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Public Meeting With Chewy (Chat Log)


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[spoiler]King's Council and Totems
[21/11/14 20:53] *Chewett*:Welcome one and all [:)]
[21/11/14 20:54] Azull:hi
[21/11/14 20:54] Dark Demon:.
[21/11/14 20:55] *Chewett*:Friday evening is certainly not the time to have events
[21/11/14 20:55] *Chewett*:But there was some pressing issues...
[21/11/14 20:55] Dark Demon:If you don't want me to contribute, tell me now so I can leave.
[21/11/14 20:55] *Chewett*:I guess if no one else is online then Im going to have to delay...
[21/11/14 20:55] *Chewett*:Hmm, decisions decisions
[21/11/14 20:56] Gljivoje:more heads more useful suggestions i suppose
[21/11/14 20:56] *Chewett*:This is indeed true
[21/11/14 20:57] *Chewett*:And it concerned things like new roles and events
[21/11/14 20:57] *Chewett*:Such as How people get roles, etc, how events are organised, how spells are given/chosen
[21/11/14 20:58] Gljivoje:maybe put a notice for future discussion so people may orgabize themselves to be present
[21/11/14 20:58] *Chewett*:Azull? How is KC going?
[21/11/14 20:58] *Chewett*:Is it going after MB stormed out of them?
[21/11/14 20:59] *Burns*:Did i miss the nowish meeting already?
[21/11/14 20:59] Azull:ongoing discussions are .. well ongoing. And new ones start out fine.
[21/11/14 20:59] *Chewett*:No one is here
[21/11/14 20:59] *Chewett*:Therefore it has not started
[21/11/14 21:00] *Chewett*:We are discussing more minor matters
[21/11/14 21:00] *Burns*:Ah, alright [:)]
[21/11/14 21:01] *Chewett*:Do you think the KC could be intrusted with more?
[21/11/14 21:01] *Chewett*:Say instead of having the council do things, entrust things to KC?
[21/11/14 21:01] Azull:such as?
[21/11/14 21:01] *Chewett*:I would say events but they seem decidedly... obtuse? with their replies
[21/11/14 21:02] *Chewett*:But such things as suggested people to gain roles and such
[21/11/14 21:02] *Chewett*:"Hey this citizen is pretty cool, he could do with some help from coders to get an item/tag/description/something awesome"
[21/11/14 21:02] *Burns*:They could give out wp codes maybe?
[21/11/14 21:03] Azull:When said role is related to a land, its ruler should have a say in it
[21/11/14 21:03] *Chewett*:True, but even moreso, say if it wasnt
[21/11/14 21:04] *Chewett*:Being the ones to point out good players who deserve things
[21/11/14 21:05] Azull:That is also something rulers should do.
[21/11/14 21:05] Azull:However. we have to be careful not to give roles rewards or what not just because ...
[21/11/14 21:05] Azull:there has to be a good enough reason and..
[21/11/14 21:05] Azull:that person must want it as well
[21/11/14 21:06] *Chewett*:This seems fair
[21/11/14 21:06] *Grido*:Here
[21/11/14 21:07] *Chewett*:But do you think or do any of you others think, that the kings should be able to do this, at least point out good players, from other lands, and from no lands?
[21/11/14 21:07] *Burns*:absolutely
[21/11/14 21:07] *Grido*:Yeah
[21/11/14 21:08] *Chewett*:In that, beforehands, council decided who should get promoted, and now they dont.
[21/11/14 21:08] Azull:pointing out at least. yes
[21/11/14 21:08] *Chewett*:Now the question goes, Will they actually?
[21/11/14 21:09] *Grido*:I don't imagine much difficulty in seeing those that stand out in our own lands
[21/11/14 21:09] Azull:I would have given certain of my citizens tags/titles if they had wanted them.
[21/11/14 21:09] Azull:But they didn't
[21/11/14 21:10] Azull:as to roles in general.
[21/11/14 21:10] *Grido*:the neutrals that we might not interact as much with however
[21/11/14 21:10] Dark Demon:Kings would have no clue what someone is doing that is competely unrelated to their land or anything they care about.
[21/11/14 21:10] Azull:Which roles are actually "up for grabs" at the moment
[21/11/14 21:10] Dark Demon:Hence they would be bad judges in this case.
[21/11/14 21:10] Azull:do they dd?
[21/11/14 21:11] Azull:I know quita a bit of what goes on outside nc. and if I don't I make it my business to find out.
[21/11/14 21:11] Azull:But that
[21/11/14 21:11] Azull:that's just me
[21/11/14 21:11] *Grido*:Likewise Azull
[21/11/14 21:11] *Chewett*:Indeed
[21/11/14 21:12] *Chewett*:Yes, so it looks like kings are in a good position to review people otuside lands too.
[21/11/14 21:12] *Burns*:As group, though.
[21/11/14 21:12] *Chewett*:Do you kings have a little meetup and gossip about people?
[21/11/14 21:12] *Chewett*:Regularly?
[21/11/14 21:12] *Burns*:Otherwise they'll be tempted to drag good guys into their lands with a batch of rewards
[21/11/14 21:12] Dark Demon:Do you Azull, or Grido, or Burns, etc, know anything what I've done regarding the Labyrinth?
[21/11/14 21:13] Dark Demon:Or am doing?
[21/11/14 21:13] *Chewett*:Yes, So I see some agreement here.
[21/11/14 21:13] *Chewett*:This is true Burns
[21/11/14 21:13] Haedrin:Greetings.
[21/11/14 21:13] *Chewett*:Grido does this a lot
[21/11/14 21:13] *Chewett*:Much sneaky [:P]
[21/11/14 21:13] *Grido*:Sneaky works
[21/11/14 21:13] *Chewett*:True
[21/11/14 21:14] *Grido*:And I know some, certainly DD, I wouldn't claim to know all
[21/11/14 21:14] Haedrin:Such as Honour for you, to have me in your prescence.
[21/11/14 21:14] *Chewett*:So the kings feel it would be good, I see no opposition?
[21/11/14 21:14] Haedrin:Aye
[21/11/14 21:14] *Chewett*:So, Say the kings met, monthly, to discuss potential good roles that could do with some helpings?
[21/11/14 21:15] *Chewett*:The finer details can be worked out privately
[21/11/14 21:15] *Chewett*:Something to discuss how new roles are coming along, and to reward the good ones.
[21/11/14 21:15] *Chewett*:Makign recommendations and such, Do the KC members present think they might actually be able to dicsuss and agree?
[21/11/14 21:16] *Grido*:Aye, we have the forum as well for continued discussions
[21/11/14 21:16] *Burns*:Make sure to announce that too, so everyone knows that they should get in touch with their kings when they see exceptional people.
[21/11/14 21:16] *Chewett*:That seems fair.
[21/11/14 21:16] *Chewett*:Then we have some kind of ranking system where people can recommend others
[21/11/14 21:16] *Chewett*:Why dont we just use forum rep to reward? [:P]
[21/11/14 21:17] Azull:perhaps its better to keep things in game as much as possible
[21/11/14 21:17] *Chewett*:Merely a joke Azull
[21/11/14 21:17] :Koshu Farsight hears and stops the music, then bows
[21/11/14 21:17] *Chewett*:Does anyone have any further comments on this?
[21/11/14 21:17] *Chewett*:As an idea to test?
