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Trivia (Brown Team)

Kyphis the Bard


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Today (day 256) at the Meeting of the Roads, at 21ST Azkhael will be running a trivia event. The event is likely to run for an hour and a half.


Those of you who attended the MDA Trivia during the anniversary will be familiar with the format, as I am adapting Innocence's format.


There will be two teams (feel free to organize before the event or during), no size limit but the teams must be mostly even. Each team will have one team leader, which can be changed between rounds.


There will be five rounds of ten questions, five to each team. The last two rounds will be free for all - ten questions to Both teams. Team members need to tell their leader the correct answer in chat on their teams turn, it is the team leaders job to select which answer he will go with. Even if a team member has gotten the correct answer, if the team leader gives the wrong answer your team will not get the points, so choose your leader wisely!


There will be a score for each team, as well as a score for each player. Teams score points for getting answers correct, players score points for contributing to correct answers*. Prizes will be given based on participation.




Team Doozy - 108

AmberRune, Rophs, Etluc and Change


Team Dances with Drunks - 71

Dark Demon, Sir Blut, WittyLeWat, Assira the Black, and TheRichMerchant


Personal scores:

[spoiler]These scores are calculated as follows:

  • Attempting a question earns you one point
  • Getting a question correct earns you one point (so two points total)
  • In round 2, getting any single item on a list earnt one point
  • In round three, one point was given for the correct answer, and two for identifying the fallacy in the question[/spoiler]

AmberRune = 78

Assira the Black = 29

Change = 32

Dark Demon = 46 (left after 22 questions)

Etluc = 25

Rophs = 55

Sir Blut = 34

TheRichMerchant = 38

WittyLeWat = 23







*Points will be LOST from a players score if they are giving out incorrect answers during the opponents turn to trick them. This is unsporting and I don't want to see it.

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Request---can it please be run later, maybe at sometime between 18ST and 23ST? During this time I've noticed comparatively greater activity in the realm in general. I really want to participate and cannot be available before 16ST :(


From observation, 13ST is one of the least active times in the day for most people, and events like trivia aren't fun if there aren't any people.

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