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(personal) spells can be used as you think fit
when i said that i had in mind that if someone goes crazy and uses them just to harm others randomly and disrupt creative activities, others, with other powers, will take action against it, under the same rule that they can use their spells as they think fit. If for some reason, all people with power in md would decide to team-up and do damaging things just for their fun, then md can rely on a community and its doomed to collapse (i don't mind that, i am just mentioning it here so you know i know this is what my rule implies)

This gives you chew the right to do as you wish against others that do as they wish.

apparently, from all the people that do as they wish with the powers they have, i am the only one that can't..simply because whatever i do will harm either one or the other side.

leaving diplomacy aside..i might be the worst manager ever, but my intuition still surpasses yours combined. My biggest problem is that i am observing things through other peoples interpretations..true..for now i can't change that...but even so..lets get back to the beginning of this incident. Please try to understand how i saw this and correct me if i am wrong in what i did that followed.

A player, could have been anyone, asked me for citizenship of a deserted land. I could have said "no go away", or provoke him to prove he deserves it. I put in balance if i was actually willing to give such a citizenship to anyone at all, answer is yes, because lab is a crime scene for others, and some sort of activity needed to be brought there eventually, maybe a leadership at some point..who knows.
what i noticed afterwards was that nobody wanted to compete in receiving this citizenship, ..instead, a wave of hate flooded everything as to WHY dd should get it. As if any of you has something to lose from this.
It happens that from (only from) my point of view, dd managed to deserve the citizenship by discovering something nobody else noticed about the lab (info is secret but chew and council know what i am talking about). I gave much more important stuff based on that reason alone in past times.
Then because his antisocial behaviour he managed to anger people that have something to say in all this, ..so fine..i didn't give him the citizenship. Now i was thinking....is the labyrinth in any way connected to "being sociable and nice to others" kind of thing? NO. Labyrinth is the sort of land that promotes secluded characters, not socially accepted ones.

Then, i see this quest incident, that in my own opinion was a proof of pure malice, no purpose, just two powerful people doing same shit they always did. They have the right to do so, its why there is no room for any sort of punishment...but i could not pretend i was not angry on what happend. Why i was angry? because this time, their action where against a group of people, just to harm one, that in their opinion was getting a "favor". I think none of the land leaders put so much pressure on any of their citizens in order to give them citizenship...but maybe i am wrong. What made me upset was that more people where harmed in this quest disrupting, just for the purpose of hitting dd.

Comming from people of great power, this petty action to disrupt a quest was, in my view, giving a bad example. As you can see, we are talking already about how much damage we can do with the spells, not how many creative things we could do with them.

It is also a lack of respect that made me react. The fact that everybody (and i am generalizing here to make a point) seems to be against what i do, is a problem for me. Its not only affecting me on a personal level, but it is hurting md as a whole because i am forced to find alternate ways to actually do something in here. The spell cooldown was the most elegant solution i could find...but as part of the solution was the fact that i announced it. I was hoping that if i am seen as taking any sort of action, would be better than not reacting at all.

So, i ran out of options, and i still not see what is wrong with what i did and why all this fuss. Thinking in absolute terms, if i remove from this puzzle the factors that 'complain', md as a whole would benefit a lot more...and you wonder why i prefer to be a dictator sometimes.


It seems that I have to respond to you as I am the strongest fighter against your decision. If you take your time to read it or not it is up to you.


Yes, I question your decisions not because of that I think they are wrong but because HOW you take them because I still admit that like everyone is only human, even Mur has this weakness.


* You say that someone deserves something but then ... you don't share it with others and that means for me that it doesn't exist. Sorry.

* You say that someone is working hard and doing stuff for MD but the rest of ppl say otherwise. Then ... there should be an exchange of points of view rather then taking sides based on our sole point of view.

* You say that someone did something bad, others don't agree with you. You should try to listen to all sides before deciding , even if you seem angry at first, maybe there is a different side on that event.