[21/11/14 21:18] *Chewett*:Good
[21/11/14 21:18] Azull:yes. but will do s0 in a more structured way than this chat [:)]
[21/11/14 21:18] *Chewett*:Even better
[21/11/14 21:18] *Chewett*:DM me
[21/11/14 21:18] *Chewett*:yim
[21/11/14 21:19] Dark Demon:I am totally against 1) multiple people deciding one role, 2) people who have very little idea/interest deciding roles for others, to which it matters way more
[21/11/14 21:19] Azull:its not about deciding roles as such dd
[21/11/14 21:19] *Chewett*:Feel free to address those points to Ailith/Curi/Grido who will forward them to me DD, as you know I am not permitted to speak to you therefore cannot discuss./
[21/11/14 21:20] *Chewett*:Totems.
[21/11/14 21:20] Koshu Farsight:I don't thing they should be able to decide the role, but promote the player to at least get the title.
[21/11/14 21:20] *Chewett*:Anyone got any? [:D]
[21/11/14 21:20] *Chewett*:I dont think anyone but the player shall be able to decide their role.
[21/11/14 21:20] Azull:exactly.. hear that dd?
[21/11/14 21:20] *Chewett*:Its one thing to support a role, and another to decide it.
[21/11/14 21:21] *Chewett*:We will be supporting a players role
[21/11/14 21:21] Koshu Farsight: (promote as in doing publicity for him)
[21/11/14 21:21] *Chewett*:Who we will support will be based on who I like, and who other players say are good people
[21/11/14 21:21] *Chewett*:Entirely subjective, but Council is gone so therefore so is fairness
[21/11/14 21:21] *Burns*:Are totems open discussion at this point, or do you have something in mind?
[21/11/14 21:22] *Chewett*:Has anyone made any?
[21/11/14 21:22] Azull:yes
[21/11/14 21:22] *Chewett*:Ah no, before that.
[21/11/14 21:22] *Chewett*:Tokens.
[21/11/14 21:22] *Chewett*:There will be more ways to obtain tokens than just paying for them
[21/11/14 21:23] *Burns*:I never do anything just for the sake of doing it. They do nothing, so i don't need them [:P]
[21/11/14 21:23] Dark Demon:You are 'permitted' to discuss MD-based things with me, Chew, if thats what you want me to say.
[21/11/14 21:23] *Chewett*:You can apologise to me, later, If you wish us to talk DD.
[21/11/14 21:23] *Syrian*: (not true! totems do have a use!)
[21/11/14 21:23] *Chewett*:Otherwise I shall be ignoring you. As requested by you.
[21/11/14 21:23] *Chewett*:What use do they have then? [:P]
[21/11/14 21:24] *Syrian*: (they look cool and i used them to beat Mur in unique items .. >.>)
[21/11/14 21:24] *Chewett*:For those that have made any, are they easy to make?
[21/11/14 21:24] Aeoshattr:Relatively easy. I wouldn't call the process too ardurous
[21/11/14 21:24] *Syrian*: (yeah, pretty easy, easy to obtain the materials too)
[21/11/14 21:25] *Syrian*: (though maybe to some timeless dust migfht be awkrward)
[21/11/14 21:25] *Chewett*:Remind me where that comes from?
[21/11/14 21:25] *Syrian*: (breaking spellstones)
[21/11/14 21:25] Aeoshattr:Using spellstones, I think?
[21/11/14 21:25] *Chewett*:Ah yes
[21/11/14 21:25] Aeoshattr:There was one thing, if I may?
[21/11/14 21:25] *Chewett*:Go?
[21/11/14 21:25] *Chewett*:Go even.
[21/11/14 21:25] Aeoshattr:Overcharging the totemizer with heat wastes the extra heat
[21/11/14 21:26] Aeoshattr:I used a 450k (or something along the lines of that) jar
[21/11/14 21:26] Aeoshattr:And while it was enough heat for 1 totem, afterwards the rest of 440k heat went poof
[21/11/14 21:26] *Grido*:Totems are good for those who have limited crit slots, I'd figure
[21/11/14 21:26] *Chewett*:Ah, So you wish the heat to explode possibly killing you?
[21/11/14 21:26] Aeoshattr:I'm not saying it should store, but a warning would be nice
[21/11/14 21:26] Aeoshattr:Like.... don't use a 2M heat jar on this because you'll work in vain
[21/11/14 21:27] *Chewett*:That seems fair.
[21/11/14 21:27] Aeoshattr:But that's just me nitpicking, it's obviously not a game-breaking issue
[21/11/14 21:27] *Chewett*:I will redmine that now.
[21/11/14 21:27] *Burns*:It's a good idea, though
[21/11/14 21:28] *Burns*:First timers will run into that trap and be very disappointed.
[21/11/14 21:28] *Chewett*:Indeed yes
[21/11/14 21:28] Aeoshattr:That's what I did...
[21/11/14 21:28] Aeoshattr:At any rate, that was it
[21/11/14 21:29] *Chewett*:So, other than that, no other comments regarding totems atm?
[21/11/14 21:29] *Chewett*:I was going to look into working on them in the coming months
[21/11/14 21:30] *Chewett*:Another thing Mur half finished, once iv worked on all the little bugs
[21/11/14 21:32] *Chewett*:Hopefully the tools Mur creates he will use to finish A25
[21/11/14 21:32] *Chewett*:This is, if he finishes it. In the case that it doesnt happen. What do people think need to be worked on?
[21/11/14 21:33] :*Burns* passed Memory stone to blackshade rider
[21/11/14 21:33] Aeoshattr:Can we get a fix for the thing that assumes you have multiple windows open when you change scenes faster than 5 seconds?
[21/11/14 21:33] Aeoshattr: (hope that didn't sound too snappy)
[21/11/14 21:33] *Chewett*:Thats planned as the minor bugs thing
[21/11/14 21:33] Aeoshattr:Okay!
[21/11/14 21:34] blackshade rider:thank you burns
[21/11/14 21:34] :blackshade rider salutes burns
[21/11/14 21:35] Dark Demon: (Burns, PM, pls pass it to Chew)
[21/11/14 21:36] *Burns*:Grido will do the talking, don't hand your stones to people without asking.
[21/11/14 21:36] Rophs: (I just arrived, what did I miss so far?)
[21/11/14 21:36] *Burns*: (I'm not a mail man, won't happen)
[21/11/14 21:38] *Chewett*:No one have anything else that they think needs to be worked on?
[21/11/14 21:38] *Burns*:Yes, sorry
[21/11/14 21:38] *Burns*:distracted with newbies, like that grido guy
[21/11/14 21:38] *Burns*:he's rather slow
[21/11/14 21:39] *Burns*:development, i'd really love to either have the lair items finished, or announced that it'll be delayed a while
[21/11/14 21:39] *Burns*:as is, i pretty much can't give out charms
[21/11/14 21:39] *Chewett*:You wanted them easier to attain no?
[21/11/14 21:40] *Burns*:yes, hence the stuff on the list being a bit weaker than what is in now
[21/11/14 21:41] Rophs:I'd like to see the Moo Spell exist someday, but most other things take a much higher priority.
[21/11/14 21:41] *Burns*:It's a low priority thing, but i don't want it to fade away in the state it's right now.
[21/11/14 21:42] *Chewett*:That seems fair
[21/11/14 21:42] *Chewett*:I will try and review the items but this wil be after iv done all the more major things.
[21/11/14 21:43] *Burns*:Alright, will delay handing out new ones until then.
[21/11/14 21:44] No one:hi guys
[21/11/14 21:44] No one:and hi girls
[21/11/14 21:44] *Chewett*:Give them out if you want, I cant promise any times
[21/11/14 21:44] Azull:hi
[21/11/14 21:44] Rophs: *flutters his eyelashes at No one* Ayy gurll
[21/11/14 21:44] No one:what is this about ?
