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More heat containers

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I dont know if you already can, but if you cant, then this will work.

You should be able to buy or earn more cointainers to carry more heat, since currently i only have 2 that i filled up very easily doing something in MP3. Maybe the max number you can buy/earn is like 5 or something?

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Well, protector testing went on a while back.. what happened was that there were a couple of different protectors, who generally were older and more experienced than other players, and each player had the option of becoming a worshipper to one specific protector. The more worshippers had the stronger the spells the protectors cast (which included healing and buff). In order to use these spells protectors used heat which players donated or "worshipped."

I don't know if it will undergo more testing or if it will be implemented soon, but I think it would be really fun~ I wonder how it would work out with alliances o_o.. like, what if your protector was in a rival alliance? Or maybe your protector will have to be in your alliance. Hmm.. *gets a bit giddy thinking about it*

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