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Player Quest involvement - Sub-contracting

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Quests can it always seem only be obtained from NPC's, this aspect of RPG's in general has always bugged me a little. It would be nice to get em from regular players, I don't know how this would work but it would definitely add to the economy of RPG's besides the standard collection of weapons, armor, gold etc.

One way I imagined would be that of a contract situation. You for example beat a bunch of creatures or complete some other kind of achievement and in so doing prove to an employer or employers your worthiness (rating system?) and gain a contract (can read quest) to complete a certain task (find/kill/persuade person(s), find/buy/steal items, increase alliance members etc.) for some reward. You can act on this contract yourself or sub-contract it to someone else. Naturally, that person can either complete this task or fail it. The punishment for failure would reflect on you, as for that I thought maybe in ratings, personal property, creatures or even life. Wouldn't it be funny if an assassin's contract was issued against you for failure of completing the contract and you in turn do the same on the sub-contractor. I don't know how this system could be included in to the game mechanics but something like it would be amazing.

Anyway, I believe that this far fetched (?) game feature would really add to stimulating even more community online/in-game. Magic Duel I find is in the forefront in many developments in RPG concepts, keep up the great work. And by the way, I understand that this idea would put a lot of load on the game server, but this is something for when the game is booming and that issue is no longer pressing :P

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I think quests would be fun, but I'm not sure about the other players giving the quests part. I think it'd be better if, you know, it would tie in with the storyline and such. ;) Actually, MD has this already with the defeating the shades part, but it doesn't really give a reward that you don't get from normal fights.

In any case, I like the quests (if you call them that) that MD has already, but I'd just like more of them. There probably will be more later, I bet.

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