[21/11/14 21:45] *Burns*:Mhm... i think i'll use other rewards until then, bit of gold and silver for an easy quest instead.
[21/11/14 21:45] *Burns*:Good to know it's on your list, though.
[21/11/14 21:45] No one: * raises a brow at Rophs * shus dude
[21/11/14 21:45] *Chewett*:Indeed
[21/11/14 21:45] Rophs:Making land cleansers stronger would be a nice thing to work on, but specifics should be worked out first.
[21/11/14 21:46] Dark Demon: (uh Burns)
[21/11/14 21:46] *Chewett*:Were you not working on that Rophs?
[21/11/14 21:46] Dark Demon: (have you seen it and marked it as unread, or still havent seen the PM yet?)
[21/11/14 21:46] Aeoshattr: (@NoOne: 404 Fenths. Matter not found.)
[21/11/14 21:47] *Grido*: (he said he wasn;t going to be a mailman DD, so I suspect he's ignoring it)
[21/11/14 21:47] Rophs:I'd like to do a little more figuring out how it works, mainly how the movelock duration scales with fightcauses.
[21/11/14 21:47] *Chewett*:Have you talked with Azull and such?
[21/11/14 21:47] *Chewett*:He did some work on it
[21/11/14 21:47] *Burns*: (marked as unread, will look into it later. again, not a mailman.)
[21/11/14 21:48] Rophs:Nope, but I'll ask him asap (sending PM now)
[21/11/14 21:49] Dark Demon: (yes, sorry, I am afk hence couldn't read your reply)
[21/11/14 21:49] Dark Demon: (apologies again, I didn't intend it that way)
[21/11/14 21:49] *Chewett*:Is there anything else that anyone wishs to say or ask regarding development?
[21/11/14 21:50] Azull:land vaults.. *hides behind syrian*
[21/11/14 21:50] :*Grido* coughs loudly for Azull
[21/11/14 21:50] *Chewett*:Have I not answered the kings multiple times on it? But I will add it as a note[/spoiler]


[21/11/14 21:50] No one:alliance vault
[21/11/14 21:51] No one:alliance garden
[21/11/14 21:52] No one:sorry, i get carried wjem it is about proposing features [:P]
[21/11/14 21:53] *Chewett*:Alliance vault? Similar thing
[21/11/14 21:53] *Chewett*:Some point, needs some changes
[21/11/14 21:53] :*Grido* passed 20kg of cement to Rophs
[21/11/14 21:53] :*Grido* passed Green glass powder to Rophs
[21/11/14 21:53] *Burns*:Better system for ally leadership maybe?
[21/11/14 21:53] Aeoshattr: (I can just imagine someone having 20kg of cement dumped on them. "Here, take this")
[21/11/14 21:54] *Burns*:A more permanent base than loyalty score would be nice, imo.
[21/11/14 21:54] Dark Demon:I agree
[21/11/14 21:54] Rophs:Maybe using something similar to the followers system for ally leadership
[21/11/14 21:54] Aeoshattr:That would probably make take-overs more difficult
[21/11/14 21:55] Dark Demon:How difficult is a takeover in the current scenario, technically?It just takes one invite.
[21/11/14 21:55] No one:ok, understandable
[21/11/14 21:55] Rophs:You also need a loyalty bomb
[21/11/14 21:56] *Chewett*:There was a proposal that I suggested a while ago to the KC
[21/11/14 21:56] *Chewett*:never really got a reply back
[21/11/14 21:56] Rophs:And getting that one invite can often be difficult (eg if the ally has full slots)
[21/11/14 21:56] Dark Demon:Yes it can Rophs, I am not talking about how you get an invite
[21/11/14 21:56] Aeoshattr:Though I do find Rophs' follower system promising for this
[21/11/14 21:56] No one:KC ? Knator Commandor ?
[21/11/14 21:56] Azull:hang on..you suggested a proposal?
[21/11/14 21:56] *Burns*:Kings council
[21/11/14 21:56] Azull:please remind me
[21/11/14 21:56] *Chewett*:Yeah, it could have been quite a while ago
[21/11/14 21:57] No one:oh [:)]
[21/11/14 21:57] Dark Demon:I'm just speaking in technical terms. Just one invite is enough of the 'actions' that are required to take over.
[21/11/14 21:57] Azull:We have been discussing this on and off. But so far no really viable ideas.
[21/11/14 21:57] Azull:If I recall correctly
[21/11/14 21:57] *Chewett*:There was a proposal to change how the alliances were formed
[21/11/14 21:58] *Chewett*:It started on classifying the alliances
[21/11/14 21:58] *Chewett*:which was a public discussion
[21/11/14 21:58] *Chewett*:Then it followed with then changing the alliance system based onn each type of alliance
[21/11/14 21:59] *Chewett*:In the end there wasnt enough alliances or interest to warrent me working on it
[21/11/14 22:00] Azull:Yes we discussed those things, but I don't remember actual suggested changes.
[21/11/14 22:00] Rophs:You mentioned in the topic about changing principles something about the totemizer
[21/11/14 22:00] Azull:not by kc or you
[21/11/14 22:00] *Burns*:Oh, and not strictly game development, the mod doc thing still needs to be done.
[21/11/14 22:00] Azull:did I forget or miss something?
[21/11/14 22:00] *Chewett*:The plan was to have a hiearchy system in some role based alliances
[21/11/14 22:00] Dark Demon:Currently addressing issues that have no/little complaints instead of obvious bugs or things people generally complain about does not really make sense
[21/11/14 22:01] *Chewett*:Then go away.
[21/11/14 22:01] *Grido*:Bugs go to bug forum (or elsewhere as appropriate) and then get redmined, no real need totalk about them here
[21/11/14 22:01] *Burns*:Bugs seldomly need discussion. They get fixed when possible, but that's not a decision that needs taking.
[21/11/14 22:01] *Chewett*:You have already banned me from speaking to you, Dont complain when I dont care to be interested in your problems DD.
[21/11/14 22:01] :Serenity Snow raises eyebrow
[21/11/14 22:02] Rophs:How will the totemizer affect principles? [Forum link]
[21/11/14 22:02] Serenity Snow:....
[21/11/14 22:02] Dark Demon:I am not talking about my problems. And yes, I'm aware of bugs and how they are to be dealt with. Replace 'bugs' with 'issues' please.
[21/11/14 22:02] *Chewett*:Seriously DD, you really annoy me.
[21/11/14 22:02] Serenity Snow:let's be nice
[21/11/14 22:03] Dark Demon:Okay, but I will stay here and I have a right to talk. You all can ignore everything I'm saying, if you like.
[21/11/14 22:03] No one:@chew: can I beg for a chat ban please
[21/11/14 22:03] *Chewett*:So, To focus on the different alliance types.
[21/11/14 22:03] No one:just 1 use
[21/11/14 22:03] :[Spell] kero kero Dark Demon
[21/11/14 22:03] Dark Demon: quaaaaaaaaac
[21/11/14 22:03] Dark Demon: kwaaak
[21/11/14 22:03] *Chewett*:Say you had a "role based" alliance.
[21/11/14 22:04] *Chewett*:One person would be denoted as a leader
[21/11/14 22:04] *Chewett*:To "beat" him you then would need to get approval from others below
[21/11/14 22:04] *Chewett*:Having some form of hiarchy
[21/11/14 22:04] Aeoshattr:^
[21/11/14 22:04] *Burns*:Role allies have a history of being returned even after takeovers, i think the ones that need work are the big ones
[21/11/14 22:04] Eon:.
[21/11/14 22:04] Rophs:The followers system would be a nice way to do that
[21/11/14 22:05] No one:then it would make the alliance ... un-takable
[21/11/14 22:05] *Chewett*:Maybe by your takeover standards.
