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Negative exp

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Alright, today I had a fight (with the new combat system, but that doesn't matter now, I think..) with Mr.X, here after aptly named x.

The thing is, well look for yourself.

~V~ ~L~ Player You lost Enemy lost Rounds Time

OUT X Mr.X 6476 -10810 3 09-06-2008 17:13:42

I'm A

*** Combat details (under construction). 'E' is defender, 'A' is attacker

Your honor reward for this battle: 0

Your loyalty reward for this battle: 0

Enemy honor reward for this battle: 42

Enemy loyalty reward for this battle: 0

*** todo help after fight

Casualties: Defender:100%, Attacker:59.19561%

heat A: 4357 heat E: 0


usevitality e (you):90

usevitality a:0




E lost: -10810vit; A lost: 6476vit;

And here is the last part of the battle log:

Don't mind the names, I just have that quirk :(

Creature Experience reward for Metal Bunny - Winning player

Kitten Molester gaines -2162 Xp and a won battle

Antikitten gaines -2162 Xp and a won battle

Kitten Molester gaines -2162 Xp and a won battle

Kitten Devourer gaines -2162 Xp and a won battle

Kitten Devourer gaines -2162 Xp and a won battle

So there you have it... I understand why I lost that much xp... Because x lost -10810 vit.

But what I don't understand is why the destroyed healed vitality doesn't count towards exp, I mean I did destroy 100% eventually, so why isn't it counted, why do I still lose exp? Could the system be tweaked so that people only lose exp when the enemy actually leaves the battle with more vitality than they started with?

Uuh... thanks for reading?

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i like where your going with this

the creature heals themself but it is no reson to ad it to the xp, becouse if you destroi the creature/rit that heals it means that you do more damage.

so based on this it should give the player more xp (this should be calculated based on the damage inflicted not on how much ve the crit. have - the healing poins)

it should give negative xp only when no damage is done on the healers

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i agree but as some of us know there is a bug with regen at the moment and it doesnt give the regened health to the creature so maybe that you didnt take enough health off to cover the regened health

and it gave you negative xp

that could be one solution though i know it sucks

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I like this idea as well....although rethinking it, it might actually backfire a little. If the coding to the game was changed such that you gain exp based on the total damage you inflict, all of a sudden you don't have to fight strong fights to get a lot of exp, you just have to attack someone with a lot of healers in their def rit.

This could be countered if each individual creature had it's own different exp amount granted per damage done, but I believe that would take a great deal more coding and open up more possibilities for bugs.

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YES you are right that would take alos forever to encode and could possibly more bugs than ever and it would taake up alot of server space

there are a number of creatures already with many upgrades takiing that into account and you would have tons of data just sitting there waiting on a few ppl to attack and millions of probable outcomes

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Well, I was thinking about it again, and coding actually wouldn't be THAT bad. I know how I'd do it in C++ anyways, and most codes are fairly similar between languages. There would be a simple integer function that calls for a certain value, x, where x is the exp constant for that monster. For example, let's say you're fighting a barren soul. By itself it gives 50 exp (if I remember correctly) to each creature when you have a full army of 6. (obviously, 300 exp). For clarification's sake, this is level 1 barren soul which has 200v. That's simple math. x=1.5 so when d=damage and E=reward, E=d*x. Computers definitely understand math, and as I said this equation can be an integer function. The only thing would be going to every monster and assigning their x values, which could be time consuming. Another thing to take into account would be extra vital energy because of healing and bonuses from the user stats. To account for those, the x value can be dropped down a bit to account for an average value of that creature. Lets assume a good combo and say that barren soul has 300v now. x can be 1.

This is merely a possible solution. I'm still not sure the overall outcome would be worth the time consumption involved to set it up.

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still that is just with a barren soul

think about all the other cretures that will eventually be implemented like in necrovia or golemus or somewhere else

also think about combo bonuses they will affect it and so will all abil;ities



these give more hp and so does steal life what about those things that makes it even harder to calculate it out

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new creatures won't matter. They just get a different x value. as for healing abilities and the such, i didn't say d was the total vital the creatures had going into the battle. d was the total damage inflicted by a creature throughout the fight. all simple counters.

don't get me wrong, i'm still not saying i'm for the idea. just backtracking on my words of how hard it would be.

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Uh... the main point was that the vitality they healed or regenerated, (if destroyed), should also be counted towards the total amount of vitality destroyed. I now have had a lot of fights that gave me negative xp, even though I destroy 100% eventually.

Just saying...

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