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Hi I was wondering since i started looking at the attack results of any fight i have been having

and discovered that when i go into the old battle reports it does not show you the battel details

So what i was wondering is if it would be posiable o export the battle report to a txt file

is this posiable? would it be to difficult to do this?



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See, Glaistig told me that if you don't watch the battle by clicking the icon when it alerts you by making that "splat" sound, and only watch it from the fight log that it doesn't give you all that info when you go to the results. She tells me that when she wants info that she has to get from a fight log, she watches the whole thing and then copies the whole battle when it ends. . . And pastes it in a word doc, deleting the images and table cells and all of that. . .

That's what she said.

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