[21/11/14 22:05] Aeoshattr:Not necessarily. I think Rophs' idea can work
[21/11/14 22:05] Aeoshattr:You have to bribe and convince people to no longer follow the leader
[21/11/14 22:05] Rophs:It would beharder to take, you'd need to corrupt more than one person
[21/11/14 22:05] Rophs:You'd also need to corrupt more people to takeover a larger ally
[21/11/14 22:05] Serenity Snow:Even if it's based around followers, all someone who wants to take it over needs to do is make those within follow them more or less.
[21/11/14 22:05] *Burns*:the 4 main land allies, where you just go in, get the loyalty, and disband them
[21/11/14 22:06] Aeoshattr:But also, there would be no reason to return the role alliance to the former leader then
[21/11/14 22:06] *Sunfire*:infiltration and mass confusion, much harder
[21/11/14 22:06] Dark Demon: kwaaaaaaak
[21/11/14 22:06] Aeoshattr:If people no longer follow the leader... then he/she no longer is the leader
[21/11/14 22:06] Serenity Snow:It is like with an real group, even owners of big businesses can lose their business if one works hard enough at trying to take it over.
[21/11/14 22:06] Rophs:Much more fitting of a way to takeover an RP ally
[21/11/14 22:07] : Eon throws the dice and gets 7
[21/11/14 22:07] Aeoshattr:And you can counter the difficulty by limiting the number of people in a RP alliance
[21/11/14 22:07] Dark Demon: kwaaaaak
[21/11/14 22:07] Aeoshattr:Say... 5 people as opposed to 50 or w/e in a main land ally
[21/11/14 22:08] Rophs:It's 5 people for resource allys iirc
[21/11/14 22:08] Rophs:Fusioneers was 5
[21/11/14 22:08] No one:and ... will you still need to get into that alliance to take it over ?
[21/11/14 22:08] Aeoshattr:Hmm
[21/11/14 22:09] Dark Demon: oac
[21/11/14 22:09] Aeoshattr:I don't think it should require that, No One
[21/11/14 22:09] Aeoshattr:But I'm not sure how it could work otherwise
[21/11/14 22:09] Aeoshattr:Oh actually
[21/11/14 22:09] No one:or you need just to convince others to throw away their leader ?
[21/11/14 22:09] Rophs:You could get person on inside to do the takeover for you and then pass you the alliance
[21/11/14 22:09] Aeoshattr:Maybe if you aren't in the alliance when you get its members to follow you, it's disbanded
[21/11/14 22:09] Aeoshattr:If you are in, then you're the new leader
[21/11/14 22:09] *Burns*:If you get the guys in the ally to follow you without being in, why not?
[21/11/14 22:09] Dark Demon: ribbbit
[21/11/14 22:10] No one:that's bull
[21/11/14 22:10] No one:nobody wants to disband alliances
[21/11/14 22:10] No one:on the contrary, we need more alliances
[21/11/14 22:10] *Chewett*:I disagree
[21/11/14 22:10] No one:yes, we don't need badges
[21/11/14 22:10] *Burns*:We have more allies than players [:P]
[21/11/14 22:10] Rophs:There was an ally disbanded not too long ago
[21/11/14 22:10] Dark Demon: oaac
[21/11/14 22:10] Rophs:And another one that was more or less "closed off"
[21/11/14 22:11] No one:@R: not really
[21/11/14 22:11] Rophs:Fusioneers was disbanded and Kelle'tha Order was "closed off".
[21/11/14 22:11] No one:yes, Burns, we have that situation, but ... there are just badges without roles
[21/11/14 22:11] *Sunfire*:alliances should get a common goal again, not just something for combat
[21/11/14 22:12] Aeoshattr:Ok so how about this: whomever has the most people in an alliance follow them is granted leadership of the alliance. I.E if you are not in but most of its members follow you, you get slapped with a
[21/11/14 22:12] Aeoshattr:badge
[21/11/14 22:12] Aeoshattr:Then you decide what you want to do with the alliance.
[21/11/14 22:12] Aeoshattr:So then you wouldn't need to actually have the badge to take over
[21/11/14 22:12] Dark Demon:Why can't an alliance have members from different lands in it, as long as they follow the same purpose? (not military, ofc)
[21/11/14 22:13] Aeoshattr:And thus it could be done more sneakily
[21/11/14 22:13] *Burns*:Yeah, something like that.
[21/11/14 22:13] Serenity Snow:Personally I think that's how alliances should work, I realize this isn't other games but that tends to be how it works in other games. Alliance is ran by those elected more or less to run them.
[21/11/14 22:14] *Burns*:Allies should stay tied to a land imo.
[21/11/14 22:14] Rophs:@DD so we could have (example) an Alliance with the goal of going West with people form different lands? That sounds like something that would be better done with group tags
[21/11/14 22:14] No one:hmm, so how do you want to do that ? weekly voting ?
[21/11/14 22:14] Aeoshattr:@Serenity: Yeah, but not all alliances here are democratic
[21/11/14 22:14] *Sunfire*:this isnt like any other game [:D]
[21/11/14 22:14] Aeoshattr:No. Something like a mentor system
[21/11/14 22:14] Aeoshattr:Or adept
[21/11/14 22:14] Serenity Snow:but would you not join an alliance based on that knowledge that it's not?
[21/11/14 22:14] *Chewett*:Yes people do.
[21/11/14 22:14] Aeoshattr:As long as you are the "adept" (follower) of the leader, it's considered a positive vote
[21/11/14 22:14] Dark Demon:@Rophs, or maybe something like Crafters that could have people from different lands, or Archivists too...
[21/11/14 22:15] *Burns*:I think the same system that we have for adepts and protectors would suffice.
[21/11/14 22:15] Serenity Snow:Then they have chosen to 'follow' said leader.
[21/11/14 22:15] Aeoshattr:@all: would it perhaps be better to discuss this on the forum? stuff is moving a bit fast in the chat
[21/11/14 22:15] Dark Demon:You can be a Crafter or Archivist AND feel a bond with a mainland
[21/11/14 22:15] No one:@Aeo: then ... i would not ever be a leader or make Eon my leader ?
[21/11/14 22:15] No one:because I cannot be my own mentor nor I will change Dst for Eon
[21/11/14 22:15] No one: (sorry Eon)
[21/11/14 22:16] Aeoshattr:@NoOne not sure I got what you mean by that
[21/11/14 22:16] *Burns*:Not the same way that says 'adept of xx', just the same system
[21/11/14 22:16] *Sunfire*:i agree with no one, it would become a popularity contest to get hold of an alliance
[21/11/14 22:16] No one:being adept of one and agreeing with a leader ... I don't see the connection
[21/11/14 22:16] Aeoshattr:Similar system, not the same as adept
[21/11/14 22:16] Aeoshattr:Used it as an analogy.
[21/11/14 22:16] Eon:We'll kick out everyone who we don't think is 100 percent loyal, simple
[21/11/14 22:16] No one:+1 Eon
[21/11/14 22:17] Dark Demon:Isn't the leader SUPPOSED to be most popular and 'most loved' by the members, Sun?
[21/11/14 22:17] *Burns*:Which is what everyone else had to ages ago [:P]
[21/11/14 22:17] Aeoshattr:Not necessarily, DD.