* I've learned in time the "3 way theory" (as I later found it on the internet ) :


There's 3 ways to do anything...there's your way, there's my way, and then there's the right way.

I expect you, because I know this much of you, to understand this theory and to understand what it means.


I try to guide my actions in MD based on the above points and I will base my current statement here on them too.


I will not talk for others, if others agree with me or not, it is their point of view and they can state so.

On DD.

From my side, I've only seen a short-tempered, fast-fused, double-sided, back-stabbing, ever-changing (i mean unstable in decisions or goal) person and that is why I disagree with what he does (most of the time).

Also, I've seen that he's social interaction skills and language skills are awesomely disastrous and for this reason I still give him benefit of a doubt and try to help him whenever I can whether he likes it or not.

That is all I will say to describe him. There are many adjectives pro and con that can and should be used but then ... you already got the point.


On "powerful" players:

Some are "powerful" players are powerful because they worked for it (see the humongous stats : attack and defense) and unless proven to have abused on something wrong there is nobody that should judge them on how they use their worked powers.

"Powerful" players that have won something in quests (like skill damage) then again , nobody should comment on how they/he is using it (unless the higher power is ready to remove rewards) unless that specific request was targeted.

Other Powerful players have indeed power (mostly role based) because someone gave it to them and most of it they have earned (either from higher authorities as items/spells/rights or from players as role/authority/decisional power).


Most of these "powerful" players have spread around their "gift" to others as expected or as they've seen fit . Kings on their followers / alliance leaders to their alliance / LHOs  and so on.


And then there are : Chewett "the coder", The Council and Mur "The Mur" as the ultimate power and authorities.


The players behind these players (including the high level authorities a.k.a Chew & Mur & The Council) have the uncontested right to play ( I will name this here as "free play") as they see fit if they don't use their admin powers.



About Mur's decision/s

The problem that generated this revolt against DD's quest and the announcement is from your mix of "free play" and use of admin powers.


Yes, it WAS OK long ago when you/Mur where the only one taking decisions as there was no other way to do it.


But not anymore, it is no longer OK. (sure, you can always ignore what I think, that is your right as the owner of MD, but do you want to go there for a 2cent decision ?)

At one point you gave up on stuff like that and you created The Council then you created roles for other players like BFH, Chewett and others in positions that they can be trusted and have been proven to be trusted.

Also, you said that you would concentrate your work on MD an no longer work on requests and you even promised punishments for breaking the chain of authority. (Still ... there was no such thing)


So, we are OK with that process, even with adding the Trial Court and Public Council, it works, slowly (as they have lot of junk to filter) but it works.


But from time to time, some "beggars" come to you for favors (other recent ones would be Fang, PO) and even if the public opinion is in the end proven right, you still try.


I don't know you that much to understand why you do that, I try to understand you but there is not enough.



Anyway, it doesn't matter, you can say : <"me admin" can do it and "me player" agrees and this is enough>.

From my point of view ... it is your image  / name that is under the fire. (do you remember "I don't care what you say, I am under Mur's wing" ? if not, ask Dst to look it up for you)


So, I propose you to do it differently :

 - send your proposed gifts  to and / or debate it with  Chewett & The Council (you'll get more insight on other's points of view)

 - give the person you want either trust points and / or "voting balloons" (I don't remember if they had a name)


Also, I propose / request (even demand) that you punish those coming to you with personal requests. You have created precedents in giving stuff out and it will not stop without some punishments.


MD is much more important then anyone of us (powerful or noob, admin or not) and has to advance & change & adapt as coding and features and all.

I don't say to ignore everybody, just let the system work and do what you know best : improve MD.





I have exposed parts of the above in before but here it is : my complete list of complains & advices & requests/demands.


I know that you hate me, for whatever reason (i don't know of), and you ignored whatever I have proposed / told you in private or on forum or in chat. That is fine , it is your right.

Just don't mess up MD because of a few(er) ... then we already are.


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