Awake Game- Marind Bell Events and Quests

Sir Blut

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Hello MD :) There has been no planned events or quests for Marind Bell's day, so I, with my spontaneous brain and all, have thought this event up :)

    Everyone is encouraged to think of small last minute events or quest during MB Day at Champion's Challenge. Those that do will be rewarded by myself and any willing sponsors.

       RP is extremely encouraged, and can be rewarded too.

Examples: Any performances, (a dance, a play, etc) or any rp, really. Whichever amuses me (or mb citizens can put it to a vote) the most will receive a prize.


                      I will also be running an event, you will be playing the Oldest Game against eachother at Champion's Challenge or any mb scene as long as there are witnesses or logs. [spoiler] The Oldest Game

     The name is deceiving, for this is more than just a game. When all the worlds, and all the planes were but formless mist, this is how Powers claimed their superiority. How can that without a shape, without a form, test their strength against one another? The obvious answer with influence, how we mere mortals are affected by their presence and their promises. How then, before men and monsters, was dominance established? That is how The Oldest Game arose.

     It is a contest of ideas, of dreams, of natures, and of innate power. Blows are never laid, fingers are never curled into fists and steel is never shown. Instead, in that ephemeral twilight realm, ideas are given form, and combatants are always shifting. It is a difficult thing to explain, if you wish to learn, I will show you. Worry not, you risk nothing but your pride... at least the first time. Do not forget though, this is the way the first wars were waged, and idle sparring is saved for those dearly trusted.

     As all things, this game is not without it's rules. One must be challenged, or issue a challenge; the challenge must then be accepted. It is by he giving and acceptance of the challenge that the conflict is given weight, given life. The Challenger strikes first, and the Challenged however chooses where the combat will take place. Strength is not measured from sword-arms and speed, instead from innate oneness and wisdom of the world. Strikes are not born of steel and magery, rather from ones nature. If you find it cryptic, I apologize, but there are few ways to actually give simple words to describe The Oldest Game; to do so risks oversimplification.

     The attacks are given life by a particular diction. "I am the Stag, Elusive and Silent". In response "I am the Hunter, Trap-setting, Stag-Hunting". This is the simplest of forms, a training form really in which one who is not familiar may be made familiar. The forms must begin with what is literal, The stag and the hunter. As combat rages, more abstract concepts may be used. The speed at which the abstract may take form is directly related to the power of the Combatant. To attempt to form beyond your ken, beyond your strength, is frightfully dangerous at best.

     On the topic of combat forms. Strength of one's form is directly proportional to how in tune that form is with the Combatant. This is a difficult thing to explain. If a man is brash, impulsive, and passionate, then his forms should suit. Constraining forms, binding forms, are lacking a oneness with him, and as such are weak and easily broken.

     Victory is simple. One must yield. One may yield actively, declaring his own defeat. One may also yield by the inability to present a form that effectively counters their opponents form, or by the inability to present in a timely manner

Note: I am not the original creator of this game, I just like to play it and happen to have the "Instructions book" as an item so I wanted to show how to play. [/spoiler]

     Those are the rules that were directly copy/pasted from AmberRune's papers.

Participants can just challenge eachother, and brackets will be made, Whoever wins against 3 different people will be put in the next bracket to challenge eachother.. Winner will receive 1 GC from me, 2nd place a sc, and whatever someone sponsors particularly for this event.

  Then I want to play against the winner, but that can be after the event :P

So in replies put sponserships, events/quests, or comments.

 The oldest game can be played all day, but there need to be to be witnesses, logs. I am keeping track of the games.

Example of the oldest game being played [spoiler] http://md-archives.com/234/the-oldest-game-ledah-versus-the-guardians/ [/spoiler]

   There will be a time limit of 3 minutes for you to answer your opponent.

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List of rewards given out: 1wp for Jadendew in a quest by bfh and given by him, and flowers from me for figuring out the "mb secret" :P

                                         1sc given to bfh for the quest.

                                         1sc given to Assira the Black for her dance performance.

                                          1sc to Panthea for amusing rp.

There was no interest in serious, official competition for the Oldest Game, therefore no reward for that.

 The awards given by me aren't impressive because they were from my own inventory :P next time I would put more thought into this, spend time getting sponsors for better quests, events, and rewards

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This was amazing nonetheless Blut, and your help in stirring up activity for Marind Bell day was much appreciated. 


Thanks for doing it, and hopefully when we have Marind Bell day again, we can coordinate up and make sure such things are planned a bit more in advance!




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