[21/11/14 22:17] Serenity Snow:no
[21/11/14 22:17] Rophs:http://magicduel.com/stats/followers.php
[21/11/14 22:17] Serenity Snow:they could be the one feared
[21/11/14 22:17] Aeoshattr:Also, @ both DD and Sun and others because I lost count
[21/11/14 22:17] *Sunfire*:most popular isnt the same as most fit to lead
[21/11/14 22:17] Aeoshattr:You are FOLLOWING the leader. It merely means you agree with their view
[21/11/14 22:17] No one:I disagree, a leader doesn't have to be most loved
[21/11/14 22:17] Aeoshattr:Not that you like them. Not that you love them. Not that you hate them, not that you're their friend
[21/11/14 22:17] Dark Demon:Then the popularity contest will be a massive fail.
[21/11/14 22:18] Aeoshattr:For instance, I could say I could vote (hypothetically) dst as leader for LR, because I like the way she handles certain issues
[21/11/14 22:18] Aeoshattr:vote = follow or w/e term you want to use
[21/11/14 22:18] Serenity Snow:Think of it this way, it might help some anyways. Sometimes people will follow say the bully in a group, not because they agree but they do not wish to be on their bad side. While some may follow the
[21/11/14 22:18] Aeoshattr:If I believe the leader is capable of leading the alliance in a direction I like, then I don't have to like the leader
[21/11/14 22:19] Serenity Snow:one with money, because they hope to gain something from it by showing their support, again nothing requires love or loyality.
[21/11/14 22:19] Aeoshattr:SURE, that makes room for takeover!
[21/11/14 22:19] Aeoshattr:Be more liked than the leader, and you get leadership!
[21/11/14 22:19] Serenity Snow:People can choose to follow anyone based on many things.
[21/11/14 22:19] Aeoshattr:Sneaky!
[21/11/14 22:19] Dark Demon:"Sometimes people will follow say the bully in a group, not because they agree but they do not wish to be on their bad side. " YES THIS.
[21/11/14 22:19] No one:no, role based alliances don't need to get popular
[21/11/14 22:19] Dark Demon:But again, wouldn't that mean that in an alliance they are not really... allied? lol
[21/11/14 22:20] No one:RBA are give to a person for a certain role period
[21/11/14 22:20] Aeoshattr:So I think this will "settle down" in each role based alliance, based on their role and view of the realm
[21/11/14 22:20] Serenity Snow:You are following and thus allied for a different reason or cause. Fear, Greed, Desire, Trust, Friendship, Same Ideas...
[21/11/14 22:20] Aeoshattr:For instance, I personally see Caretakers as a role alliance, rather than military
[21/11/14 22:20] Dark Demon:I think the discusison is going more towards land-based than alliance-based as far as the 'leadership' goes
[21/11/14 22:20] Aeoshattr:Surely their ideals and view of the world must be different from some other role alliance that I can't think of atm
[21/11/14 22:20] Dark Demon:Alliance leaders arent necessarily land leaders
[21/11/14 22:21] *Sunfire*:a leader isnt chosen, he climbs the ranks naturally
[21/11/14 22:21] Dark Demon:Honestly, if the follower system is implemented in this, it will become very similar to protectors
[21/11/14 22:21] Aeoshattr:Not always, Sun. There are many types of leaders. And I think this system allows for variety
[21/11/14 22:21] Serenity Snow:Right, and part of the climbing the ranks can be do to many different ways.
[21/11/14 22:21] Aeoshattr:^
[21/11/14 22:21] Dark Demon:constantly asking to 'please follow me' etc
[21/11/14 22:22] Aeoshattr:So? Any non- braindead person should ponder whether to follow someone or not, not just click "follow"
[21/11/14 22:22] Dark Demon:In the current system, you CAN prove yourself to become loyalty leader
[21/11/14 22:22] Aeoshattr:You can grind*
[21/11/14 22:22] *Burns*:Tsk, prove yourself.
[21/11/14 22:22] Serenity Snow:I've had characters join 'clans' we didn't call them alliances for friendship, not wanting to be 'without protection' and for trust. The without protection of course being based around fear.
[21/11/14 22:22] No one:then do it
[21/11/14 22:22] Dark Demon:yea, same thing, but it requires effort
[21/11/14 22:22] Dark Demon:which is good
[21/11/14 22:22] *Burns*:Give me a number and a day.
[21/11/14 22:23] No one:@ Aeo: yes, go grind
[21/11/14 22:23] *Burns*:Give Eon a number and half an hour.
[21/11/14 22:23] Aeoshattr:Only one type of effort that I personally don't see as 100% applicable to all alliances.
[21/11/14 22:23] Dark Demon:I agree with No one on this.
[21/11/14 22:23] Aeoshattr:not saying it's bad, it can work perfectly with military alliances
[21/11/14 22:23] Aeoshattr:But it doesn't say anything about you other than "I can grind"
[21/11/14 22:23] Aeoshattr:IMO
[21/11/14 22:23] *Burns*:You don't prove yourself to be an ally leader, you have a high briskness value and some good pals.
[21/11/14 22:24] No one:@burns: do you thing that GotR dismissal was not imposed?
[21/11/14 22:24] Aeoshattr:whereas the follower system could say "I am good with words" or "I can intimidate"
[21/11/14 22:24] Dark Demon:Aeo, I don't think someone would be happy with just a 'grinder' leading them
[21/11/14 22:24] Serenity Snow:Will there be a copy of this in the forums by chance?
[21/11/14 22:24] Dark Demon:ANY alliance members who are not happy with their leader will definitely make sure that he or she doesn't become leader
[21/11/14 22:24] *Burns*:Yeah, we've got spells that make a log of the last few hours.
[21/11/14 22:25] *Burns*:Well, not me, but we'll find somebody to do it and put it up then. [:)]
[21/11/14 22:25] Dark Demon:And no one would be stupid to just grind to become leader rather than being a natural leader from the start
[21/11/14 22:25] Aeoshattr:Why not? In the current system, you don't need to effectively be good at leading the alliance, you just need high brisk.
[21/11/14 22:25] *Burns*:DD, you miss the point.
[21/11/14 22:25] *Sunfire*:@DD, try to kick eon or any other grinder out of an ally if he doesnt want to be
[21/11/14 22:26] *Burns*:If somebody wants your ally, you won't stop them in the current system.
[21/11/14 22:26] Dark Demon:That wasn't my point either
[21/11/14 22:26] Dark Demon:You simply stop treating the grinder as a leader
[21/11/14 22:26] No one:@burns: but you can [:D]
[21/11/14 22:26] Aeoshattr:You simply stop believing the loyalty leader can kick you.
[21/11/14 22:26] Aeoshattr:Super effective.
[21/11/14 22:26] Aeoshattr: (sorry for snappiness, but that's kind of what you're saying)
[21/11/14 22:27] Eon:If that was the case all the alliances would be mine.
[21/11/14 22:27] *Chewett*:Agreed
[21/11/14 22:27] Aeoshattr:@Eon, not sure who that is addressed to. Could you please clarify?
[21/11/14 22:27] No one: [:D]
[21/11/14 22:27] Eon:burns
[21/11/14 22:28] Aeoshattr:Ty.
[21/11/14 22:28] *Chewett*:I suggest, if people wish to continue, they go and make a forum topic to further discuss this.
[21/11/14 22:28] Aeoshattr:Right. Another idea: the whole follower thing could scale with loyalty. I'm sure this can go very good or very bad
[21/11/14 22:28] No one:@Burns: you have no idea how many offers to take over have we been made
[21/11/14 22:28] *Sunfire*:the only thing that keeps the alliances up is the activeness of the loyalty leader, and the loyalty towards the alliance
[21/11/14 22:28] *Chewett*:Forum.
[21/11/14 22:28] *Chewett*:Forum.
