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honor ajustment

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you can get a max of 200 honor, what exced that is transformed to bonus ex

but you cant have a max negative honor and somme players gives -300 -400 honor

what i m proposing is to make a limit of negative, just like the positive, if a player would give you more than -200 honor it would give you an extra negative xp. for example player A gives you -200 (-100) honor

the honor is to important to be lost in such huge amount and if anyone think that is beter to avoid such players i ask you: way to limit fights when you should kik but left and right?

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same here if i lose honor it happens i can get it back but to lose xp is another thing that would ruin any chances some have of leveling up their creatures

in mp3 that would be brutal due to the head games at the moment people arent trying to lose just win heads so their win count would mostlikely be high enough to lose maybe 60 honor per fight

so it would break the contest to have it at that during it but after it well it happens that would keep people from attacking anyone online due to the fact that tey have a lot more losses so they can attack you but you cant attack them or lose xp

i would vote against that honor is one thing i have finally found how to get it and keep it but xp is to hard to come by especially with the xp limit

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