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Quest: 1000 uses for an object


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This quest is simple, and it will never end. Really, it's more me rewarding people for a common, but useful exercise. I did not invent this exercise.
What your task is to do is to pick an object in MD--it must be a thing, not a concept, and write 1000 uses for that object.
Any submissions will get at least a spellstone (until I run out of spellstones that I'd be willing to give) and 15 silver/1 gold (until I run out of those). Sponsors are definitely appreciated.
Post below if you're up for the challenge, and then link to your submission when you're done. You can go as much above 1000 uses as you want, and you can do this quest as many times as you'd like, but please pick a different object each time, preferably one that someone else hasn't done already, or if they have done it, with different uses.
Yes this quest is hard. It's meant to be. It's meant to get rid of your expectations of what a certain object can do, or be. I'll be posting a full length example sometime in the next few days (I'm busy with other writing now), but I want to give people the opportunity to start now if they wish.

Weaken stone
Locate stone (12)
Movelock stone
Otherarmy stone (2)
Heat stone (20)
Invisibility stone
Prot Freeze stone
Prot Attack stone (2)
Prot Defence stone
Prot Heal stone
Prot Movelock stone
Prot Nomulti stone
Prot Bringin stone

Note: Uses that are obviously meant to circumvent the system will not be accepted. So you can't have 'look at a spellstone once, look at a spellstone twice, look at a spell stone thrice' etc. until you reach 1000. However, some uses can be: A spellstone exists to look at, to touch, to smell etc. Just don't try and cheat the system and you'll be fine. Funny uses are just as acceptable as serious ones. :)

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There's definitely no time limit. The quest isn't intended to force people to rush it. I removed the first three submissions getting more rewards because I realized that that might put pressure on some people to rush it. Now everyone gets 15 silver (or 1 gold) and a spellstone. :) (until I run out, then there might be different rewards).

In fact, while doing it all in one day might be an interesting task, doing it over a much longer period of time will hopefully cause you to think more about how things can be used in different ways in your day to day life, which is the goal of this rather big task.

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You can pick things like the altar, or even an obvious scene 'object' like a tree. I just want people to pick things that could potentially make objects or be used as objects in MD rather than abstract concepts. 'Heat' technically could also be fine, since it can be collected in a sense. But I don't want something like respect, that you can't objectively count. Or honour, even though you can count it.

(Sorry for being so late in responding. My brain wasn't working over the last couple of days.)

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