[21/11/14 22:28] Aeoshattr:Ah, alright. Forums are probably better
[21/11/14 22:28] *Chewett*:Forum.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Questions for Chewy
[21/11/14 22:28] *Chewett*:Is there anything people wish to say or ask regarding the changes in leadership from Council Mur and I just to Mur and I?

[21/11/14 22:29] No one:some are worth as they are, some need inside arrangement, others ..need complete workout
[21/11/14 22:29] No one:and this is our role
[21/11/14 22:29] No one:we are not mindless destroyers
[21/11/14 22:29] Aeoshattr:@Chewie: where do the judges come in this?
[21/11/14 22:29] *Burns*:LEt's pick up on that point after chewie's done.
[21/11/14 22:30] *Chewett*:They can judge people if they want/
[21/11/14 22:30] *Chewett*:Thats their role
[21/11/14 22:30] Aeoshattr:I.E if say you or Mur take a decision that a player deems unfair, can the authority of the judges overrule yours?
[21/11/14 22:30] *Chewett*:Technically yes.
[21/11/14 22:30] *Chewett*:I doubt Mur will bow down to the judges
[21/11/14 22:30] Ailith: *chuckles* me either
[21/11/14 22:30] *Chewett*:Anything the judges rule, Mur wil have to obey, since Its his idea, not mine.
[21/11/14 22:31] Aeoshattr:That answers my question. Thank you.
[21/11/14 22:31] *Chewett*:Personalyl I am scepitcal.
[21/11/14 22:31] *Chewett*:But you know, Mur does things, etc etc
[21/11/14 22:31] Ailith: *nods to Chewy* It has become a little confusing
[21/11/14 22:31] Aeoshattr:Well, if theoretically he has to obey, that's good enough for me. I won't ask that Mur practically does that, I just wanted to know where the Judges stand in this
[21/11/14 22:33] *Burns*:What's the status of the roles you and Mur will assign? Exhibit 1, Rophs, was a pretty quick death if you wish, will that happen to all roles you assign in the next months?
[21/11/14 22:33] *Chewett*:We assign and remove roles as we wish.
[21/11/14 22:33] *Chewett*:I cannot say what Mur is going to do
[21/11/14 22:33] *Burns*:Previously, any roles assigned by Mur were for years, usually life.
[21/11/14 22:34] *Chewett*:Mur is experimenting with a new style after his repeated failures he trusted.
[21/11/14 22:34] *Chewett*:So that the community does not feel he is giving power to people that then fail.
[21/11/14 22:34] Rikstar:Experiments sounds good to me.
[21/11/14 22:34] *Burns*:I like that.
[21/11/14 22:35] *Chewett*:If he shall follow what he said, is another matter entirely.
[21/11/14 22:36] :Dark Demon passed Mirrorritual stone to Serenity Snow
[21/11/14 22:36] *Sunfire*:who do we contact for what now? in the past it was council for requests and you for bugs
[21/11/14 22:36] No one:@chew: I trust you to know what to do
[21/11/14 22:37] No one:and Mur ... I hope he doesn't do anything bad [:P]
[21/11/14 22:41] :No one tests the chat
[21/11/14 22:41] No one:can I answer for Chew ?
[21/11/14 22:41] No one:any bugs and requests to go to Chewett
[21/11/14 22:41] No one:and to leave Mur be creative
[21/11/14 22:42] *Sunfire*:if unanswered i just know anyone will flood chew with all requests
[21/11/14 22:42] No one:doing that, we can have new features more often then in the past
[21/11/14 22:42] :Rikstar cheers
[21/11/14 22:42] No one: [:)] Chewett can handle it [:)]
[21/11/14 22:42] *Burns*:And more bugs than ever before as well.
[21/11/14 22:42] Rikstar:We should send it in letters to his home.
[21/11/14 22:43] No one:bugs ... we can handle ... or Chewett can
[21/11/14 22:43] *Burns*:You like the thought of Chewett handling things, eh? [:P]
[21/11/14 22:43] No one:stagnation is getting MD to ... dissapear
[21/11/14 22:43] No one:me ? Chewett hates me, almost as much as Mur
[21/11/14 22:44] No one:but I prefer MD to flurish then getting something for myself
[21/11/14 22:44] *Chewett*:Wut?
[21/11/14 22:44] *Chewett*:I had to make a cup of tea
[21/11/14 22:44] *Chewett*:I have priorities
[21/11/14 22:44] *Chewett*:Tea > MD > etc
[21/11/14 22:44] Aeoshattr:tea>anything
[21/11/14 22:44] *Chewett*:What was the question? [:P]
[21/11/14 22:44] *Burns*:question was, who gets requests now, who deals with bugs
[21/11/14 22:45] *Chewett*:Hahahahah
[21/11/14 22:45] *Chewett*:Every Bug Mur makes, He will fix it... *attempts to not laugh*
[21/11/14 22:45] *Chewett*:Ofc Im going to fix all the bugs, thats sadly how it works [:(]
[21/11/14 22:45] *Chewett*:report bugs on forum as usual
[21/11/14 22:45] Rikstar:Why can't he? Because he isn't good enough or doesn't he want to do it?
[21/11/14 22:45] *Chewett*:As for requests, I guess they go to me.
[21/11/14 22:46] *Chewett*:Bugs are boring, and hard normally
[21/11/14 22:46] *Chewett*:Mur likes to jump around new features
[21/11/14 22:46] *Chewett*:If you hadnt noticed
[21/11/14 22:46] *Sunfire*:so you take over council tasks on your own pretty much?
[21/11/14 22:46] No one:@Rik: being creative involves a bit of ... being reckeless
[21/11/14 22:46] No one:and I think we want Mur like that
[21/11/14 22:46] No one:he is good as what he does
[21/11/14 22:46] *Chewett*:Mur seems convinced that there will be little work I willl need to take over
[21/11/14 22:47] Rikstar:I want Mur to be creative and productive.
[21/11/14 22:47] Rikstar:But that doesn't go together right now.
[21/11/14 22:47] No one:just let him be, you will see how he works
[21/11/14 22:47] Dark Demon:I can confirm that he has a ton of creative ideas in his mind atm
[21/11/14 22:48] No one:and if he is bothered by someone ... it gets obvious too
[21/11/14 22:48] No one:if you can keep away from him with requests, we will all get lots of features
[21/11/14 22:48] Rophs:How will Totemizer tie into changing principles?
[21/11/14 22:48] Rikstar:Atleast my daily quests are almost programmed, MD script has it's uses. [:)]
[21/11/14 22:49] *Chewett*:Unless there are no more questions then I shall be off.
[21/11/14 22:49] *Chewett*:I have work to do.
[21/11/14 22:50] No one:+1 Chew
[21/11/14 22:50] *Chewett*:And im not doing any coding work til after christmas
[21/11/14 22:50] *Chewett*:fyi
[21/11/14 22:50] No one:oh, there is just one thing that would be nice to get implemented
[21/11/14 22:50] No one:cool, then don't[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Post Meeting Chat
[21/11/14 22:51] No one:it would be nice to have in chat a (thumb up) and a (thumb down)
[21/11/14 22:51] :*Chewett* thumbs down
[21/11/14 22:51] Dark Demon:I have a question. What do you do if Grido doesn't reply to important matters?
[21/11/14 22:51] :Rikstar chuckles
[21/11/14 22:51] :No one [:P] [:P] :P
[21/11/14 22:52] No one:then you wait
[21/11/14 22:52] *Sunfire*:isnt that normal?
[21/11/14 22:52] Dark Demon:That's the point
[21/11/14 22:52] *Chewett*:I dont see your point no one
[21/11/14 22:52] *Chewett*:Surely you can do it already
[21/11/14 22:52] No one:define important DD ?
[21/11/14 22:52] Dark Demon:If its 'normal', its wrong.
[21/11/14 22:52] Rikstar:Also MD needs a poke button ingame just like facebook.
[21/11/14 22:52] :Rophs pokes Rik
[21/11/14 22:52] *Chewett*:MD needs a block button
[21/11/14 22:53] No one:@C: yea, but with pictures would be nice
[21/11/14 22:53] *Chewett*:Like facebook
[21/11/14 22:53] Dark Demon:well, from the top of my head, No one: LHO stuff, reports, etc
[21/11/14 22:53] Rikstar:And the player that gets poked hears a noise on his computer.
[21/11/14 22:53] *Sunfire*:if its lho business go to burns, if gg business i think burtns too, if personal, then keep poking
[21/11/14 22:53] :No one agrees with block button
[21/11/14 22:53] :Rikstar disagrees with block button.
[21/11/14 22:53] No one:@DD: send report and hope for the best, as we all do
[21/11/14 22:53] :*Chewett* blocks Rikstar
[21/11/14 22:53] Aeoshattr:I think there was an argument about something like that on the forums recently?
[21/11/14 22:54] :Rikstar unblocks Rikstar
[21/11/14 22:54] Aeoshattr:Was it the magical earplugs thing...
[21/11/14 22:54] *Chewett*:Problem resolved!
[21/11/14 22:54] No one:and I need some memory upgrade
[21/11/14 22:55] Dark Demon:Thanks. See you later, all.
[21/11/14 22:55] No one:yea, like this guy ever learns
[21/11/14 22:55] Lintara: *waves* Take care!
[21/11/14 22:56] No one:to get Mur to fix bugs we had to disband 4 alliance at once
[21/11/14 22:56] :Rikstar chuckles
[21/11/14 22:56] No one:and he wants a reply to an email, dah
[21/11/14 22:56] Rikstar:That event should have a name.
[21/11/14 22:56] No one:eh, long time ago
[21/11/14 22:57] No one:I think it was in adventure log
[21/11/14 22:58] Rikstar:Still have to read that log.
[21/11/14 22:59] No one: [:)]
[21/11/14 23:00] Aeoshattr:So, are we done then?
[21/11/14 23:00] :Rikstar sits down in the grass.
[21/11/14 23:00] :Lintara looks around, shrugs to Aeo
[21/11/14 23:01] No one:kind of, just sit tight while I hit you another time [:P]
[21/11/14 23:01] Aeoshattr:Hit me another time?
[21/11/14 23:02] No one:no, just alliance players [:P]
[21/11/14 23:02] :Lintara chuckles
[21/11/14 23:02] :Rikstar sunfire and notices his new badge
[21/11/14 23:02] No one:I know , I discriminate a lot [:P]
[21/11/14 23:02] :Rikstar congratiolates Sunfire.
[21/11/14 23:02] *Burns*:Speaking of hitting, let's pick up
[21/11/14 23:02] Rikstar:Also do alliance fights still work?
[21/11/14 23:02] Aeoshattr: (I am a bit slow right now, apologies. two practical classes, two seminars, all on different topics. my mind is mush)
[21/11/14 23:02] *Burns*:I don't think you aim to disband all allies, but you can, technically, with ease.
[21/11/14 23:03] No one:not that easy, but it can be done
[21/11/14 23:03] No one:but then ... there is no point to do that
[21/11/14 23:03] Rikstar:How do these fights work, I see those stats at the capitals.
[21/11/14 23:03] No one:we have no ... interest in that
[21/11/14 23:03] *Burns*:Speaking for myself, i seriously don't want to invite new people.
[21/11/14 23:04] No one:and I've seen that in many alliances
[21/11/14 23:04] Rikstar:KoB has 46 spaces availeble.
[21/11/14 23:04] No one:they prefer to have players ... ouside alliances instead on letting them in
[21/11/14 23:04] *Burns*:I can't know who they really work for, neither can i know if you currently deem Guerilla worthy of existing, thus, not taking chances.
[21/11/14 23:04] Rikstar:The whole community can be in KoB1
[21/11/14 23:04] Rikstar:*!
[21/11/14 23:05] No one:look, GotR was an unfortunate event
[21/11/14 23:05] *Burns*:this isn't a good position for an ally, and i'm fairly sure that many allies work like that, and did so for a very long time now.
[21/11/14 23:05] No one:it was meant just to be a change in management
[21/11/14 23:05] No one:but ... Kings can do nasty stuff, you know that
[21/11/14 23:06] No one:@Burns: would you accept me in you alliance ?
[21/11/14 23:06] *Burns*:Which is why i'll do whatever it takes to keep Grido as king in Golemus as long as i'm related to that land.
[21/11/14 23:07] No one:yes, but then ... that can work against you ... sometimes
[21/11/14 23:07] *Burns*:But i can control the election rather easily, while the loyalty thing just hits me over night whenever you like.
[21/11/14 23:08] Rikstar:So GG is kind of corrupt?
[21/11/14 23:09] No one:no Rik, it is called Birocracy [:P]
[21/11/14 23:09] *Burns*:Let's put it that way, if Grido turns on me, i've failed, and i can accept that.
[21/11/14 23:09] Rophs:No one do you mean "bureaucracy"...?
[21/11/14 23:10] Aeoshattr: (don't nitpick, Rophs [:P] )
[21/11/14 23:10] *Burns*:When Peace got Guerilla from yrth over night, and we all were suddenly out of OUR ally, that is something very unacceptable to me.
[21/11/14 23:10] No one: (@R: yea)
[21/11/14 23:10] :Rikstar chuckles
[21/11/14 23:10] No one:yes Burns, but you can get it back, you can negociate it
[21/11/14 23:10] Rikstar:Also ally leadership shouldn't be stated with loyality, though it is a bit more fun with ally take overs.
[21/11/14 23:11] No one:and ... this kind of things should not happen if alliances would not be closed
[21/11/14 23:12] *Burns*:Yet if allies are open, i can't know who takes it.
[21/11/14 23:12] Rophs:Why won't those stupid idiots let me in their crappy club for jerks?
[21/11/14 23:12] *Burns*:You are the best in the business, no doubt, but anybody else can grind a few loyalty points.
[21/11/14 23:12] Rikstar:What do you mean with open and closed?
[21/11/14 23:13] *Burns*:If you get GG, no biggie, it'll take some time, but i'm confident that it won't die.
[21/11/14 23:13] Rikstar:For me loyality is really hard to obtain, I remain at zero all the time. hehe
[21/11/14 23:13] *Burns*:If a necro gets it, though?
[21/11/14 23:14] *Burns*:Or a newcomer who wants to join the big boys and needs to set an example?
[21/11/14 23:14] No one:I know, each member has to earn its place
[21/11/14 23:15] *Burns*:Open, active recruitment of new people.
[21/11/14 23:15] : *Nimrodel* was dragged by Eon
[21/11/14 23:15] *Burns*:Closed, what i do right now. Me, Grido, Bunny and Miq, no recruitment.
[21/11/14 23:15] No one:I'd go for like : pasive recruitment
[21/11/14 23:15] Rikstar:KoB is between open and closed right now.
[21/11/14 23:15] Rikstar:Thus passive recruitment.
[21/11/14 23:16] Rophs:Rik I think Chew offered me an invite to Kob a long time ago...
[21/11/14 23:16] Rophs:I have a screenshot somewhere
[21/11/14 23:16] Rikstar:I know.
[21/11/14 23:16] Rophs:Can aaront222 join?
[21/11/14 23:16] Rophs:\
[21/11/14 23:16] Rikstar:No.
[21/11/14 23:16] Rophs:n
[21/11/14 23:17] Rikstar:Is aaront a MB citizen?
[21/11/14 23:17] No one:look, when the land loyalty was first implemented I said something
[21/11/14 23:17] Rikstar:I think not.
[21/11/14 23:17] Rophs:No
[21/11/14 23:17] No one: (excuse my language) there will be land loyalty wh*es
[21/11/14 23:18] No one:there is no way we can change human behavior
[21/11/14 23:18] *Burns*:Obviously, because it works.
[21/11/14 23:18] No one:it has some benefits
[21/11/14 23:18] *Chewett*:Ropha, Was that a "Chew said" statement?
[21/11/14 23:18] *Burns*:And no downsides.
[21/11/14 23:18] *Chewett*:Considering how unhappy I am currently with you, is that a wise idea?
[21/11/14 23:19] :Rophs facepalms
[21/11/14 23:19] Rikstar:Jail time?
[21/11/14 23:19] No one:oh, but it has some great downsizes
[21/11/14 23:19] No one:you lose trust
[21/11/14 23:19] No one:ppl will not trust you anymore
[21/11/14 23:19] *Burns*:Oh, yes, that matters a lot of course.
[21/11/14 23:19] Rikstar:Wasn't that already some weeks ago?
[21/11/14 23:20] *Burns*:Specially to the people who aren't much into this whole land- roleplay.
[21/11/14 23:20] Rophs:When Mur was adding clickies and teleporting people around and I was an mp3 a the time...
[21/11/14 23:20] Rikstar:I can't remember that incident.
[21/11/14 23:20] Rophs:I think we were in LotE and there were the MB elections that resulted in Chew being king, PO gave me a silver because I said something funny
[21/11/14 23:21] No one:then we have to find a solution for THIS problem
[21/11/14 23:21] Rikstar:Which problem?
[21/11/14 23:21] No one:the land loyalty
[21/11/14 23:21] Rikstar:Remove it!
[21/11/14 23:22] Rikstar:And let it be the same as how kingship is organized.
[21/11/14 23:22] Rophs:Remove ALL land loyalty when you switch citizenships
[21/11/14 23:22] No one:I'd like to be able to take a few players into "training", not into alliance but into land
[21/11/14 23:22] No one:and still be able to kick them out if I dislike them
[21/11/14 23:22] Rophs:So when Nim went from GG to LotE all of her GG loyalty should havebeen removed
[21/11/14 23:22] Rikstar:Ranks within alliances?
[21/11/14 23:22] Aeoshattr: (The PM sound will kill me one day.)
[21/11/14 23:23] Rophs: (BLINGRWAAAAH! Best sound!)
[21/11/14 23:23] Lintara: (lol)
[21/11/14 23:23] *Burns*: (turn down the volume? [:P] )
[21/11/14 23:23] Rophs: (afk)
[21/11/14 23:24] Aeoshattr: (It was on minimum audible level. It's more the suddenness rather than the volume)
[21/11/14 23:24] Rikstar:Also there should be some guidelines on how to handle problems within MD.
[21/11/14 23:24] Aeoshattr: (anyway, /endQQ)
[21/11/14 23:24] No one:look, when I joined SoS, I said : ok, we'll keep it for 30-100 days and move on
[21/11/14 23:24] No one:I celebrated my 1k last month
[21/11/14 23:25] *Burns*: (should've brought it up, that's a simple thing to focus on: Find a PM sound that doesn't give me a heart attack!)
[21/11/14 23:25] No one:I can never conceive leaving SoS for good
[21/11/14 23:25] Rikstar:I think that that holds for most of us in an alliance.
[21/11/14 23:25] No one: (burns, impossible, I find that sound even in some movies or at random on the street)
[21/11/14 23:26] Aeoshattr: (I thought it wasn't such an important issue, hah)
[21/11/14 23:26] *Burns*: (I've had times when i dreamt of the chat beep)
[21/11/14 23:26] No one:but you lost the idea, being in an alliance teaches you if you want to be in or not
[21/11/14 23:26] Aeoshattr: (I know that feeling, Burns. Happened to me too)
[21/11/14 23:28] No one:being into an allince gives you a chance to find yourself ... if you are among ppl you like or are your friends
[21/11/14 23:28] No one:I don't want SoS to be like a job
[21/11/14 23:28] No one:I don't want another boss, nor that I want to be one
[21/11/14 23:28] No one:I think we need to do this to more players
[21/11/14 23:29] :[Spell] lautirrorrim
[21/11/14 23:29] :No one welcomes dst
[21/11/14 23:29] *Burns*:Yes, we absolutely should. That's why i seriously want a more stable leadership position.
[21/11/14 23:30] Rikstar:But honestly that will never come.
[21/11/14 23:30] Rikstar:I'm sure it will stay the following 5 years at least.
[21/11/14 23:30] No one:as I said, we need to have some positions as proteje next to each alliance
[21/11/14 23:30] *Burns*:I really want to go up to some random newbie, chat with them, and be like 'hey, you sound nice, wanna join golemus?'
[21/11/14 23:30] No one:exactly
[21/11/14 23:31] Rikstar:You already can right?
[21/11/14 23:31] Rikstar:With your king he can grant citizenship.
[21/11/14 23:31] *Burns*:As it is, that will not happen. And i don't see any other ally going around like that, either.
[21/11/14 23:31] dst:if i see another King in MB I will barf
[21/11/14 23:31] Aeoshattr:Yes, but I think Burns' point is "how do I know said newb won't get GG thrown over"?
[21/11/14 23:31] No one:no, we don't have that
[21/11/14 23:31] No one:you maybe, East doesn't
[21/11/14 23:31] No one:UG doesn't
[21/11/14 23:31] Rikstar:May I see you barfing?
[21/11/14 23:32] No one:MDA, Lab ... don't have kings
[21/11/14 23:32] Rikstar:Also why are different kings in MB a problem. *chuckles*
[21/11/14 23:32] Rikstar:Is lab a land?
[21/11/14 23:32] Aeoshattr:It has citizenship...
[21/11/14 23:32] Aeoshattr:you could argue it is
[21/11/14 23:32] : Eon throws the dice and gets 7
[21/11/14 23:32] Rikstar:It has. O.o
[21/11/14 23:33] No one:so, that is my idea on how to "upgrade" the alliances
[21/11/14 23:34] No one:if we don't have that ... the non-main-lands ... don't exist
[21/11/14 23:34] No one:don't matter
[21/11/14 23:34] Rikstar:So DD can have his labyrinth.
[21/11/14 23:34] No one:I want to be able to grant citizenship and to tie that player to our alliance
[21/11/14 23:34] Rikstar:East will have more mass.
[21/11/14 23:34] Rikstar:And the underground more shadows.
[21/11/14 23:34] dst:MDA has kings
[21/11/14 23:34] dst:TWO!
[21/11/14 23:35] Rikstar:Who?
[21/11/14 23:35] :No one opens the options and sets Rikstar to ignored
[21/11/14 23:35] dst:Ug does just fine
[21/11/14 23:35] *Sunfire*:darkraptor and kyphis
[21/11/14 23:35] Aeoshattr:^
[21/11/14 23:36] Rikstar:Ah yes, I remember it a bit now.
[21/11/14 23:39] :dst passed dst Leash to No one
[21/11/14 23:40] No one:thank you
[21/11/14 23:40] No one: * mubles * darn bug
[21/11/14 23:43] *Burns*:well, time to sleep
[21/11/14 23:43] :Aeoshattr hums


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